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Nokia C01 Plus Blue 2GB RAM/16GB Storage $60 + $3 Delivery @ The Good Guys


Someone bought them. OOS

Cheap unlocked burner phone works out to $63 delivered with AusPost if delivery is the same for all locations. Pop in Boost sims and the sims should pay for the phone eventually. RRP$159.

Limited stock delivery only. Clearance.

  • 5.45" HD screen
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Android 11 Go
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • ooof 2/16

    there's also this


    but not good value either

  • Unless you're CIA agent, why would you need a burner phone ?

    • I have Microsoft Lumia phone using more than 15 years w/o any problem. I am not that much high IQ clever one! to 'burn' over 2K for a bite apple or samsonite.

      • +2

        That's very impressive.

        • Yes indeed, i have just watched on it the “fake, pathetic stars” of the team US who return home w/o a medal after Canda demolished them.

          • @[Deactivated]: My Lumia 950xl is nigh on impossible to use. YouTube is horrible on the IE. Actually most websites are horrible lol.

            You must be a patient person.

      • Some youtube guy runs Win11 Tiny edition on Lumia.

      • Username checks out.

        My 2013 Note 3 would still be usable today. There were a few issues but with a custom it would still be reasonably up to date.

      • The Lumia lineup is less than 15 years old, but sure.

      • It'd be 12 y.o. at most, I have a working Nokia N8 that was released in 2010, essentially the Lumia's predecessor. Still the best phone that was ever made right before Microsoft got involved with Nokia

        • +1

          N8 is still on Symbian i think.

          N9 and N900 are the very last gems running Linux based MeeGo OS , before Microsoft shove their Windows Mobile on Nokia.

          • +1

            @dcep: I know you're right about the N9 but it was out so briefly before they gutted it for the Lumia/Windows system, it's hard for me to truly see it as Nokia's last standalone device. It's such a shame because the hardware and OS was so bloody good.

            I still think the N8 as the better device with all the features it had built into it. It would still be the most versatile phone I've ever owned, hands down.

      • used to love my lumina phone, plunges into PC for maneuvering sms, phone numbers, etc not many features but did what in needed,

    • +2

      For my girlfriends.

      • +2

        But ofcourse. One burner per side chick.

  • 2gb will lag like hell.

    • +2

      Plenty fast enough to outrun the AFP

      • are these guys alluding to presenting phones for the customs to examine when you come back?

    • It's on Android GO edition lightweight OS though.

      • My elderly mother prefers a lightweight, smaller phone like this one. Can Android Go handle WhatsApp video calls? She only uses WhatsApp, Google and Google Maps on her mobile.

  • I've got the need…

    • +1

      for some stale nokia seed?

  • Would this be an upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017?

    • +2

      you've held onto that phone for 6 years. You deserve a good replacement. Don't get this, get a new Samsung model or Motorola if you prefer specs over updates.

      • Bought it used 2 years ago on eBay for $80. It's been good enough for me but lately the browser/app lag is getting frustrating.

        • +1

          This is a downgrade, only 2GB of RAM and it's using a very lightweight version of Android. The A5 has 3GB and the processor is also faster.

        • +1

          It's not an upgrade all round with inferior display / camera / build / USB ; except for more recent 2023 security updates (support ended) and user replaceable pop-out battery access cover.

          I suspect your A5 battery is failing resulted in performance throttling or could just be new app updates version that's more resource hungry / compute demanding than ever.

    • OOS nice find

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