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Western Digital HC530 14TB SATA Hard Drive $339.99 Delivered @ Silicon Centre


Got a few of these drives in, should ship within the week, 30 months store warranty.

Also had a few people asking when the 18tb will be back in stock, am shipping the final batch from the last deal this week, so should be back in stock next week or so?
Will be improving packaging for individual drives after feedback.

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  • SAS or Sata ?

    • SATA

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    Anyone old enough to remember their distant precursor, the dreaded IBM Deskstar aka Deathstar?


    • +2

      Yes, reminded everytime I see these.

      No grudges held though.

      • +2

        Ditto. My 7200rpm 40gb Deskstar 75GXP was the biggest, fastest harddrive I thought would ever exist!

        And it never even imploded like so many others…

    • +8

      Yup. When we had more HDD manufactures like HP, Maxtor and Quantum.

      • +1

        R.I.P. HGST (who WD acquired).

    • I remember sending one back to Singapore for warranty. What a piece of crap.

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      I had 2, luckily they died within the long formatting period and i never lost any data.

      I had 2 x 40gb, which later through warranty were replaced with a different model 60gb drives.

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      First thing i thought about after reading the name…

      I had two deathstars running in raid 1 config..

      Imagine the pain involved with 1 drive intermittently failing before dying completely.

      The high pitched metal scraping sounds where horrific…
      So much pain..

  • I do have some used drives. What do I do with those :( 4TB, 500Gb SSD…

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      Open them up for the magnets lol

    • +1

      ship them to me 😏

    • +1

      Hard drives for consoles, a PS2 with a HDD or upgrading an Original Xbox HDD or even a 360 :)

      I've been trying to source some cheap/free 500-2TB drives for a couple that I have but it's hard without just spending what would effectively be shuckable money on one.

      • are you in Sydney? you can have my old wd red 2tb

        • Nah Tasmania unfortunately. Will pay for postage if you'd be happy to do that?

    • I was going to buy a 4TB hdd, if it's still in decent condition/life left in it, I'll buy it from you.

    • You can sell them. People would still buy

    • Just put them on eBay like any other old piece of hardware - there's always somebody who needs them !

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    Is it a brand new drive or used / refurbished pls? Also woudl like to know why only store warranty and not from OEM?

    Thank you.

    • +1

      Brand new, you can deal with western digital directly but you’d have to ship it to Taiwan most likely

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    $24.29 per TB… Not bad? Good size?

    I'm looking to expand my HTPC so looking for something very quiet. Saw this one listed at 36 dBA (Active), 20 dBA (Idle)… Can anyone comment on that? Seems like WD Reds are <30 dBA when active…

    • +2

      I'm not sure this is what you want if you wanted quiet.

      Also the idle figure may be a lie as the drive will go clunk every 5 seconds to keep the lubricant even.

    • +2

      These are definitely not quiet drives.

      No issues when installed for use in a server located in its own rack/room, or data centre, but would drive me bonkers installed for use in my quiet personal PC at home…

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      wd 550 are whisper quiet - when idling.
      rattly otherwise

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    Will hold off for the 18tb or above….

    • +1

      Petabyte or go home πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ™ƒ

      • +1

        condition: must be a petabyte on a rice grain ;)

      • Petabyte cloud with Gbps

    • What was previous prices for the 18tb drive? Thanks OP too πŸ‘πŸ˜

      Umm all my stuff from decades back on one 14tb hard drive, certainly making me feel anxious lolz

      • Get backblaze or something equivalent.

      • +1

        Buy a second 14TB drive immediately and make a copy.
        Do it right now.

    • +1

      I now go for only 20tb and above. Sales are not that rare

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    Thanks but I'll just delete the Linux ISOs that doesn't do it for me anymore.

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    remember when Amazon had those insane deals a while ago. Much cheaper back then….

    • +2

      For the Ironwolf Pros? Yeah, that deal’s made me have unrealistic expectations of HDD prices ever since.

    • -2

      who neged me?…… i wanna know who was the one that neged and for what reason????????????????????

      • -1


      • Probably because that Amazon deal is useless for someone who wants to buy a drive today. It's pointless even mentioning it - you'd need a time machine to revisit those prices…

        • yeah just wondering what those prices were for comparison, wish I had bought one then, didn't realise at the time that it was the bargain of the century.

    • What was the Amazon deal?

  • Hi, What RPM are these drives? I have 2 existing ones in my NAS: WD HC530 14TB HDD Ultrastar DC SE 3.5" SATA Internal Hard Drive Data Center. Are these the same ? Cheers

    • 7200rpm I think

  • HC530 had a bad name….(massive return/warranty issues by enterprise users)
    HC550 is much better in reliability

  • Any iron wolf 18 or 20tb deals?

    • These HC530 maybe better?

      • Had bad luck with WD, and thr price is a bit high for 14gb

  • Price increased?

    • Same question. Was about to pull the triggers

  • How does these compare to the WD150 drives that were in the WD external enclosures

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