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[Steam] Steam 20th Anniversary - Free: 3 Stickers, 2 Backgrounds & 1 Avatar @ Steam


Some freebies!!

You can claim them all straight away.


•DAY OF DISASTER Animated Sticker

•NYAN GLADOS Animated Sticker

•STEAM 20TH ANNIVERSARY Profile Background

Profile Background

•COUNTER-STRIKE… 2 Animated Avatar

Event History of Steam 20th Anniversary

Check Steam announcement on Twitter/X

Happy 20th birthday to us! 🎂 And thank you to all of you - Steam would be nothing without you. In celebration, today we brought back the green, put together a little walk through memory lane, and have sticker gifts for all! Thank you again 💖

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  • +5

    Boo, no trading cards… that's where the money's at (literally)!

    Cheers anyway, that event history was an interesting read.

    • +6

      Interesting they didn't to all out for this event because they have in the past for much lesser things!

  • +5

    Nyan Glados is pretty sweet.

  • +21

    What a time to be alive where free backgrounds and avatars get this many upvotes. Back in my day this crap was free. Did millennials really get used to microtransactions so much that they associate these as having value?

    • +5

      Wait till you learn about CS skins lol.

      • +2

        Yeha I just made some decent coin selling those. I think a friend gifted them to me like 10 years ago. Forgot they were even there. Crazy people are paying more than their hours pay for a gun skin.

      • I have cards and stiff in Steam. I've never bothered to look into how to use them. I have 6500 points of.. something too.

        • You can sell your trading cards and some stickers for Steam credit directly, which can contribute to your purchase of games and in-game items.

  • +2

    what kind of adhesive is used on the stickers?

    • +1

      Window Licker. Bring up the mowing image and lick your screen. Best done on a mobile phone while on the toilet.

      • That should be moving image. I bloody swear I trippe checked before posting!

        • +1

          Thought you meant meowing.

  • +3

    they are all terrible lol … but cant say no to free

    • +2

      I've finally found a freebie I can so no to. I can't say no to free games I'll never play, books I'll never read, or courses I'll never undertake.
      Heck, I even got free stickers from Sticker Mule (and got suckered into paying for some to use a voucher - I regret that rookie mistake).
      But a digital sticker? I just don't get it.

      … I just went and had a look in case I'm missing something. Nope. But while I was there, I grabbed them anyway <sigh>

      • Yeah, if the stickers were at-least tradeable they would make more sense. Sell them off to the SCM for a cent or two. But no, they're exclusively for Steam Chat and comments which I hardly touch anyway.

  • +4

    Looks like I'll get my 20 years of service badge in one week… feeling old for sure…

    • +1

      damn now i regret boycotting 1.6 and steam, have to wait until may

      • +3

        Yeah man… Steam was such a pig back then. It really caused issues with CS here in WA. Anyone on dialup was basically unable to play 1.6, not to mention the riot shield shaking up the game, and the performance issues that came with running Steam in the background.

    • +2

      I'll get mine in Feb. I also didn't like moving from 1.5

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