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[Uber One] 50% off Your Next UberX or Uber XL Trip (up to $20 off) @ Uber


Another promo for current Uber One members if you missed out on the previous deals. Might not work for you if you have recently availed some of the other Uber One promos, but the offer is not targetted as it was on one of those Uber One flyers that they hand out in public.

Doesn’t work for me (says I can’t register two of the same promo, even though I haven’t redeemed this before), but hopefully some others can benefit.

New members may have to wait up to 15 mins before code becomes redeemable.

Maximum of up to $20 off each trip. Any remaining value is forfeited if order value is below $30. Excludes purchases through Business Profiles or Uber Eats. Applies to trip fare only and does not apply to tolls, surcharges, levies, cancellation fees, wait fees or any other fee or charge. Expires 14 days after being added to your account.

Referral Links

Drivers Only: random (83)

Referrer gets $300 once referee completes at least 40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

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  • +1

    I cant even find where to input this code in the android uber app anymore

    • +2

      In Apple I had to go to wallet then at very bottom was promo code

      • +1

        there it is! thanks!

  • +1

    Worked for me thanks OP!!!! Legend
    If you’re like me and don’t often use Uber codes , under wallet at the very bottom is promo code, it worked there. I first tried entering it under “vouchers” as I didn’t know any better and that didn’t work

  • +3

    didnt work for me

  • Worked for me cheers OP

  • Thanks Op, loaded it.

  • Say's I can't have two of the same promotion. My other one hasn't been used yet so I'll report back later.

  • Worked adding as promo, 50% off 1 trip expiring Oct 4th

  • Thanks finally one thats worked.

  • +3

    Promo code is invalid. Uber one member 4 days ago from PayPal promo. Have not used any promos for uber one.

  • Worked for me! Thank you, OP!

  • +2

    Added another code as well ausones66xtv that people can try

  • +1

    Does an Uber One subscription work internationally, or are they region specific subscriptions?

    • I very much want an answer on this — about to go on an overseas trip, wanting to use it to airport & while in Asia

  • +3

    First code didn't work for me, second did - thanks

  • None of the codes in the past week have worked for me :(

  • +1

    2nd code worked for me, thx op!!!

  • Didn't work for me. Thanks anyway!

  • New code seems to be: AUS101

    Give it a try :)

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