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[Uber One] $30 off $40 Minimum Spend (Excluding Fees, Delivery Only) @ Uber Eats


For those that missed out on the last deal, here is another active code. Was given it today on a promotional flyer in Adelaide while walking around the City.

Minimum order of $40 (excluding fees) required for each order.
Service Fee applies to ordered delivered by Uber Eats and is based on order value (before promotion or discount).
Offer does not apply to grocery, convenience or alcohol orders.
Any remaining value is forfeited if order value is below $30.
Promotion is valid 14 days after being added to your account.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1816)

$0 Delivery Fee on your First Order. Referrer receives something too (Likely free delivery on next order). Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Finally worked! Thanks heaps OP

  • +1

    Thanks worked for me.

  • +1

    Worked here thanks OP

  • +3

    FYI doesn't work on an account that's previously redeemed this offer even if the coupon code was different

    • +1

      I kept getting not eligible. This may explain it.

    • Ah thats why

  • Worked for me thanks

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Didn't work for me, haven't used a 30 off 40 before

  • +2

    This is why it pays to check the "new deals" section of the Ozb deals! Worked for me, I imagine it will hit its limit very soon.

  • OMG it works on the account that yesterday claimed successfully, but not work on new account.

  • Worked 😊

  • dale

  • +3

    I received 'Oops, you're not eligible for this promotion' error.

  • +1

    Already maximum redemptions

  • +1

    I'm seeing "this promotion has reached its maximum number of redemptions" :(

    • Wow that was quick

      • -3

        Thats what she said..

  • Missed again

  • Damn, keep just missing these ones.

  • Oops, this promotion is no longer available

  • +2

    If we add it, does it stay until the expiry date?


  • +4

    Gotta be bots crawling this forum or something.

  • +1

    Just placed an order and it went through, guess i got lucky. Cheers OP!

  • +4

    Man missed it for the second time. Shiiiiitee

  • Missed it again lol

  • Mate I am subscribing to this thread…Missed 3/3 now lol

  • +2

    To UE Marketing & Legal Teams:

    Any remaining value is forfeited if order value is below $30.

    The above clause is completely superfluous, since you state:

    Minimum order of $40 (excluding fees) required for each order.


    • +3

      Probably for situations like some parts of the order are cancelled / refunded.

  • Yesterday people kept updating more codes, so I'll keep my eye out for the comments.

  • Wtf expired already

  • Missed again! Damn

  • +33

    I don’t see people trying to manipulate the code to get a working code, join me! That is how I found 3 new working codes in the last post.

    Anyways, here is a working code for yall, aus6jl242 - found it last night after manipulating a letter/number and smashing in highly possible codes, forgot to post it!

    • +1

      Thank you champ!

    • Hmm weird first time it says added but the amount doesnt reduced.
      Emptied the cart start again, adding code it says already applied this promo.
      Maybe becasuse i do scheduled order? Or because i have got the same offer in the past with different code

    • +1

      Winner winner pizza dinner for me! Thanks.

    • +1

      You my friend, are a hero

    • It says I’ve already claimed this promo? Weird..

      • You didn’t claimed the promo with a different code? That’s strange

    • +1

      Looks like the code will be maxed out very soon unless I found a limitless one

    • Man you are a hero! Was able to redeem it finally hurray

    • Thanks buds. Just want I needed for this mornings hangover

  • +1

    If you add the promotions to your uber eats account but don't use it, will you lose the promo if it reaches max redemptions or are you guaranteed it till expiry?

    • +1

      You are guaranteed until it expires - you already redeemed it by then

  • +23

    I got a letter in the post the code is AUS6JKBNV, could only get it to work on 2 accounts the rest were saying not eligible. Might work for others

    • +1

      That should definitely work! The codes are super interesting, they all start with AUSJ and 4 digits/letters after. Only if I could create some software that enters all the possible combinations into the promotions box.

    • +2

      Thanks for sharing, it worked on my account

    • -1

      You said it worked on 2 accounts, did they both have uber one?

      • first one already did and 2nd one i used the free month, tried a few other accounts and even on different devices/ip wouldn't work

        • -1

          I just bought a membership on my old account and it still says I am not eligible :/, I think I threw away $10 for no reason.

          When I was cancelling my membership, UberEats offered me 90% off for my next month - wow, they are very desperate

    • +2

      Omfg legend

    • +1

      Thanks mate

    • Made a new account with 6 month Uber one trial and none of these codes work

      • @nubzy Unfortunately this promo doesn't appear to work with new accounts, as mentioned in the previous post.

        I have one account (joined last month) and can only add/use one of these $30 off codes. A few people were lucky to have been able to get two of these codes on the same account (glitch).

        • I can attest, had a old account which I bought Uber One and the code applied after 15 minutes. Created a new account and used the one month free Uber One and code won't apply.

    • I just tried this code, worked for me thanks!

    • Finally one worked, thanks!

  • I cannnot use the promotion with the buy 1 get 1 free for specific stores, anyone the same?

  • +1

    Made the mistake of trying to add two of the above codes to my account; both worked, but the second just took the place of the first. Should have used it before adding another, it seems.

    • +5

      You can’t use the promotion again, essentially promotion is only one per user even if you have different codes

      • +3

        Ah, cheers. If that's the case, I don't feel so bad then!

  • Code not working - Probably I am late to the party

  • Hmm I have the promo listed in my account, but I can't seem to apply it to any order… are there any other conditions other than over $40… e.g. certain stores only?

    • +1

      If you got your Uber one through PayPal, may need to select PayPal as payment method. If you got it through Mastercard, ditto. Just one possibility

      • Finally able to apply the code but it does let me do checkout.

        I don't have Uber One and it keeps saying that the paymet failed.

    • delivery

    • +1

      Not all stores included

  • Note - free items like garlic bread in some offers are counted in the minimum spend at original price.

  • -3

    Come on guys. Stop complaining. You are getting free meal ( those who got the code)

  • -3

    and for those who cam understand hindi/urdu, my situation is like this video when it comes to these codes…

  • -1

    painfully true

  • +1

    Love it !

    Managed to get a discounted Pad Thai + another dish + free dumplings (more than $20 spent), with discount $30 -> down to $4 with service fee

  • +1

    Just used this code and it worked for me.

    Looks like its still active, give it a go.

  • +1

    Still works!!! Ez $30 ez life

  • Can the code be nulled once added to account? Would like to use it tomorrow….

  • works again, thanks op :)

  • Claimed. Cheers OP

  • Legend. Saved my dinner.

  • Finally a code worked for me! 😭

  • Didn't work for me a couple days ago, just worked for me now. Not sure what happened.

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