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Large Green Australian Banana Prawns Thawed $15/kg (Was $20/kg) @ Woolworths


Large Green Banana Prawns are back at $15 per kg, although the 'full price' has also dropped from $26/kg to $20/kg. Product of Australia.

Love simply pan-frying these after marinating the peeled prawns briefly with crushed garlic, smoked paprika, salt and pepper, olive oil; adding some chopped flat leaf parsley towards the end and serving with a slice of lime.

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    Large Green Banana Prawns

    How long do they take to ripen?

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    (WasWere $20/kg)


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      Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

      • Time is relative.

    • The price is X it was Y….

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        The title states : "the prawns", not "the price"

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    Don't know why they called it large when they looks more like medium.

    • have to agree… coles and woolies prawns are quite small… not large at all… medium is a bit of a stretch.

      • It’s by luck I guess. I bought 3kg box banana prawn last time and the size was surprisingly good, larger than those so called large king prawns in the store.
        However a couple of weeks ago the Large King prawn deal turned out really small. Go figure.

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          You must got delivered a prince prawns

    • That’s what she said

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    Upvoted for the recepie ✌️

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      I don't think it is a pie

  • For those wondering, these are grown in Australia and not in Vietnam or China.

    • I should have mentioned they are Australian, updated description now, thanks.

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      Dun care about Vietnam or china but are any Aus seafood imported from Japan waters?

  • $10/kg direct from the trawler in Lakes Entrance

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      Can catch 2 x 10L buckets at my local creek for < $10 of fuel in Feb - April.
      Direct from ocean to ice slurry to boiling water or frypan.

      • I could do that too, but I’m lazy aha

  • Good deal. Thanks OP last time I went too late and the seafood section was closed.

  • Same price in Coles, at least at Burwood Westfield.

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      Thanks, it's in the Coles catalogue too

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    Cooked this last night, very nice!

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