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Large Green Banana Prawns Thawed $15/kg (Was $26/kg) @ Woolworths


Woolworths Large Green Banana Prawns Thawed at $15 Per Kg (was $26/kg) for the whole week

Seems like an awesome price for large Aussie prawns

$11 off is more than 42% discount

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  • Is this available in store as well?

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      Can confirm that it's displayed at this price at my local store

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    Love China, thanks to their ban we Aussies can enjoy cheap lobsters and prawns, Aussies first!
    And thanks again to China if the prices of wine are steady because Aussie wine makers are over producing since they lost the Chinese market!

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      Great for Aussie consumers, terrible for Aussie producers.

      But you know, as a consumer…

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        But you know, as a consumer

        Higher demand = higher prices, the market rule should be higher demand = lower prices.
        Producers have enjoyed a freeway market in China for many years until the corrupted politicians interfered and decided to boycott China because master US told to.
        The result is the US have increased marketing spending in China and presence with their produce that used to be Aussie produce.
        Go complain to the corrupted politicians.

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          As far as I understand it it was the Chinese communists who boycotted us first….

        • politicians interfered and decided to boycott China

          You have been reading lies and propaganda. It is easy to find what actually happened. ScoMo was an idiot, and offended China for no good reason.
          He knew how thin-skinned the Beijing CCP is, but could not help himself. There was no boycott.

          As usually happens with trade sanctions, they ended up hurting the country that imposed them more, but Beijing may have expected that.

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            @bargaino: Dont normally talk Politics but staggered to read your comment the Scomo was an idiot for publicly commenting that we need to investigate and understand the origins of Covid19.
            I dont think the familes of the almost 7 million people that died would call a leader an idiot for making a public comment on the origins of Covid19.

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              @Talby23: That's not how politics works. Public statements can be counter-productive.
              A correct approach is to work diplomatically to increase scientific exchange behind the scenes.
              Scomo just cared about his domestic approval ratings.

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          No lies. We love to suck on the assholes of our US master.

          • @Jared17: no lies,America‘s (profanity) is the smelliest of them all aye:)

      • don't rely on communist dictatorships - suck eggs to all of them for not learning to diversify.

      • How come these are Aussie made??

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          Well when an Aussie mummy prawn loves an Aussie daddy prawn …

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      I thought I saw somewhere they'd reversed the ban just days later due to losing so much food production from flooding.

      As for whether it's cheap… It's more like $30/kg after tossing the weight of the head and shell away. :-(

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        If you can't eat the shells, you're not cooking them right. 😋 Crunchy shell, legs and tail, crispy off the bbq or out of the wok…

        • @jonathonsunshine Any links mate please? That you have personally tried and recommend?

          • @lordra: Mate, shells, heads and legs stir fry everything with garlic and parsley, add some hot water or whatever sauce you're making then put half cooked pasta and finish the cooking.

          • @lordra: not off hand, i just know when I've cooked them on the bbq, the head is the only thing left. I went to a very fancy japanese restraurant once and they cooked them separately on the grill, kinda like a fancy crunchy pancake.

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        Keep the heads and shells for making stock!

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          Ewww…. but each their own…

        • What do you do with that stock?

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            @lordra: Laksa. Or seafood soup. This was my attempt to eat more seafood but avoid crumbing/battering/grilling/frying it.

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            @lordra: Anything you are cooking that involves seafood.

            Simple seafood marinara pasta;
            or Italian cioppino;
            or French bouillabaisse;
            or Singaporean laksa, prawn noodle soup;
            any kind of seafood soup, stew etc

            Provides an additional dimension and layer of flavour.

            Granted, it's not as ubiquitous as chicken stock, but still very versatile.

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          I blend them with a little bit of water and use the slurry in my garden as fertilizer. :-)

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    best smelling product in the deli tbqh

    • Better than the B.O. of the night packers. Far out some of them STINK. How difficult is it to wash their clothes or use deodorant? (Because they're not doing one or the other!)

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        Probably working hard making them sweat.

  • Following the pork belly thread, this is not kosher </sarcasm> <<<< Just in case

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    Thanks. Just bought 5kgs

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    This product may contain traces of Gluten,,Crustacean,

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      Wow, thanks for the info. Concerning

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      The whole thing:

      This product may contain traces of Gluten,,Crustacean, Egg, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Soy,,Sulphites, Tree Nuts, Sesame.
      Allergen may be present
      Egg, Fish, Gluten, Milk, Peanuts, Sesame, Soy, Sulphites, Tree Nuts

      Pretty shoddy, IMO. Would not want to be relying on the quality of this info to save someone's life

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        I'm puzzled how could a Prawn get in contact with Tree Nuts?

        Imagine a school of prawns climbing up the tree to get their nuts…

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        there's a reason they do this

        they either dont want to completely clean and test their work area before changing food types


        they dont want the legal liability

        "oh you have a nut allergy and died allegedly from our prawns… that's so sad… kthxbye"

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          Arse covering, really. And from their optimisation, it makes sense. In covering their arse, they make things much harder to get to the truth and understand the real risk. I don't have any allergies, so it's not personal with me; it's just part of a pattern where optimised arse covering for one person causes harder work for others.

  • Can you freeze them?

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      Not if already thawed, but you can ask for frozen ones and put in the freezer then

      • Pretty sure they aren’t allowed to sell frozen seafood unless it’s been preweighed.

        • I've bought stuff frozen plenty of times. Individual pieces of fish from a new box. Even a whole package of the garlic prawns a while back.

          • @cookie2: It's unfortunately illegal. They were just being lazy which is a win for you

        • Bought a box frozen today

        • Just bought frozen - as long as want a 3kg box. Staff suggested it when asked for 2kg.
          (Warned need to use within 2 days, can't refreeze.
          Easier for staff to sell a box than weigh out 2Kg. Then would need to thaw another box. Can't sell part of frozen box.)

      • You have to buy a whole box if you want to do that which is typically 5kg otherwise you're technically being charged for the extra water weight if not thawed which woolworths can cop a huge fine for.

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      They are safe to freeze raw, but quality will suffer. Better to cook them, then freeze.

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        If they have already been frozen, then thawed, then no, it's not a good idea to freeze again.

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      We freeze ours all the time, no issues

    • I picked up a 3kg box, still frozen. Bargain!

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    would be great if this was frozen

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      I prefer them cooked.

      • it depends on how you cook them.

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      It is! Just ask. Bought 3kg box - frozen.

      By time got home, prawns were becoming separate. Bagged into press-seal bags (12-24 per bag) & into freezer. 🍤

      • Thanks for the 3kg box tip. Just got one!

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    They have been $20/kilo in recent times but $15 is excellent!

    • that's why the deal was posted

  • wild or farmed?????

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      • hahahaa..good wun

    • In my past experience, banana prawns are all wild caught

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        In the description it says Australian GROWN! I am thinking they are farmed.

    • Organic free range prawns

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    Didn't see this, just came back with some pork belly. Guessing I need to go back by Sunday? Or is this until next Tuesday?

    • I think it should be until next Tuesday

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    Fried rice week.

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      Laksa for me

      • Any recipe suggestions?

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          Google prawn mee

          • @angryasian: Sounds good, but also sounds like a lot of effort.

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          Jambalaya, paella, curry, garlic prawns… hell, I'll just eat the suckers with some lemon squeezed straight on em. Delicious little bastards.

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          Pan fried with lemon, butter, cajun seasoning. Easy and delicious! Just had it 30 mins ago

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          My wife made one this week - a large pot and I can eat 4-5 times in 2 days.

          Pretty similar to this video - she used laksa paste and coconut milk, then tofu, quial egg, basa fillet, prawn into the pot. The tofu is the fried one but 'meaty' rather than one that is 'empty'.

          Yellow (egg? or hokkien?) noodle and rice noodle (yes, 2 noodles) were boiled and put in separate bowl. Whenever you want a serving, heat up the soup, you took the noodle and pour in the soup into it.

          Chili crushed is great if you want it spicier. We didn't have bean sprout last time, should be a lot better if we did. Bean sprout you just rinse and put aside the same as the noodle. No need boiling. You put it last after you pour the soup in your bowl.

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    Good prawns. I use them for home made ebi prawn sushi … add a slice of avocado, sprinkle with thinly sliced onion and kewpie mayonaise… Good time.

  • What's a nice and easy way to eat them prawns.

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      through the mouth I presume..unless 😳!

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      Sous vide with garlic and butter. Just freeze them in their bag after for snacks over the next few months. The answer to any food question for a sous vide owner is to sous vide it, until you get sick of the process and put it with the rest of your untouched kitchen gadgets.

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      We are all going broke cobba

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      a Chinese

      Dude you can't just say "a Chinese". OZB is owned by a Chinese ffs.

    • Member since ….. 15 minutes ago.

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      So you rather laugh when us local consumers go broke?

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      if you neglect your domestic customers , you need to rebuild if you can’t export and need to move stock that takes time , keep hearing farmers complaint when they can’t export , if you price your products domestically out of reach of people they loose familiarity with it and it doesn’t become part of regular shopping. salmon used to be a weekly item when it was $30kg, now it’s $42kg we haven’t bought it in a while.

      some farmers are short sighted and they deserve to go broke if they don’t risk manage their markets. like share traders who don’t diversify.

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    What's the most efficient way to de-vein and de-shell a lot of prawns?

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      ask your significant other, nicely

    • Or just simply not do that. You can deep fried prawns in their shells :)

  • Farmed or wild caught?

  • $1 extra for the tiger large

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