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Unisex Converse Chuck Taylor All Star $70 + 15% off with Newsletter Sign up + 10% Shopback Cashback + $10 Delivery @ Converse


Classic, RRP $150
On Sale for $70 + (Extra 15% off with Newsletter Sign up) + ((Extra 10% cashback with shopback) + $10 Delivery ($0 with $75 Order) @ Converse
After all discounts, you can get it for $53.55 + shipping

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  • Anyone comment how TTS this one is?

    • TTS?

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      I have two pairs, I would say they are TTS. Don't size down like Converse recommends.

    • +2

      I went a size down (to 7 mens) based on their advice during the previous sale and had to return them for a pair two sizes up.

    • +1

      Same as other converse all stars.
      Vans is one size bigger for me. Same as Nike.

      Btw paid $50 for these are hype (well the plain black and white ones, maybe $60 for the blue).

    • +1

      I have about 10 pairs of converse and I always get mine the size I am in all other shoes. On the website if recommend to size up or down for some. But for me I have always picked the same size and it works out fine. Like the Chuck 70 feels slightly bigger but not enough to size down. Still comfy and don’t feel too big. But this is my feet, so others may be different.

  • Do these have a more padded sole or are they just pletty flat inside and non articulated

  • -1

    Think last time a bought a pair they were 20/$25 a pair.

    $75 seems like it should be rrp

    • +4

      Lol they've gone up in price ages a go.
      OG Used to be 90$ at DFO sometimes two for $120 but that was probably 10y ago.

      Agree 150$ is over the top for canvas sand shoes.

      • +2

        I’d guess ‘88/‘89 was my last pair. Could buy em around $25 at the clothes store in BoxHill mall opposite the central a few doors down from Commonwealth Bank.

        I used to wear em until the soles were literally falling off so probly lasted me a year or so wearing them every day.

        Unless you wear them like a casual yachting shoe for brekky at the caf on Sundays type caper they get very dirty, v stinky and they start to fall apart a long time before they’re really ready for the bin.

        $150 is for the logo

        • +2

          Have to be realistic about inflation, not expect 30y ago prices.

          Anyway they are pretty narrow won't be getting more converse.

          • @G-rig: $70’s reasonable re point for inflation imo

            • +1

              @0jay: Yes ignore RRP, no one would pay that.
              Also the OG Chuck Taylors are hard af for you feet so not a good choice any more. At least the CX inner soles offer good cushioning although the whole shoe height is a lot higher, which lessons the flush low profile appeal of them (ie the high tops look better than low)

      • Should look at price for Volleys now. I remember paying no more than $20 back in school some decade ago.

        They used to look exactly like this and last for years https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volley_(shoe)#/media/File:DunlopVolley.jpg

    • As the others said they’ve been over $100 for quite a few years, but otherwise I totally agree they’re not worth more than $30 for canvas shoes. If you’re really savvy you can still get them for around $50, but the sizes sell out quickly at that price.

      • Also worth mentioning that there's HEAPS of fake Chucks out there, and many people buy them on eBay/Amazon without realising it. The real Chucks cost more.

  • +3

    Or you can grab both colours delivered for $130 using code SS30. 😊

    • Bugger, can't stack with the 15% off newsletter signup option :-(

  • +1

    Culture Kings seem to have a tonne of styles on sale at the moment. Black version of this is $64.95 and 8% Shopback cashback on top of that.

    • Yeah around $60 is a good price (some i ordered from Converse previously $150 -> $100, then extra 40% off)
      Hype have good sales as well got down to $50 for the CX highs

    • +2

      Yeh I could have got those in the past for $28 but not a fan of the pink soles.

  • All my bro wore in high school because of his size: 16EEE. The local shoe shop got them in. Not a special order as such, just not common. Yes, he played BB.

  • Is there a link to newsletter signup?

    • it should come up as soon as you go on website. id doesn't try another browser

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