[NSW] OzBargain 17th Birthday - Campbelltown Meetup (Wednesday 15 Nov, 5:30pm @ Leumeah Hotel)

Let's celebrate OzBargain's 17th birthday in Campbelltown.

Thanks to Scotty, the budget per person is up to $35.

We have confirmed the Leumeah Hotel as the venue and the date/time will be 5:30pm Wednesday 15th of November.

Join us as this is a good venue with good food and drinks (alcoholic drinks are not sponsored).

See you everyone.


  • If close to train station I will come

  • Whats the latest on this? Still going ahead?

  • Hey guys, it looks like we only have 6 people so far and just one person is willing to pay the $5 deposit to confirm the attendance.

    I'll wait until Monday to see if the numbers move up. Otherwise I'll have to call it off.

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      well mabye because we dont know where is the place so we dont want to say yes?
      you can check other meetup, they publish date time and venue, and start getting interests from there
      so yeah at least get a pool for few places, or if you really think X is good then just decide for that X place, and then you will see the interst are there or not.
      i for sure will come if the place is within walking distance from cambp station (and the food is okay)

      • Fair enough. Since we don't have many people confirming attendance, I'm going to suggest Leumeah Hotel. A good local pub, and their food is around $20 per dish.

        • cool
          im member as well so i can get 2x steaks!!! :D (18x2 so pay $1 from my pocket)
          Join publinc the family to enjoy our mates rates

          so yeah iim going.

          just a suggestion because your post has been buried down and lost traction , maybe delete this and repost again and notify those 6 of the new thread (with the confirmed details)

          • @CyberMurning: Very well done, the chef specials are usually around $25 so we can have some decent food :)

            I'll keep this thread open, I see it's been bumped up so makes no difference than deleting it and reposting.

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              @web50: Yeah join publicn is free.
              Cool keep us updated and see you in 2 weeks

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    @web50 I'll suggest you to make a comment here and tick on "Notify users registered for this event" to make sure everyone who said "Yes" they'll come will actually be there. Looks like out of 7 currently registered, 2 of them are also registered to go to the BrewDog event that's one hour later. If someone is unable to go to the event that is registered for, he/she should click on "Cancel Registration" to update the organiser's expectation.

    • Thanks for the heads up. Didn't know this option exists. Will take care of that.

    • -1

      @scotty can ozb has sticky post on main page? only for mods usage, something important like ozb b'day event for example :)

      • Isn't it already on the OzBargain home page, with a big 17 on the sidebar?

        • -1

          sorry i always use live page :D all good!

    • It's going to take an hour just to get from Leumeah to Eveleigh … Guess they're going to get a Ghost badge!

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    Hey guys,

    We have confirmed the time and location of the event as above. Could you please spare 2 minutes of your time to confirm if you'll be attending this event? If you are not sure that you'll be attending, please cancel your registration so we can plan better.

    Thank you

  • Imo this seem like a better event than brew dog, but takes me ~1h to get to Lumeah, wings seem basic compared to pub food especially at $30 per person for some wings

    • -1

      totally. thats why i didnt join that wing event

      • +1

        probably try escape work 30 min early to go to Lumeah

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    just to add here i recommend people to join the https://www.publinc.com.au/index.php#index.htm
    they basically promoting local small pubs (so not every pubs, check the website for location).
    you get kind of points every time you spend at your local pub, and discounted member price! for example at leumeah hotel steak is $18 vs $26 for non member.

    you can only donate the points back to the pubs/community, not exchange to cash/food,
    also time to time they will send promo like spend $ at the x pub and get free drink, birthday drink, etc.
    membership is free
    of course only join if you live locally as we dont want to abuse it just for 1 time event like this

  • This looks good might join you guys on this one.

  • I want to come to this event, is my name registered? Could I bring another guest?

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      If you are bringing a "guest", it would be preferrable for your guest to create an account on OzBargain and click on "Register" to help us account who is actually there tonight. Otherwise the database would say there are 8 people attending the event, but I am getting a receipt of 9 people meals.

  • What food will be served?

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      • So each person order 1 dish or more than 1 dish with total less than $35?

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          The budget per person is up to $35. So, yes.

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          Read my comment join the membership and the prices are $18 you can have 2x250 grams of steak by paying extra $1

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    Hey guys,

    Today is the day. Looking forward to seeing you at Leumeah Hotel at 5:30pm.

    If for any reason you can't make it to the event, please make sure you unregister now so you don't get the no-show badge.

  • Our table is in the Loft (upstairs)

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    Thanks everyone who showed up tonight. It was a fun night and we enjoyed a lot. And also thank you @scotty for sponsoring the event. And last but not least, a big happy birthday to OZB and the community it has gathered around :)

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    Thanks @web50 for organising. And thank you @scotty for sponsoring and for the brilliant community that is Ozbargain


    • Thanks for the photo :)

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