OzBargain 17th Birthday Meetups (2023)

Time flies and the end of year is creeping on us — that means it's the OzBargain birthday meetup time again! OzBargain is turning 17 this November, and like last year (and the years before), we are inviting OzBargainers to organise face to face meetups in various cities across Australia.

If you would like to use this opportunity to meet other ozbargainers over a meal, practise the OzBargain gang sign and have a chance to grab the latest OzBargain T-shirt, you can either (1) organise a meetup event yourself, or (2) join an existing meetup. To organise an event:

  • Post a new thread in Site Discussions with "OzBargain 17th Birthday - <Location> Meetup" in the title. Use the thread to discuss with the community to work out preferred date/time & venue. Please note that the meetup event must be in November 2023.

  • Update the title with date/time and venue when it's confirmed, and I'll add your post into the list of events. A poll will be created to allow users to confirm who will be coming. The updated event system is still in development — not all issues raised last year can be fixed but hopefully it would be easier to use.

Organising events

First of all, budget, and I'm keeping it to strictly $35pp this year, which should cover food, venue and/or activities. OzBargain has been paying for these birthday parties for the last 6-7 years and the cost kept on going up. For the first few years we were sponsoring up to $500 per event, and it went up to $35pp last year. Meals have also "upgraded" from Nandos to Din Tai Fung & buffets, which I felt were out of character for an OzBargain meetup. I know CPI, inflation and all that stuff, so I am still keeping the budget the same as last year's. 60% of events also went over-budget last year, which basically makes having a budget pointless. So for this year we'll only be sponsoring up to $35 x number of users turned up. It would be the organiser's responsibility to collect excess from attendees of the meetup event.

Sometimes a large event might not be ideal if the aim is to mingle and get to know other ozbargainers. A small'ish event with 15 people in an open space would be more manageable. However if someone is up to the challenge of organising a 70 people meetup again this year, I'm not going to stop him/her either.

Try not to duplicate the location. For example if someone has already organised a meetup somewhere in Parramatta, don't organise another one even if it's at a different venue or date.

Update: please have all the events posted up before the end of October.

Some budget examples,

  • BBQ or pizza at public park (with coupons, of course)
  • Everyone orders UberEats / DoorDash / HungryPanda to eat at the beach and send receipts to scotty for reimbursement
  • Cheap eat in a cafe / restaurant

We had Ippudo in Chatswood a few years ago. The food was fine and price was reasonable too. I also went to Shinara BBQ Buffet on Pitt Street Sydney twice this year. $20 lunch time buffet, the quality of the food is so so but the place is not packed and you get 90 minutes to eat & mingle around. I'm sure there are lots of options that you don't have to spend $$$ to eat in a restaurant.

Again, sorry we are not able to sponsor alcoholic drinks in these meetup events.

Add the tag ozbargain17 to your posts.

Attending events

While I would like to open the meetups to all ozbargainers, due to issues in the past,

  • Attend one, or at most two events that you are not organising. If you have already attended one or two meetup events this year, let someone else have a chance, especially as some of the events are capped.
  • Please do not create new accounts just for the meetups. Organiser should be able to set rules to block accounts that are too new.

This post is work in place. I'll keep everyone updated when we move closer to November and event features get implemented.

List of Events

DateTimeVenue, LocationOrganiserRegWL
Thu, 2 Nov6:00PMDickson Taphouse, Dicksonjesho60
Mon, 6 Nov6:00PMTurkish Halal Pide House, Yarralumlacerealsmok3r120
Fri, 24 Nov5:30PMHappy's Chinese Restaurant, CanberraBargainsGrabber200
Wed, 1 Nov2:00PMIppudo, Chatswoodihbh250
Thu, 2 Nov6:30PMWagyu House Croydon, Croydonkctt4419
Sat, 4 Nov6:00PMVeggie House, Canley Valecerealsmok3r249
Wed, 8 Nov6:30PMXian Eatery, Burwoodrollingthunder123621
Thu, 9 Nov6:30PMPenang Cuisine, Eppingdust390
Sat, 11 Nov6:00PMDon Beppino's Restaurant, Newcastlecerealsmok3r50
Sun, 12 Nov6:30PMThai Thae, MascotFat Horny Ghost280
Tue, 14 Nov6:30PMCommercial Hotel, Parramatta I Smell Pennies730
Wed, 15 Nov6:30PMBelles Hot Chicken, Circular Quayssunnyc380
Wed, 15 Nov5:30PMLeumeah Hotel, Campbelltownweb50100
Sat, 25 Nov11:00AMPrince Alfred Park, Surry Hillscerealsmok3r540
Wed, 29 Nov6:30PMRed Cow Hotel, PenrithI Smell Pennies260
Fri, 24 Nov6:30PMFiddler's Green, Darwin Cityfez5stars40
Sat, 4 Nov12:00PMPincadia, BrisbaneThe Wololo Wombat180
Thu, 16 Nov12:00PMShabuhouse, Brisbanejaysee-teh150
Sun, 19 Nov12:30PMThat Viet Place, MacgregorAlbi-onion272
Fri, 10 Nov6:30PMThe Flipside Barcade, Daw Parkkickling210
Wed, 15 Nov7:00PMIndian Temptations, Blair Atholtwilsoncrow220
Fri, 10 Nov7:00PMWill's Dumpling, Moonee Pondsharryozz180
Wed, 15 Nov6:00PMInked Cup Cafe, Doncasterhamroll360
Thu, 16 Nov6:00PMFortress, Melbourneneil990
Tue, 21 Nov5:00PMLaksa King, Flemingtoncerealsmok3r190
Wed, 22 Nov6:00PMGarden State Cafe, MulgraveRIPwallet230
Wed, 29 Nov6:00PMThe Birmingham Hotel, FitzroyBobLim204
Sat, 4 Nov6:00PMThe Gate Bar and Bistro, Successangywoo220
Wed, 15 Nov6:00PMMack Daddy's, Mount LawleyMichael15286290

29 events from 24 organisers.


    • +20

      No. That wouldn't be a meetup.

      • How minimum constitutes a meetup?

      • -8

        Why not?
        You could do as you do now
        Comment online

        • +19

          As I have already stated in the post, the OzBargain meetups are face to face events. Moreover the whole idea of meetup IS NOT about OzBargain paying for the dinner.

          • +8

            @scotty: I've always forgotten to eat at the meet ups. Talking to everyone is the fun part and there's never enough time to see everyone.

            Always disappointing people go for a free feed.

            • +1

              @Clear: more prizes clear….!!!!

              • @Archi: Thinking of what prizes I can get relatively quick and from who is the hard part.

                GeekBuying / WhatGeek will happily send me stuff I'm sure.

            • +5

              @Clear: Agreed. I’ve had people show up before who didn’t know what OzBargain was.

              I know there are a lot of lurkers but I almost feel like the individual event posts should be in a section only visible to those logged in. This post at least would be visible for those who are long time viewers or those who just forgot to login.

          • -2

            @scotty: Now that would be a BARGAIN worth posting!

      • -3

        It would if they had the right pronouns.

      • What about Me, myself & I? lol

      • -1

        Is there any rules for new accounts? I’m a long time user, my wife is a long time lurker, now we have kids I’d love us to attend together. Can I get her to sign up now and attend?

        • I'll leave that decision to each event organiser, however my preference would be for existing accounts An event would have a cap on the number of participants, and a "waitlist" would be introduced so the event organisers can decide whether to drop someone.

          17.7% of event attendees last year were new accounts created after the announcement, and I think most of them can't be bothered to come back to OzBargain again. Definitely not something I would like to see.

          • +4

            @scotty: I am shocked that 17.7% of attendees were basically freeloaders without being active members, thats quite disappointing of them as they are taking away spots from actual active members.

            • +2

              @lonewolf: Unfortunately it just means they're taking the OzBargain life to the extreme and beyond what was intended by the rest of the community I'd say. A shame really :(

    • -2

      If you were to pursue that course of action, I would anticipate, at the very least, that you would have to incorporate your mirror universe counterpart, as seen in Season 2, Episode 4 of TOS, in order to have Scotty foot the bill for your meal.

  • +4

    din tai Fung

    Man I love xiao long bao as much as the next uncle roger but yeah I can see $35 pp flat out getting past appetisers ha ha

    Also have always wanted to attend for chance to win an ozbargain tshirt but is there an option to go as anonymous/ verify with a mod or something? Brisbane too small.

    • Would also like to be able to go anonymous. Do they have Din Tai Fung in brissy?

      • No - they don’t , imo DTF is overrated anyway. Even if you go have it in Taiwan.

        • I had no idea it’s a Taiwanese establishment. Thought it might be Cantonese because of the ‘fung’ spelling.

        • -1

          Xiao long biao is actuallu invented by the asians to make more money from the west. Theres next to F all ingredients in ine and same peice as a subway

      • +2

        You should try impressive dumplings, its my favourite dumpling place in brisbane.

        • +2

          Wow 4.1/5 of 422 votes, I am already impressed.

          • @frugalftw: They really are impressive

            • @Boioioioi: They are closed now though, thought about calling to ask if they could do a $35 pp event for 15. Parking should not be too hard?

      • I’ve had members ask to come anonymously in the past. I’m cool with it when I run events. I just as that they PM me and we’ll make up an alias for their name badge.

        Some identities are better kept secret 🤫

        • Is it the case that only the host knows which person is linked to what username? I don’t mind using my real name; I just don’t want the link to the username for security concerns. Would like to maintain minimal googlebility.

  • Good timing Scotty; I was just about to inquire for this year.

    Rather than posting a separate expression of interest post, in the spirit of OzBargain, can I get an indication of interest for lunch at Ippudo Chatswood on Wednesday 1 November, where a number of ramens are $15 with free extra noodles (as opposed to ~$30 for non-first of the month days). It's located at the Interchange above Chatswood train station so will be accessible to others from the North Shore and City and surrounds.

    Over the last few years Dust has organised an evening dinner at Chatswood, so in the spirit of Scotty's point about trying not to duplicate the location, can I also get an expression of interest for lunch vs dinner and if there is more for dinner, I'm happy to let Dust or someone else organise a birthday dinner at Chatswood.

    • +4

      If you're interested in lunch at Ippudo Chatswood 1 November, please up vote this comment.

    • If you're interested in dinner at Chatswood, please up vote this comment.

    • +1

      The one time I attended that one years ago the staff didn't seem to like us mingling during the lunch rush. Is that still the case?

      • +1

        I organised that one and didn't get that feeling. There's plenty of seats outside as well if they tell us to keep it down and people want to mingle after. It's easy to grab the big middle table for OZBers to eat and chat around and have stragglers on the periphery tables as they come later if there's space.

        • +1

          I seem to recall someone saying that the staff were complaining. It was ages ago who knows.

    • Voted :)

    • Is the deal only at chatswood branch? if not you can organise it elsewhere at the other branches

  • +3

    It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday Ozbargain!

    After having a chat with Scotty last year and the guys at Mobileciti, it would be great to have a BBQ at a local park somewhere. Low cost and easy for people to mingle.

    Will talk with ISP on possibilties

    • On it!

    • +5

      Learning from the feedback from last year, we've sussed out some ideas for value and allows mingling.

      Expect some good events

    • Lmk if you need a hand with this - happy to help as always (:

  • +2

    Is it a new shirt design

  • +1

    Thanks @scotty see what we can arrange with the group in Brisbane :)

  • +1

    It's bad timing that I'll be overseas for most of November. I couldn't make it last year either. Perhaps I/we can organise something for the day I'm in Sydney early in the month.

    • +1

      yes please come! its been too long since we last caught up :DD

      • I'm only available on the 9th on the evening and after that ✈️

        • +1

          Let’s try and T something up and play it by ear!

  • +8

    72 nuggets per person with some left over for a drink. Who’s with me?

    • +9

      Large coles roast chicken, 6 bread roll pack, 2L coke or coke no sugar, a large choice of coleslaw or pasta salad, and a Coles mud cake. Enough budget to even splash out on lurpak butter as a lil treat to really elevate the bread roll experience.

      • +18

        Should have a competition where each person brings up to $35 worth of food (with receipts) and the rest of us vote on who got the best bargain.

  • +2

    Make it a Thursday and everyone can get 2 x $15 oporto whole chicken and chips

    • wouldnt hurt for you to organise it :p

  • I was just about to comment and then I noticed it was on a meetup post from 2017!

    On a side note, I finally worked out how to log back in. Yay me…just in time for meetups.

  • +3

    May i suggests accounts have to be created before 9/10

    Organiser should be able to set rules to block accounts that are too new.

    ahh ok. good

  • +3

    maccas run lets go

    • +2

      You deffo need a run.

      • +3

        Hahah only if you’re there 😘

  • +3

    paging @I Smell Pennies for the large event

    • +8

      cheers - already planning!

      • +4

        You did a great job last year! Will definitely try to attend one in Penrith if you’re organising another there again.

    • haha few hours too late. Was already on it

  • +6

    Will there be any freebies?

    • +12

      Username checks out

    • +2

      Yes mostly shirts but sometimes sponsored stuff to be won

  • Hi Scotty, is it possible to organise a birthday party in Darwin, Northern Territory??


    • Yes! The more the merrier

      • Are you based in the Darwin region cerealsmok3r?

        • Nope NSW based but would love to. Heard it’s a beautiful place that’s full of indigenous culture and history

    • +2

      Neil did one when he was up there in July, and a few people turned up. Feel free to post a new forum post to discuss with other ozbargainers in NT.

      • Thanks Scotty.

      • I didn't know ozbargain had meetups during the year too! Is there a page dedicated to meetups through the year?

  • +5

    There are a lot of NSW meet-ups posted already!

    Would be helpful if there's a table of the meet-ups posted here (like in previous years) so that we can see which days and times the meet-ups are on so they don't overlap.

    • +3

      Added table. Please let me know if there are any I've missed (used the ozbargain17 tag).

      • +3

        Looks good. Thanks!

  • I wonder if Scotty would mind if I showed up dressed like and acting like the Annoying Fan from Starfield.

  • +6

    Question really is, which ones will @scotty be attending

    • +1

      I want my yearly Ozbargain photo with @scotty :'(

  • +3

    Keen to attend one in Melbourne! Now to wait for someone to organise it… 😂

    • +16

      My thinking for Victoria so far (OzBargain venue posters).

      Ideally it would be good to have meetups in different geographic areas. So City, South East Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs etc. Anyway that's just my 2 cents so people can suggest/organize wherever. I'll contact the 3 above and see what they say.

      I have a good deal of t-shirts from last year and Scotty will send me the new ones this year so just preferably give me a heads up with sizes & # of shirts so I can manage.

      • +3

        good chance ill be in melbourne in melb so might be happy to organise something eastwards like last time

        • +2

          Organize one in the inner north/west like last time if you do drop by melb

        • +2

          Would be great to see you again cerealsmok3r!!
          Happy to organise one southeast together if you'd like.
          I thought Neil's suggestion of doing it at garden state cafe was good so might call them up to see how we might organise that.

      • Fortress would be awesome!!! We can always just cover the difference ourselves :)

      • +5

        @neil Fortress was cool, but what would be even cooler is if we had the meetup at Costco and ate all the free samples. - We can also temporarily commandeer the entire Costco foodcourt and eat $1.99 hot dog together whilst catching up.

        • +3

          imagine flooding the foodcourt with ozbargain members haha

      • Long time lurker keen here too!

      • Going off the updated events list (is there a thread for the Fortress one yet?) - if there's a choice between 16th and 23rd my personal preference is 23rd so that I can try to attend both the South East and "Central" events - space and logistics permitting, of course.

        • +1

          It's the 16th, just awaiting their invoice so we can confirm, then I'll post something. The one in Mulgrave is likely to be on the 23rd which is in the same vicinity.

          • @neil: Thanks for the update, much appreciated. Garden State on the 23rd could be fun, have always wanted to go there.

  • +4

    We should have a competition to see how low $pp we could go.

    Obviously something like a Hot Chicken Sharing Platter would get pretty low, but not sure if everyone would be keen to have others touching their food though! :D

    Do Bunnings hot dogs give receipts?

  • din tai fung and buffets whoa!

    • And yet someone is trying to do a buffet at maximum cost despite what @scotty said

      • +1

        Sometimes im a bit apprehensive of cheap buffets. I remember going to Okami at Footscray once. Every bowl was chipped and afterward ls vomited. I swear it was the oil they fried the food in. From that day onwards I never attend these cheap buffets.

      • @kerfuffle scotty said 60% of events went over-budget last year. Can you guess those over budget events are buffet or non-buffet :)

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