OzBargain Is Turning 13 This November. Getting Ready for The Parties!

Upcoming Events

Event Confirmed Date Time Venue
Sydney West Yes Wed 13 Nov 6PM Commercial Hotel Parramatta
Sydney Mascot No Sat 16 Nov 12PM Hong Ha Bakery Mascot
Sydney CBD No Sun 17 Nov 6PM The Small Lemongrass
Sydney CBD Women's Only No Thu 21 Nov 6PM Barangaroo
Sydney Eastwood No Fri 22 Nov 6:30PM Moko Eastwood
Sydney Alexandria No Sun 24 Nov 5PM Archie Brothers Circue Electriq
Sydney North Shore Yes Wed 27 Nov 12PM Ippudo Chatswood Interchange
Sydney CBD Yes Thu 28 Nov 6PM Lee's Malaysian
Hobart CBD No Thu 21 Nov TBA TBA
Brisbane No Sat 23 Nov 12PM TBA
Perth Yes Sat 23 Nov 1PM Mack Daddy’s Mount Lawley
Adelaide No Sat 30 Nov 1PM TBA

Original Post

Everyone loves parties. We did a few of them back in 2017 and then more last year. For 2019, OzBargain is turning thirteen in November, and we shall get the birthday parties / meetups organised again this year!

Here is the call from the Big Man Tyrone himself!

OzBargain13 from BMT

So, if event management is your speciality and you want to be an OzBargain birthday party organiser, here are some details:

  • Organise a birthday party for OzBargain in your city, on any day in November 2019.
  • Post a thread in Site Discussions to get started, titled it "[OzBargain 13th Birthday] <City> Meetup".
  • Get 15+ people and OzBargain will sponsor $500 towards venue or catering. More if you can gather a larger crowd of OzBargainers.

Some past examples — Ramen, Pizza, Picnic in the park, Table top games, Retro video games, Beer pong, etc. Hopefully that should give anyone who is interested an idea on how to get started. It's a great opportunity to meet other OzBargainers in real life and discuss your favourite OzBargain related topics (or conspiracies). You might even be able to score some OzBargain T-shirts!

I know it's still a month away but it never hurts to get the planning started early. I'll keep this post updated when more events are coming to shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a meetup for <city>?

A: Check the table above. If there's none, feel free to start one! Post a thread at the Site Discussions forum with a poll. Provide a date, time and venue — and see whether anyone is interested.

Q: How does sponsorship work?

A: That just means scotty will pay for the food, drink & venue. As I am not likely to attend all the parties and pay for all the cost in person,

  • If the venue is able to invoice, get them to send the bill to scotty@ozbargain.com.au and I'll deal with it.
  • Otherwise, someone might have to pay for it first (with a good reward credit card of course), and then forward the receipts to me. Make sure you take clear pictures of all the receipts.

"Around $500 for 20 people" is just a rough guide. Some groups in the past have spent way less (great OzBargainers!) and some have spent more. Don't stress too much about it unless it's something ridiculous.

Q: How can I change my event listed in the table to confirmed?

Once you get enough participants and are sure that event is going to happen (e.g. venue booked), then just message me or comment in this post, and I'll change the confirmation to Yes.


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