[OzBargain 13th Birthday] Melbourne City Meetup (Thur Nov 28, 5:30PM at Poked 111 Bourke St)

Like the last couple of years, Justin from Poked & Gameology has graciously offered the use of one of their stores in the CBD after they close for a meetup.

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Date/time/place: Thursday, November 28 (5:30 again) @ Poked 111 Bourke Street (near Exhibition/Bourke St.)

  • I have loads of t-shirts, more than last year for those who missed out.
  • Food will likely be pizza or whatever deal is on + whatever Woolworths specials are on. (Shopping cart will be making a 2nd appearance)
  • I'll try not to forget nametags (usernames) like last year.
  • We had lots of board games/games to play (and also keep). May see if we can do something similar.
  • From probably 5:30PM onwards we'll be there. If you want to just grab a t-shirt or say hi and run off, do so.


See the deal:

[VIC] OzBargain Meetup & Gaming Night: Free T-Shirts, Food & Drinks fr. 5:30PM Thursday (Nov 28) @ Pokéd (Bourke St. Melbourne)