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[VIC] OzBargain Meetup & Gaming Night: Free T-Shirts, Food & Drinks fr. 5:30PM Thursday (Nov 28) @ Pokéd (Bourke St. Melbourne)


OzBargain is turning 13 years old and to celebrate we are having meetups all over the country.

Our Melbourne meetup will be at Pokéd @ 111 Bourke Street (Bourke/Exhibition) from 5:30PM Thursday and is a gaming night. Thanks to Justin from Pokéd and Gameology for lending out his venue and his time.

  • Free food: Likely cheap pizzas (Pepperoni, Veggie, Cheese) + Woolworths Specials (Look for the guy pushing a trolley from QV).
  • Free drinks (non-alcoholic).
  • Free OzBargain t-shirt. You must PM me with a size to reserve a shirt before Wednesday (27/11) 12PM 3PM
  • Free games & prizes (need to think about this, Suggestions welcome!).
  • Free Not a Bot virtual badge.

If you don't want to hang around or interact with anyone, that is fine. You can come in, write your username down (so I can give you a badge) and take a shirt (reserved)/food.


  • New orange on grey t-shirts. Pic.
  • 200 Shirts (6x more than last year) (XS: 20; S: 45; M: 60; L: 45 XL: 20; 2XL: 10). There were at 70 people in attendance last year so should be OK. 3 full suitcases of t-shirts. T-shirts have all been allocated.
  • You need to PM your request for a shirt. Deadline is Wednesday (27/11) 12PM.
  • We will be prioritising those who have never received a shirt, contributions/time on OzBargain. (e.g. people who just sign up for account get low priority). Also allows me to not be bombarded with PMs all at once.
  • I'll PM you sometime on Wednesday to let you know if you've been reserved a shirt. If you haven't you'll be put on standby.
  • If you don't collect the shirt by 6:30PM, we'll go to standby list, followed by first come, first serve.

PM me the size you want. (Sorry only 1 colour) All shirts allocated, no more PMs thanks.

Rough plan:

  • From 5:30PM: Meetup starts. Grab a name tag, sign the birthday card (receive Not a Bot Virtual Badge) & shirt if reserved.
  • 5:30-5:45PM: Food arrives.
  • 6:30PM: Free t-shirts to those on standby list followed by whoever is there.
  • 6:45PM: Group photo (voluntary).

Also a good chance to do an entry for the OzBargain 13th Birthday Competition where you can win $100-$600

For people in other locations, we need your feedback and/or confirmations.

Event Confirmed Date Time Venue
Sydney North Shore Yes Wed 27 Nov 12PM Ippudo Chatswood Interchange
Sydney CBD Yes Thu 28 Nov 6PM Lee's Malaysian
Melbourne CBD Yes Thu 28 Nov 5:30PM Poked (Exhibition/Bourke)
Melbourne Poker & Games No TBA TBA TBA
Adelaide No Sat 30 Nov 1PM TBA

OzBargain Is Turning 13 This November. Getting Ready for The Parties!

TL;DR: Just show up Thursday at Poked for free food & drink. If you want t-shirt, PM me.

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