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[VIC] OzBargain Meetup & Gaming Night: Free T-Shirts, Food & Drinks fr. 5:30PM Thursday (Nov 28) @ Pokéd (Bourke St. Melbourne)


OzBargain is turning 13 years old and to celebrate we are having meetups all over the country.

Our Melbourne meetup will be at Pokéd @ 111 Bourke Street (Bourke/Exhibition) from 5:30PM Thursday and is a gaming night. Thanks to Justin from Pokéd and Gameology for lending out his venue and his time.

  • Free food: Likely cheap pizzas (Pepperoni, Veggie, Cheese) + Woolworths Specials (Look for the guy pushing a trolley from QV).
  • Free drinks (non-alcoholic).
  • Free OzBargain t-shirt. You must PM me with a size to reserve a shirt before Wednesday (27/11) 12PM 3PM
  • Free games & prizes (need to think about this, Suggestions welcome!).
  • Free Not a Bot virtual badge.

If you don't want to hang around or interact with anyone, that is fine. You can come in, write your username down (so I can give you a badge) and take a shirt (reserved)/food.


  • New orange on grey t-shirts. Pic.
  • 200 Shirts (6x more than last year) (XS: 20; S: 45; M: 60; L: 45 XL: 20; 2XL: 10). There were at 70 people in attendance last year so should be OK. 3 full suitcases of t-shirts. T-shirts have all been allocated.
  • You need to PM your request for a shirt. Deadline is Wednesday (27/11) 12PM.
  • We will be prioritising those who have never received a shirt, contributions/time on OzBargain. (e.g. people who just sign up for account get low priority). Also allows me to not be bombarded with PMs all at once.
  • I'll PM you sometime on Wednesday to let you know if you've been reserved a shirt. If you haven't you'll be put on standby.
  • If you don't collect the shirt by 6:30PM, we'll go to standby list, followed by first come, first serve.

PM me the size you want. (Sorry only 1 colour) All shirts allocated, no more PMs thanks.

Rough plan:

  • From 5:30PM: Meetup starts. Grab a name tag, sign the birthday card (receive Not a Bot Virtual Badge) & shirt if reserved.
  • 5:30-5:45PM: Food arrives.
  • 6:30PM: Free t-shirts to those on standby list followed by whoever is there.
  • 6:45PM: Group photo (voluntary).

Also a good chance to do an entry for the OzBargain 13th Birthday Competition where you can win $100-$600

For people in other locations, we need your feedback and/or confirmations.

Event Confirmed Date Time Venue
Sydney North Shore Yes Wed 27 Nov 12PM Ippudo Chatswood Interchange
Sydney CBD Yes Thu 28 Nov 6PM Lee's Malaysian
Melbourne CBD Yes Thu 28 Nov 5:30PM Poked (Exhibition/Bourke)
Melbourne Poker & Games No TBA TBA TBA
Adelaide No Sat 30 Nov 1PM TBA

OzBargain Is Turning 13 This November. Getting Ready for The Parties!

TL;DR: Just show up Thursday at Poked for free food & drink. If you want t-shirt, PM me.

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  • +9

    i'm afraid to come; people may bash me when they see me

    • -1

      Why? You’re over thinking. most people wouldn’t care who you are unless you’re doing something that strikes the attention.

      • +1

        you must be new here ..

        • Ah the joke went over my head. Lmao

    • -2

      What makes you say that? What did you do?

    • +1

      people will put a NEG sticker on you.


    • +1

      This is a good point.

      I’ll come if tempura comes. We can have a quick discussion out the back about posting styles.

    • You'll be easy to spot, you'll be the guy that is constantly doing the "air quotation marks" gesture with your fingers at random point of your conversation :P

  • So many cutie patooties. Hope we have some Ozbargain couples and marriages.

    • are you single ? which shorty rocks your boat ?

      • -2

        No I have a GF, I meant more for other OzBargainers (and not the ones who have a creepy Asian fetish).

        • No I have a GF

          what stopping you then? you ain't hitched yet … you may actually find the love of your life in this kind of event …

    • +8

      you already know that your prospective partner is going to save you money!

      • +4

        That is indeed a rare attribute.

      • I disagree, having a partner (especially a girlfriend) is always expensive.

        • +1

          You got to find the OzB "type" :-D

  • This is awesome for all the city folk. Bravo

  • +4

    Looking at the photo its a ratio of 5 women to 1 man .
    Maybe even JV might have a chance lol .

    • +2

      JV is a ladies man, I highly doubt he is single.

      • Isn't JV a woman? I thought I read that in one of his/her comments some time back.

  • Woo, hope I can make it this year :)

  • Sorry to be a party pooper coz no ene else did in this thread

    why is this even a deal
    This belongs in the forums

  • Can we bring non-ozbargainers along?

    • Sure.

    • how can one identify an ozb to a non ozb ?

      • +5

        Anyone who pays RRP is no OzBargainer.

  • Hey Neil unable to message you but can I can get a large size t-shirt if there's any left

    • Try again.

      • Hi Neil,
        I am also unable to message you but can I please get a size M t-shirt :)

        • Try again. Should be able to PM me now.

      • I messaged you and didn't get a reply I assume that ok?

        • +1

          Will try to get back to everyone today. 200+ messages currently.

          • @neil: RIP inbox.

            On another topic, what’s the cheapest decent parking near Kings Way?

  • +1

    I will attempt to come say hello, although if someone suddenly runs off screaming, don't be alarmed, it's probably me

  • +3

    Heads up for tomorrow that there will be a Tram Strike with no trams running from 10am to 2pm with expected disruptions to 3.30pm.

    Should be OK by 5pm for the Meetup but will be a problem for those going to the city early.

  • Will there be any board game discounts from Gameology on the night?

    • +1

      Probably best to talk to Justin on the night.

  • Hey Neil - any chance I could get the "Not a Bot" badge from when I attended last year..please? I won't be near the city on the day so I won't be able to attend this year. :(

    • Will work on Not a Bot list. May not be immediately.

  • I want a xs tshirt pls! :)
    Thank you NEil

    • Sure no problem.

      • Hey Neil just wondering if my reservation was accepted seeing as all shirts have been allocated. Cheers.

  • Hey Neil, just checking whether my t-shirt reservation is confirmed as I didn't get a reply to my PM. Thanks!

    • My assumption, no PM, no t-shirt reservation (in the same boat)

  • +6

    Just to answer all at once. I received 232 requests for t-shirts. All that have been allocated t-shirts have been PMed. Those who are on standby (not allocated a t-shirt) will receive a PM soon. Those that are on standby can receive a t-shirt after say 6:45PM if any allocated t-shirts have not been picked up.

    • +3

      wow. I'll be very impressed if 200 people attend the event.

      • +2

        I believe most only drop by just for the t-shirt and leave almost immediately. The number of people actually staying is another thing.

        • Last year I didn't notice anyone coming just to pickup a t-shirt then leaving (It may have happened but it wasn't noticeable).

      • +1

        It was more than that number
        Thanks Justin, Neil and Scotty (in spirit)

        • I'm very impressed.

  • +11

    Just to be absolutely clear, the t-shirt allocation process was not first come, first serve. It's based on how many years you've been a member, posts, comments, have claimed free t-shirt before and most importantly what size you requested. All algorithm based selections. Most people want a medium so I had to put many of those requests on standby. Whereas the outliers like XXL and XS didn't had most of the requests fulfilled. I also kept a 2 or 3 shirt buffer due to inevitable stuff ups of handing out 200 t-shirts.

    • +8

      You'd think after all these McDonalds deals, XL would be the most requested!

  • I'm attending so I can put a face to the name of the famous (or infamous) usernames !!!!

    Ok. Who else is going I should look out for?

    (PS. Lucky for McDonald deals I'm now no longer M size and have gone to L, XL next stop.)

  • What a full house at poked. Thanks.

  • From the size of the queue not sure I'm gonna get in on time to pickup my allocated tee… This better not be the standby queue !!

    • It’s not the standby queue yet

  • Omg what a queue…

  • I'm still trying to get there.
    Sounds like it's a pretty busy place tonight!
    More updates please.

    • +1

      Update: the crowd is thinning out a bit and the t-shirt line is moving steadily.

      PS we have run out of pizza as far as I can tell. There’s one stack of boxes I can’t get to easily to check but it seems like they are empty.

      • Thanks Hinstwen!
        Hope to at least make the group photo. And pick up my T-shirt :)

        • Don’t forget to sign the card to get your not a bot badge too. I’m keeping my eye out for you so come say hi if you see me.

  • Arrived and joined a queue, with the people in front of me not knowing what they are queuing up for (???).

    And why isn't anyone wearing their Ozbargain T-shirt?

    • It’s not in mint condition once you open the bag?

      • You mean it can't be sold for a profit?? Ha ha.
        So where are you, Hinstwen?

        • Right next to the name tag sheet

    • 3 people are wearing their t-shirt now. Maybe they saw your comment?

  • Tim Tam's are yum though

  • Came for the pizza, stuck around for a few rounds of Personal Space Invaders, good times were had.

  • I’ve got the faint impression that jv was at the event.
    At least one particular person there looked a bit like jv’s profile pic.

    That user went first to get the food :) a true ozbargainer.

    If you were indeed there jv it was an honor to meet you :p

  • Hi Neil. You spoke to my brother today, thank you for the t-shirt.

    • No problem.

  • +2

    Thanks for the t-shirt Neil.
    You look good in person ☺

    • +2

      Was also there, can confirm.


  • bugger … just saw this …

  • +2

    Ozbargain 13th Birthday Melbourne

    • page not found ☹️

      • ……

      • Apologies for technical problems. Will update later

  • +3

    Kudos Neil & everyone else involved in organising! Love my shirt and met a hilarious batch of people from here too :)

  • +7

    OK. Sorry about the previous dud link.
    This should work for the Ozbargain 13th Birthday (T-shirt wearing group photo, not the whole group)

  • +5

    Had a great time and lots of free pizza and soft drinks. Shoutout to neil for his hard work organising the t-shirts will be sure to wear them around.

  • +1

    Thanks Neil for the shirt, as well as organising it all…you worked so hard to make it happen.

  • +4

    Thanks for organising, Neil. Great t-shirts and I loved the surprise reference on the back! For those who asked, this is the story behind it :)

    • +1

      Lol I remember that deal. He wasn't wrong I was only in high school at the time but I still bought 4.

  • +2

    Nice to see the community.
    I missed out on the food, it was pretty claustrophobic for the first half hour.
    Plenty of t-shirts available, and there was a raffle at the end with some board games.

  • Woo thanks for the great party Neil. Can’t believe how many people came!

    Thanks Justin for the space too.

  • +3

    I hope everyone had a good time in Melbourne 😊

  • +4

    Thanks for the wonderful party and get together neil (and scotty, for sponsoring it of course).

    I've never won anything in my life and winning that raffle board-game Payday confirmed to me that I'm in the right group here at OzBargain!

    Some great conversations and super fun times with the subtle ozbargain traits group founders :)

  • +3

    Thanks to everyone involved (specially neil)!
    Hopefully neil will be able to read everyone’s handwriting in the birthday card. In my last count at least 90 nametags picked up (of course, heaps didn’t bother).
    neil- sorry for the quality to the sign asking for their usernames so they could potentially get their “Not A Bot”? I couldn’t think of any other way to collect this info with the resources available.

    • asking for their usernames so they could potentially get their “Not A Bot”?

      I got a Not a Bot badge for saying I was going to the Sydney women's only meetup, only to end up not going 😏 (I did go to the Sydney CBD one so definitely earnt the badge!)

    • +1

      No worries, you did a good job! I'll compiled the t-shirt checklist + the birthday card to come up with a list.

  • +2

    Any ETA on the badges?

    • And the group photo as well 😊

      • +4

        Group Photos are on Facebook.

        Photo #1 and Photo #2

        Badges are all done. There are about 8 names in the card that I need to decipher into a username.

        • Thanks Neil :-)

  • +1

    It's official, I'm "Not a bot"… anymore :)

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