expired Melbourne OzBargain Meetup & Gaming Night: Free T-Shirts & Food from 5:30PM Thursday (Nov 30) @ Pokéd (Bourke St. Melbourne)


OzBargain is turning 11 years old and to celebrate we are having meetups all over the country.

Our Melbourne meetup will be at Pokéd @ 111 Bourke Street from 5:30PM Thursday and is a gaming night (Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, etc.). Thanks to Justin from Pokéd and Gameology for lending out his venue and his time.

  • Free food (likely Dominos pizza + Shanghai Dumplings + maybe something else).
  • $2 soft drinks sold via Pokéd.
  • Free OzBargain t-shirt (with womens shirts this time). Limited supply of 1 box, first come, first serve (maybe 30 mostly black shirts?).
  • Free Not a Bot virtual badge.

If you don't want to hang around or interact with anyone, that is fine. You can come in, write your username down (so I can give you a badge) and take a shirt/food. I will be giving the t-shirts out strictly from 5:30PM and no earlier.

If there are any suggestions for food or something else you think would be worthy (Entertainment Book Swap, group buy, whatever), please let me know.

For people in other locations, we need your feedback and/or confirmations.

If there are others who wish to help organise a meetup, please do some in the threads above or start your own.

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