[OzBargain 11th Birthday] Adelaide Meetup - 9 Dec 6PM at Adelaide Botanic Park

Update: Facebook Event Page:

  • Date: 9 December
  • Time: 6PM
  • Venue: Adelaide Botanic Park

We have tried it before but couldn't get it organised.

We have to do it now for the 11th Birthday with $500 to spend.

Ideas are well, I'd say we make it all ages as we have previously had trouble getting people to come.

2 Ideas at the moment

Picnic in the Park with Dominoes and maybe backyard cricket

X-site Gaming Mount Barker

Any suggestions appreciated.

We have $500 to spend.

That can buy us

100 Pizzas from dominoes if we can organise some sort of deal.

If we could get 25 people that would be ideal.

Poll Options

  • 3
    I will attend no matter what, where or when
  • 30
    I will most likely attend depending on location
  • 6
    I will most likely attend depending on day
  • 23
    I might attend
  • 4
    I most likely won't attend
  • 2
    I will definitely not attend, I am a keyboard warrior
  • 14
    Who lives in Adelaide anyway?


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