[OzBargain 12th Birthday] Sydney CBD Meetup - Thur 29 Nov 6-9PM at Spawn Point, Co-Sponsored by ShopBack, Please RSVP

ShopBack came to us a few weeks ago to co-sponsor this event. For them, they are having a Christmas party with some of their top-users. For us it's the celebration of OzBargain turning 12 — so we end up hosting an event together. A few details are still yet to be confirmed (as ShopBack is doing all the work organising it), but

  • Date: Thursday, 29 November 2018
  • Time: 6-9PM
  • Venue: Spawn Point Bar, 199 Clarence Street, Sydney
  • Theme: Christmas, Fun, Food, Freebies & some Retro Gaming

However, placements are limited due to the size of the venue & finite resources (i.e. food & drinks). Therefore if you wish to come, you must RSVP by Wed 21 Nov (by using the poll below). OzBargain has been allocated 40 places, and to prioritise existing members in Sydney, please only RSVP

  • Only if really intend to go
  • If your account is at least 3 months old, i.e. don't just create account & sign up.

I'll update the thread when more information arrives. Also note that Tycn is also organising a meetup on Thur 22 Nov at Pizza Autentico in Surry Hills. I will also try to get to that event.

Note: If you have changed your mind and cannot make it anymore, please click on "Revoke" to revoke your vote so other people can have a chance.

Other meetups: Sydney Northshore #1 | Sydney Northshore #2 28/11 5PM Chatswood | Sydney West 17/11 12:30PM Parramatta | Sydney CBD #1 22/11 6:30PM Surry Hills | Sydney CBD #2 29/11 6PM Sydney | Melbourne 29/11 5:30PM Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth

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  • 40
    Yes I am going

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  • +3 votes

    ShopBack has confirmed with me the venue for the Sydney CBD meetup event:

    Spawn Point Bar at 199 Clarence Street, Sydney

    Not sure about Mortal Combat and SEGA Classic, but there will be Street Fighter and some classic Nintendo. There will also be a Mario Kart comp.

    • +2 votes

      I was just there last night playing Street Fighter. They have a couple of SNES Minis, PS4s, Wii Us and an N64. They also have Guitar Hero.

      It's quite a cosy venue with 2 booths and room for 3 tables and 3 bar tables. 40 of us plus their attendees will pack it! Dress for a mosh pit.

      They have a Sega emulator on a PS4 but no Mortal Kombat I or II. I last checked months ago and their Golden Eye cartridge was broken. They also used to have a couple of arcade cabinets.

      I'll head in next week and ask about the above games. Anyone have any specific requests?

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