[OzBargain 12th Birthday] Sydney North Shore Meetup

Hi All,

Further to Scotty's post, we are looking for someone to organise the Sydney North Shore meetup. I can step in if you need assistance or there are no takers. The details of last year's meetup can be found here. Can you please provide your expression of interest and preferences in your comment below:

  • Interest in attending or not. Also let us know if you can or might be able to organise the meetup
  • Date in November - the actual OZB birthday is on a Tuesday, which is good for a restaurant meetup as Tuesdays are not busy. Weekends might be best for meetups in the park, etc.
  • Location in the North Shore.
  • Lunch, dinner or all day, and approximate times.
  • Venue.

PS: The technology retailers that attended the Sydney North Shore meetup last year, can you please allocate a couple of door prizes for this year (it might help you broaden your customer base).



    Do we have a site in Melbourne yet? I would be interested to go.


    There are lots of OzBargainers, restaurants and a train station at Chatswood.


    After the 14th November and I'll do the best I can to make it. Any time of day except Monday and Friday when evenings only


    How about Tuesday November 6?

    I might be able to help organise. I think Chatswood is a great location with plenty of restaurants and pretty easy to get to via public transport or car. I will be away from Nov 10 for the rest of the month.


      Tuesday November 6 might be difficult because it's Melbourne Cup Day. But if there are no better suggestions, we can aim for early November.

      I agree with SMcD and your comments re Chatswood and why the last one was held in Chatswood :).

      We're open to other suggestions as well.


        Being totally uninterested in horse racing I had forgotten about the MC. I was just trying to suggest a Tuesday as per your comment. How about Monday 5 or Thursday 8?

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