Best Detergent for Expensive Wool / Cashmere Clothing?

Is there an absolute best detergent to use for expensive fragile clothing? (I'll be handwashing). I've bought sensitive stuff from the supermarket before but have still had clothes shrink :(


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  • You can try something like Kin Kins wool wash, usually available at larger health food stores.

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    Wool wash detergent and make sure you buy a proper wool cloths airier to dry it on and not in direct sunlight.

    Make sure you know what you are doing if you hand wash it as you can still ruin wool or cashmere or alpaca clothing.

    Wool or cashmere or alpacha will shrink if you use too hot of a temperature and it does not matter if you use detergent or not.

    If the cloths have shrunk then put them in how water that it just hot enough that you cannot lave your hand it it without burning and then after a few minutes stretch the clothing and once the right size put it in cold water. It worked for me about 1/3 of the time.

    My wool/cashmere/alpaca was hand knitted and not machine knitted and varied between 6 and 12 ply.

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    Honestly, I use Omo gold powder on our wool and cashmere clothes and scarves (including hand made yak wool) and never had an issue.

    I put them in a bag, Use cold water, a very small amount of detergent and fortunately my washing machine has a very gentle, gentle cycle (I put my New Era hats in the machine and they’ve never lost their shape). Then dry flat in the shade

    No I issues whatsoever with washing it this way

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    Follow the instructions on the label. Whatever you do, keep it away from direct heat like in the dyer. I learnt the hard way and ended up with kid's size clothing afterwards. lol

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