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Currently running a CUCKOO CR-0632 (Pink) with ST25 rice. Pretty happy with this build but wondering how I could improve it. Thoughts?


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  • Slow news day huh…

  • Username checks out…

  • So you can post comments for 2.5years and still end up with an L plate for posting eh, interesting.

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      It’s because they don’t post deals or forum topics.

  • I use a saucepan

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    Cook the rice in chicken stock.

    • Good idea for something to mix it up. I thought chicken rice was usually cooked in a wok though?

      • We've added all sorts of things when cooking rice. Stock enhances the flavour of the rice. Also leftovers, but oily foods makes the bowl harder to wash. You can towards the end of the cooking cycle if you want to reheat / steam food.

  • What did you actually build?

  • Jasmine rice sounds like a better match for that cooker.

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      I think it’s very similar but I am enjoying ST25 more.

  • Our rice cooker started to fall apart after 15+ years (plastic parts started to crumble). Our new rice cooker also has settings for different types of rice and methods for cooking rice (eg, porridge, crispy base). Not sure if your build allows for these features. But adds more variety.

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