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Free Dog and Cat Food Samples - Marketing Opt-in Required @ Black Hawk


Black Hawk is offering samples of their dry food for kittens, cats, puppies & dogs.

They have a lot of protein variations; with grains and grain free; and more recently a "healthy benefits" range for dogs that target specific needs. I can also see that if you select puppies or dogs, you'll also have the option to get a jerky treat sample!

From their website: Everything we do at Black Hawk is about naturally nourishing your pets from the inside out. There is a nutritional purpose behind every ingredient used in our recipes. It’s why you’ll never find wheat, corn, soy, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours in any of our products.

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    Thanks OP see if this works again - nibblies sorted.

  • Need to be per pet, not per household lol Thanks

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    I know we're doing it tough but I will never stoop to getting a food sample of dogs and cats

  • nice deal op :)

  • Thanks. I wonder do they send a larger pack if you have selected a large breed sample? Or just chuckier pieces.

    • I'd think they'll just be chunkier pieces ^^;

  • +12

    Dinner sorted

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    For some reason I read this as free dog and cat samples 🤯

  • -3

    Free dog laxatives, great

    • Are you confusing Blackhawk with PAL, mate?

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        Started my dog on it, following the instructions to change over feed, and he shit liquid for a week. Same happened to a friends 5 dogs, their friends dogs and many other peoples dogs as noted in various forums and the Black Hawk Facebook page.

        They changed the recipe, denied it, and wouldn’t honour the palatability guarantee printed on the packet - (profanity) Black Hawk

        • I am sorry to hear about your dog and your friend's dogs and that they wouldn't honour the palatability guarantee. :(

  • black hawk is good.
    my dog had it last month, he has into the wild this month

  • Thanks OP.
    My Boost Mobile number and my Gmail account opened specifically for spam/marketing emails work well with these type of offers :)

  • +1

    Thanks, cheap lunches for the kids sorted.

    • +2

      Just to confirm, you're referring to your fur-kids yeah?

      • +1

        Yeah mate…

  • -1

    No thanks for my dog.
    Don’t want my dog seeing vet because of this band

  • Our dog has BH as a mix for kibble (i.e not 100%). No problems or stomach issues. Very odd comments, i wonder if shills are involved.

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