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$9.95 Wicked Double Deal, $15 Colonel's Chicken 'n Chips, $12.95 20 Nuggets & Chips, and more @ KFC (Online & Pickup Only)


Each fortnight KFC will offer online/app accounts one of about half a dozen different deals for the week. I figured it would be best to consolidate them all into one deal instead of having a few posts of different offers.

You need to have email marketing turned on in account settings to get offered one of the deals. You also need to have a store selected that is currently open.

Deal Description
$4 2 Original Pepper Mayo Sliders 2 Original Pepper Mayo Sliders
$7.95 Zinger Pop Combo Zinger® Burger, 1 Regular Chips, 1 Regular Popcorn Chicken® and 1 Regular Drink.
$8 10 Nugget Combo Nuggets and Dipping Sauces with 1 Regular Chips and 1 Regular Drink.
$9.95 Wicked Double Deal 10 Wicked Wings with 2 Regular Chips.
$10 30 Nuggets 30 Nuggets
$12.95 20 Nuggets & Regular Chips 20 Nuggets, 2 Regular Chips and 2 Dipping Sauces
$15 Colonel's Chicken 'n Chips 10 pieces Original Recipe Chicken & 2 Regular Chips.

I'll try to add other deals people got this week to the table if people want to mention them in the comments.

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  • +2

    I guess this is a deal considering 10 Wicked Wings just shot up to $14.15. That's gotta be at least 4 price increases for Wicked Wings over the last year. I'm getting pretty annoyed and I don't even eat them that often. When will this bs stop.

    • +4

      When the US dollar stops going up and AUD becomes a bit less than worthless. Then we can stop currency imported inflation

      • Sighhhhh

      • Good time to sell your US shares!

      • +1

        When did KFC start buying chicken from the USA?

        • +3

          Yes, I understand economics … just having a laugh.

    • -5

      Rather than looking for expensive unhealthy food, try healthy inexpensive food. You won't have to complain and you'll lose weight. There, solved.

      • Try not being an overopinionated douchebag.

        There, SoLVeD.

        • -4

          I gave you a legitimate solution. Look at your bank account and yourself in the mirror, I'm not the one with the problem to be solved.

          • @R00D: You’re not even a good troll.

  • +4

    I've got 10 pieces chicken and 2 regular chips for $15. I have not eaten there in months as too expensive now and haven't had any good offers but I might get this one.

    • +2

      Looking like these might be the same set of deals as 2 weeks ago then.

  • +4

    20 nuggs, 2 regular chips $12.95 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • +2

    I have $7.95 zinger pop combo

  • Colonels Chicken and Chips is nice but didnt get it ;(

  • +1

    $4 for 2 pepper mayo sliders.. I mean they are $3.75 each but getting $2.95 large chips with this = $6.95 which is an everyday deal with reg chips :/

    Not sure getting a free upsize chips is that great a deal lol

    • This slider is worth $1

    • My offer is 2 sliders and regular chips for $7…

      • Are you sure that's not the every day online deal? Targeted deals say "KFC for you"

  • $15 chicken and chips for me. Solid deal with employee discount

    • +12

      username doesn't check out.

      Or are you a spy?

      • +2

        Gotta guard the Colonel's secrets

    • Other than the $15 chicken & chips (I'll only buy it from the city stores that sell hot n spicy), I still prefer the BOGOF burger deal to be better than the above in terms of value.

      • How do you order via the app but get the hot and spicy version at such stores?

        • +1

          There's an option if you have H&S available in store, shows up like this

          Participating stores are somewhere on here if you search but this was Artarmon

  • +1

    @Karmond - pls also add $8 for 10 nugget combo (meal) as well to the table.

    • Is the expiry on that one also for the 30th? Trying to work out of that's part of the same deals or not or some other 'regular menu item for a discounted price' type special offer.

      • +1

        yep same 30th. I got as part of my couple of KFC accounts. Does have the "KFC for you" banner.

    • On it.

  • +1

    30 nuggets $10 … sauce apparently not included.

    • +2

      You could try you luck asking for sauce when you get it. I've had that offer a few months back and managed to get them to give me 3 sauces from the drive through.

  • @Karmond
    Have the 30 nuggs on 2 accnts, neither are new accnts and both also have $6 off a $20 spend, listed as KFC for you and have expiry of the 30th.

  • Bah I don't even like wicked wings. I want hot rods

  • On my accounts i got:
    3x Colonel's Chicken and Chips
    2x Wicked Double Deal

    • How do I get this mate's rates?

      • What's that big blue thing next to the username say lol

        • I wonder though if KFC really registers each employee's mobile or email to load the promo onto their account or there's some other means for them to avail the discount on their app.

          • @nsingh21: It's probably tied to their employee code (or similar) tbh, emails and mobiles can change

          • +1

            @nsingh21: From the email I received from them, it sounded like it was loaded up via the email address used in the application.

            • @Quarter Pounder: Thanks for clarifying QP. Does sound reasonable - knowing that previous versions of the app allowed you to have the same mobile linked to multiple accounts.

  • crap can't swap out the chips, it would be either coleslaw or potato and gravy

  • $15 ten piece and chips seems the best maybe 30 nuggets for $10 ….what are KFC nuggests like….can't be as bad Hungrey jacks…..McDonalds is the best I think almost like tempurs batter bit heavier.


    • Whenever I get nuggets from KFC, they're always soggy. Personally I don't think the flavour is bad.

    • +3

      I like the KFC nuggets the best. They actual have a taste of their own. Yes, they aren't crispy, but that also means you can heat them in the microwave and they are as good as new.

      Macca's nuggets are crispy, but tasteless. You really need a sauce to get them down.

      HJ nuggets are way, way worse then the cheapest crap you can buy at the supermarket.

      • HJ Nuggets are by far the worst I agree, even when they are have an amazing deal on them I won't buy them. Even the sauce can't save them!

  • Interesting that they've changed the cadence to fortnightly instead of weekly.

  • Wtf i didnt get any of the deals.

    • Do you have a store selected that is currently open for business?

      • I checked at like 2am, now its showing i have the wicked wings deal, so i did get something.

        Ideally wanted the colonels deal though

  • plus for formattin

  • Weird got none of these deals, even tho store was open. Last time round got the 7.95 pop combo but nothing now

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