Select T-Shirts (Assorted Music, Movies, Cartoon, Comic Book) $4.98/$5 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Some sizes are unavailable, but generally stock is available,
so check stocks at the various JB-HiFi stores.

AC/DC - PWR/UP Logo Yellow T-Shirt
Batman - In The Shadow T-Shirt
Batman - Silhouette T-Shirt
Birds, The T-Shirt
Black Widow - Red Guardian T-Shirt
Blur - Navy T-Shirt
Captain Carter - Flag Logo T-Shirt
Cardi B - T-Shirt
Die-Hard - Christmas T-Shirt (Small)
Eternals - Group T-Shirt
IT - IT Comes Back T-Shirt
Marvel - S.W.O.R.D Logo T-Shirt (XL)
Marvel - The Invincible Iron Man T-Shirt (Medium)
Shang-Chi - Pose T-Shirt
Space Jam: A New Legacy - Blue Logo T-Shirt (Medium)
Spider-Man - Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man T-Shirt (XXL)
The Exorcist - Poster T-Shirt (Small)
The Simpsons - Family Group T-Shirt (Large)
Wham - Album T-Shirt

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  • +10

    lol, a WHAM t-shirt. all sizes available, plenty of stock. have they been sitting in the store for the last 40 years?

    • +35

      Just waiting for it's time to go-go

      • +5


        • +10

          These would have come in handy last Christmas.

      • +2

        but @mtg will need to wake you up before

  • +1

    These T-shirts are great quality, I got The Birds one several months ago.

    • +6

      I got the birds one

      What size did you get for it to fit the birds?

      • I'm normally between size M and L, with this T-shirt the size M fitted me perfectly.

        • Damn, was the bird a penguin or something?

        • -1

          *** Woosh ***

    • +3

      Hmm, I'm not sure if they're all the same, because I bought the ACDC Power Up one last time round and the quality is terrible, not soft at all, in fact one of the worst shirts I own.

  • Are these cotton or polyester? Website doesn’t specify

    • The one I got was cotton. Says on the label that warm machine wash is fine.

  • +5

    Added 2 t-shirts and I get an error "The basket is not available for click and collect"

    • +9

      "The basket is not available for click and collect"

      What about the shirts?

    • It puts the lotion in the basket and it gets a balloon

    • Same.
      The basket is not available for click and collect
      I can't do delivery NOR C&C. It always happens for me.

  • bought some plain tees from bigw for 4.50 a pop and now i realize that was a mistake. i should've waited for this all along

  • All the shirts I actually want they can’t deliver damm

    • +3

      That would certainly make me shirty

      • +3

        You bet you are, you bet I am .

      • +1

        Like a slightly aggressive bear.

  • I have five of these t-shirts from previous buys :)

    • What's the quality like on them? Tempted by a couple not currently on sale

      • +1

        @botlfed They have regular sales and clearance on the t-shirts if you are not in a hurry. Have bought several on sale and happy with the quality. Most were cotton and a few cotton/polyester blend. The sizing can vary, some were bigger in the same size.

        P.S. ACDC Power Up shirt is terrible quality according to

      • +2

        Pretty good. I actually have a few others too (not on list) via the Perks offers.

        Different branded/manufacturers depending if it a comic/music/movie theme. The musical artist/band t-shirts are mostly "Gildan" and labelled as 100% cotton. They feel light and comfy to wear.

        I bought XL in all, a bit of variation depending on which theme it was. The BLUR t-shirt fitted bigger than an XL. The rest were good fits.

  • +1

    These shirts are never in stock when mentioned here. I guess you guys are too quick
    Does anyone have any tricks for monitoring when they go on clearance?

    • any tricks

      check OzB frequently ?

      • Have to rely on someones goodwill then, I'll have to come up with some automation :)

        • +1

          We need to automate goodwill in humans then ;-)

  • +1

    No stock in 200km lol

  • +1

    @botlfed @cdscjy Here are the t-shirts (small) we bought a few months ago from OP's list. Some have reduced further in price:

    Batman Silhouette: Licensing Essentials brand
    52% cotton/48% polyester
    Slim fit

    Marvel S.W.O.R.D: Licensing Essentials brand 100% cotton
    Largest fit

    Shang-Chi: Gildan brand 100% cotton
    Smallest fit and a bit shorter than the other t-shirts
    Go one size up or more if you are tall or bulkier

    Wham: Licensing Essentials brand
    Cotton (no % on label)
    Regular fit

    (Our fave shirts are Batman and Shang-Chi)

  • +1

    All my friends and family will be getting a Tshirt for the christmas.

    • What about some FiGPiNS ? :-P

      • +1

        Oh wow, nice find. Now they will be getting a Tshirt and Figpin combo for a gift.

  • Some sizes are available, but delivery and cc options unavailable in st george areas.

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