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[iOS, Android] Prize Blitz Event: Free Prizes Including Free Giftcards & More (Daily, until 23/11/2023) @ Snackback App


Snackback posted this to confirm there will be new deals like the ones we have seen in the past few days until the 23rd Of November. Maximum one (1) entry per use per day & maximum seven (7) rewards per user in total.

The post included and highlighted Giftcards deals which are bound to come in the near future like JB-Hi-Fi, Coles, Bunnings Warehouse, David Jones, Woolworths, The Good Guys, Apple Giftcard & more.

Terms & Conditions: AU 18+ Only. Full T&Cs at www.snackback.com.au/terms apply. Starts 8:00am (AEST) 27/10/23 - Ends 11:59pm (Sydney time) 23/11/23 2023 (Period). Enter via the Snackback App (must be a registered user to enter). Limited number of prizes available each day from 8:00am while stocks last or until 11:59pm the same day (whichever occurs first). Up to 23,200 rewards total during the Period (See full T&Cs for details). Max one (1) entry p/user, p/day & max seven (7) rewards p/user in total.

Good luck guys for the next upcoming deals coming!

Note: Please use Swap Megathread for requests for gift card/prize swaps!

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  • +2

    Max of 7 rewards per user total. Hmmm now to choose the next few wisely.

    • -1

      How to know?! T&C's has nothing

    • Might avoid $5 ones then

      • +32

        Yeah wait for the free iphone one

      • +1

        Most are $5. Options like $20 Apple may only have 1/4 of quota of the $5s, which means harder to snap it.

    • People already claimed two different ones yesterday. I doubt the T&Cs is strict as it says "Max one (1) entry p/user, p/day".

  • How much you earned from this so far in the last few days? I'm tempting :|

    • +1

      There is "my activity" to show how much you've claimed.

  • -1

    Time to make some boost accounts. Hunger games at 8am every day now.

    • Got a script to fill details as well?

      • what details? just email and mobile. the other details are optional. can skip

        • Name fields not required? For the card gift site?

          • @Sheng: yeh ok name email and mobile thats it.

      • NOX is a suss program, and instantly bricked our PC, causing blue screen and failure to reboot. Plenty of other reports of this on forums, including being exposed for bundled malware and spyware.

      • +2

        Per identity. You can identify as a man, woman, gender neutral, gender fluid, unspecified, prefer not to mention, and many more.

        • +5

          Per name. You declare it before you activate a new one.

          Postpaid is fine

      • +2

        what law is that? its a myth

        • -7

          I read it somewhere.
          Also some prepaid providers have a decleration on signup that you dont have 5 active prepaid sim cards

          • +11

            @easternculture: nah the law is for telco to ask for more ID if they sell you beyond 5 prepaid sim services.

            the user can have as many as they want as long as they meet the ID requirements of the telco.

      • +4

        I did think that too for a decade until boost deal. I had a check on google, and find out that was just a myth. Telco might ask you for more details if, but nowhere there are law concerning how many you can get.

    • The hard part is swapping between the sims

  • Dang that means we've already used some of the 7 rewards

  • Anyone else had their account deactivated? I've been unable to login and I need to contact support for it to be reinstated apparently.
    Pretty sure it's due to inactivity.

  • I can’t see this promotion on the app yet (latest version)

  • -1

    Thanks, will get more accounts ready.

    • -2

      By the time you redeem 2 , they will be all gone now everyone on ozb knows

      • Google account login speeds the process up alot…

        • Still , doubt you will claim more than 2 to 3 though. Its gonna be like a lottery, gone in 2 min.

          Unless you have multiple devices to claim together.

          • @easternculture: Did you forget how much we made from Tiktok. Spare devices for days.

            • +3

              @Sheng: Yep remember. Made close to 1k from that and now i have 3 ipads, 5 android phones, 2 iphones plus my samsung s23U which i can have 2 instances using secure folder .

              All which has paid their costs a few fold and are making me $50+ passive money each month from some apps (nielsen… etc)

          • @easternculture: Thanks, reminded me to setup secure folder and will download snackback on my mac.

        • thank you

    • Same!

  • good deal

  • +6

    Man I wish Western Australia existed after 5am…

  • +2

    Thanks OP.

    Looks like random time and random number of drops each day.

  • +2

    im pissed i missed out on the apple gift card. $20 was a lot compared to the usual $5 they gave out

    • +3

      $20 doesn't go far at Apple……

      • +5

        Apple fanboy happy to pay 4x the equivalent for android

        e.g. Android usbc cable = $5, Apple usbc cable = $20 , True story

      • +1

        for me i'm looking to get some paid apps for my ipad and i rather not spend actual money on those things

      • Can use at App Store right….

    • yeah they probably had way less of those

  • -1

    How to set app to send notification for the free gift cards? Just easier so we don't all miss out

  • +4

    The motivation I got from this made me wanna stick to a solid early bedtime and waking up routine lol.

  • The keyword is 8 am

  • What is everyone using for expiration date?

  • +3

    No reward?

    That said, the others haven't appeared at a particular time, have they?

  • +4

    I can't see anything?

  • +2

    9AM for NSW and other states that use daylight savings (AEST not AEST)

    • +1

      That wouldn't fit? Yesterday's was posted at 8:05am Sydney time.

    • There was a midnight apple GC

  • Nothing yet. The pepsi gods are watching us.

  • I set notifications for last promo but they didn't appear

  • +2

    They are in all likelihood dropped at random times of day. Apart from yesterday's deal, they appeared much later in day for the earlier deals based on posting times on OzB

    • Look at our click rates!

  • Where does it appear on the app? There’s no refresh or anything :D

    • I also can’t see anything anywhere to indicate a promo…
      The game/win tab has ‘scan a Pepsi’ and ‘scan your chips’, and the rewards tab is empty.

      Do we need to make a purchase first to register for prizes?

      • I would also like to know how I can claim the rewards or where I can see them appear

  • Looks like I didn't miss it yet

    • You missed a midnight apple GC

      • +1

        What! Midnight!

  • +5

    I have one on my activity list says 8 hours ago an apple gift card claim it now, expired. Whereas yesterday good guys 23hours ago claimed. Hmm….

    • +2

      Yeh they had an apple voucher at midnight it seems. Sneaky

      • +1

        So what I gather from your comments, today's reward has already been released and now need to wait for tomorrow's reward?

        I am pumped to sit around refreshing constantly for rewards to drop at random times of the day until 23rd. I have nothing better to do, more so up against this.

        • Anyone claim the midnight $20 Apple GC?

    • Thanks mooreshady, was starting to think the offers weren't dropping in my app. They were, I just missed them.

    • +1

      Yeah likewise an expired Apple voucher from 9 hours ago.

  • Limited number of prizes available each day from 8:00am while stocks last or until 11:59pm the same day (whichever occurs first) <<< So they just messed up?

  • +5

    Well they should leave the 'expired or claimed' logo there until the new one arrives, rather than 'nothing in rewards'..

  • Hope they drop it during the day rather than midnight

  • +2

    I checked the app at midnight, just in case, the offer didn’t come up

    • +2

      Same. No offer at midnight AEDT when I checked. I've missed all the offers

  • +2


    • +1


      • +3

        Might regret it but I'll pass on this one in favour of better ones in the future.

        • +1

          I don't even have a hoyts in my state

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