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Lenovo Legion Slim 5 14" (AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS, 14.5" 2.8k OLED, RTX 4060 8GB, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) $1,899 Delivered @ Lenovo


Cheaper than the previous deals (excluding Education store), cheap upgrades to SSD and RAM as well.

Might want to wait for Cashrewards though

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    $69 RAM upgrade to 32GB is a good idea as it's soldered.

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      Showing as +$300 for me

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        It was $69, guess it's over.

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        I spoke to their sales team and they have reverted the price back to $69 + $49.
        You're welcome 🤗

        • Legend.

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          You are amazing

          Thank U 🤗


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          You had more success than I did! I asked for the same thing and they said "this is the cheapest price available".

          So nice work, thanks for that!

          • @APD2022: Maybe after a few of us complaining they relented… It all helps when the people speak up together, and they got a few more sales they would possibly have missed so we all win

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      idk i have one of these and it runs games

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        I also just checked and the laptop I've been gaming on all weekend appears to also be missing this vital ethernet port! Guess I'll stop playing games

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        Hes speaking about latency for online gaming. But wifi has come a long way.

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      these days if you're at home gaming on a wired connection, you're probably hooked up to a USB-C dock which will have ethernet built in. I'd much prefer to be docking my PC to one connection (maybe 2 if you want to do monitor directly from the laptop), rather than ethernet and all the sundry.

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      Wifi has improved a little since 2005

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      Pretty sure you can just buy a USB hub with ethernet support, no idea of it's overhead though.

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    Oh come on, its too early for Black Friday sales.

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      Never too early for Black Friday sales

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      Every friday should have Black Friday sales

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        Black friday sales are supposed to be super cracking deals. If you keep trundling out "black friday sale" and it isnt a cracking deal, then we have the situation where stores always have advertising that they are in the midst of some special sale.

        Just loses its oomph.

        • Kinda like eBay sales

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      Sales are coming earlier and earlier. Soon they'll be in last years deals lol.

      There are also more sales events - which is a bit concerning since capitalism expects greater profits year on year. I wouldn't want to be round for the great reset. Whatever u wanna call it, inflation/recession/etc will (profanity) things up. I'd prefer the status quo to stick round.

      • -2

        2024 black friday sale starts next week

        • I'm all saled out!

    • some shops have had their Christmas trees put up end of September and no one says a thing

      yet this is too early for black friday sales? please explain 😁

      • Not a fan of that either

  • Legion Pro 7i (4080) is $140 cheaper than the last deal. Now we need 20% cashrewards.

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      My spidey senses thinks that will happen !

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    Come on 15% cashback…..

    • 14%

  • I wonder how good this is at dissipating all that heat in a 14" chasis.

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      It's good from reviews. But built quality is not as good as 7 series.

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    32GB RAM ($69), 1TB SSD ($49), 3 year onsite warranty ($99 +$26 for battery warranty), look like good upgrade options to me.

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      Unfortunately they've removed the discount from the options now :/

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        I spoke to their sales team and they have reverted the price back to $69 + $49.
        You're welcome 🤗

        • Now that the higher cashback has ended they've dropped it back I think. Thanks though… Hopefully a better cashback comes before they jack the price.

          I've ordered it with the upgrades but the 14% cashback. Lower price plus the cashback would be better!

          • +2

            @shankur: Lower price and cashback was possible for a few hours late yesterday. They dropped the prices during the cashback window, I ordered one during it

            • @cook99: That's what I get for sleeping.

              Hopefully the price guarantee works. And the cash rewards tracks…

    • This is what I got, pretty good value for peace of mind

  • -1

    Really wished they gave touchscreen as an option.

    • I too am looking for a touchscreen laptop.

    • -1

      I think the issue with touch screen laptops I’ve had is that it
      a) will draw more power and drain the battery faster
      b) you have a beautiful OLED display and you’re going to be getting your finger prints all over it (you’ll be constantly cleaning it)
      c) touch screen laptop can be notoriously buggy and stat to ghost touch and eventually means you have to disable in bios.(have had this occur on 3/4 of the touch screen laptops I’ve owned and I worked a company that used dell touch screen 14” laptops, the issue was so far spread that the tech desk ended up going through and disabling everyone’s touch screen to stop the issues they were causing)

  • Do you guys know if just switching off all adblock extensions on browser good enough to track cashrewards? Or I still need to clear all cookies & cache too?

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    Dumb question but can these types of laptops charge with USB C? I understand they have a proprietary/barrel charger to provide the power required for the GPU when gaming, but it would be good to use USB C either when it's off as a fall back or preferably if just doing basic work/Web browsing if the GPU is not being used much/at all (is that a thing?)

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      I bought this laptop in the last deal. It hasn't arrived yet, so take my answer with a grain of salt, but:

      • The website says it can be charged via USB-C (up to 170W, but I think you need their usb-c charger)
      • My G14 can charge via USB-C. Provided I don't do anything taxing my 60W charger has been sufficient
      • So I'm pretty confident you'll be able to use USB-C to power office tasks

      (I think I saw a youtube review that said this, but I couldn't find it).

      I would offer to check back when mine arrives. But shipping has been slow, so I don't think this will be all that helpful.

        • +1

          Yeah, this wasn't the video, but I think it supports the TLDR answer of "Yes" (?)

      • +1

        Thanks mate, do you have any idea if most laptops like this would take it or is it an "edge feature"? I'm keen to get something with even a weak GPU for a bit more power, but as dumb as it is, no USB C charging is a showstopper, it's just so convenient.

        • +1

          I think USB-C charging is increasingly common. But, you're best to check - it's usually an advertised feature

          I'm in the same boat as you and prefer the option of USB-C charging. So, I've purchased this laptop under the assumption I'll be able to use it with a USB-C charger for basic tasks (web-browsing etc).

          I can report back if you'd like too, but I suspect this particular sale will be over by the time it arrives ;)

        • +2

          By design, more and more laptops are offering PD over USB-C / Thunderbolt charging.
          Some work on the basic 65w charge, others (like this one) require High Power Delivery so you'd need 140w or more.
          You'd want to get a charger that actually provides 140w, something official from Lenovo or some other brand, as off market ones don't provide the consistent 140w charge
          eg: https://youtu.be/ubdhf0HNVDE?si=l4hPUrxynY-1vrJv&t=201

          CTRL F for 140w on this page as well:

        • +1

          Oh, and I believe the Ryzen processor used in this laptop has a decent iGPU. So, even if you're powering the laptop with USB-C the integrated graphics will likely be enough for playing games with low-resource requirements.

      • Checked the website, can't see if it has PD 3.0 or 3.1. Safe to say this is prob 3.0 so up to 100W. my G15 can do 100w with a GAN charger.

    • they can charge in general use but not during gaming

      • This is essentially the answer. It only took me ten posts to get to it 😂

  • Not included in the 14.4% current shopback offer. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Oh, dumb question, how can you tell?

    • 14% Cash Rewards today

  • Should I HODL for CyberMonday / BlackFriday?!

  • Ignoring the form factor is Legion Go Extreme a more powerful gaming machine?

  • For anyone that didn't get this price, I believe Lenovo has a price protection guarantee(link - see 'Price protection'). Allows you to claim the difference if you've purchased it at a higher price in the last 30 days.

    I doubt this would include cash rewards etc tho.

    • +1

      Thanks heaps! Lobbed in a price protection claim (it's 7 days in Australia t&cs) for the lower price including the mods now on the site.

      Hopefully works well.

      • No problems.

        They processed mine pretty quickly after I made the request via email.

        I've been considering adding the premium warranty so it will probably net out for Lenovo anyway.

        My standard line is that extended warranties etc are a scam, but I did see comments on past Lenovo deals that others have found it handy / convenient.

        • +1

          I'm wondering if the price protection refund may void the cashback?

          • Items that are cancelled, returned, exchanged or refunded.

          • Purchases using any type of discount which lowers price advertised on the Merchant site, including but not limited to student edu codes, employee discounts, student discounts and price-matching.

          • @cook99: Maybe.

            I didn't get the cashback, so just made a claim based on the different prices advertised on Lenovo's website.

            I don't think differences in price from cashback count, but you might be right that claiming the price difference will void it.

            • +1

              @G-Dawg: Yeah I could technically try to go for $100 price protection on my slim 7, but would risk losing almost $400 cashback… Think I'll leave well enough alone haha

  • +3

    Received my laptop this week. It took two weeks to arrive from the date I ordered it.

    It's a great device. Less bulky than I'd expected and well built.

    Looks much less gamery than the g14 I had before 👌

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    Just pulled the trigger on this as have been looking for a while now for something compact that packs a punch: went for the following upgrades:
    -32GB ram and 1TB $2,018
    3YR Premium Care with Onsite upgrade $219.00
    3YR Sealed Battery Add On $26.00
    3Y Lenovo Smart Performance $81.51
    Saved $1227
    Best deal out there compared to other 14”

    • +1

      Early days, but I think it's a great deal.

      I regret not buying the extended warranty when I first purchased it. I contacted Lenovo before it arrived to try and add it to my order, but they refused to offer the extended warranty at the same price.

      • +2

        It sounds ridiculous but as they have to build it and can see I’ve paid for the 3YR warranty, one can hope that they take extra care to get it right the first time. I’ve always been Dell but they’ve changed since the last laptop I got from them so need to find a new brand

        • +1

          Yeah, I totally get your logic.

          Based on my interactions with them I'm skeptical they're this organized. But, this would be a good reason to refuse access to a discount for the warranty after the unit is shipped; as maybe they have reason to anticipate a higher rate of failure for particular devices 😬.

          Doubt they're this organized tho.

        • +1

          I caved and purchased an extended warranty.

          It was a little over $100 more expensive than the price offered when purchasing the laptop. In the end I figured it's still worthwhile if it makes returns easier.

          I'm not much of a negotiator, so YRMV: but, probably better to just purchase the warranty upfront if you need one (unlike me).

          • +1

            @G-Dawg: It’s insurance, can’t put a price on feeling more secure!

            • @Gotthewrongnumber: Yeah, that's more or less why I bit the bullet. If it saves a couple of hours of hassle it'll be worth it.

              Now I have more time to obsess over the myriad of security issues with Lenovo I read about when researching the laptop 😂

              But, in all seriousness, it seems like a great device and I'd prefer to have it last a couple of years.

  • +1

    Cashrewards 16% right now? is this eligible?

    • +1

      yes it is. I am in the same boat, considering this. best deal is to go via LenovoPro (also eligible for cashback)

      • +1

        What's the price via Lenovo Pro?

    • Looks like cashrewards is no longer offering this cash back (reverted to a couple of percent).

      • FYI there's a 10% off offer receivable by signing up to their newsletter - the 10% may compensate for buying during a non-promotional cashrewards period, and has the advantage of being removed from the purchase price immediately (rather than waiting x months after the fact).

  • There’s an error on Lenovo’s website causing the code to be rejected:

    We're sorry, eCoupon BFEXTENDED is not valid or may be expired. eCoupons are case sensitive. Please check your code and try again.

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