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33% off Proton Mail 1-Year Subscription: MailPlus US$39.96, Proton Unlimited US$104.28, Proton Family US$239.88 @ Proton


Protonmail have 33% off their 12 Month plans.
Their sale ends on December 4 at 10:00 AM UTC+1.

Protonmail Mail Plus

  • $3.33USD per month (charged 12 months)
  • 15GB Storage
  • 1 User
  • Proton Mail
  • Proton Calendar

Proton Unlimited

  • $8.69USD per month (charged 12 months)
  • 500GB Storage
  • 1 User
  • Proton Mail
  • Proton Calendar
  • Proton Drive
  • Proton VPN
  • Proton Pass
  • SimpleLogin Premium Access (Normally $30USD a year) - https://simplelogin.io/

Proton Family

  • $19.99USD per month (charged 12 months)
  • 3TB Storage
  • 6 users
  • Proton Mail
  • Proton Calendar
  • Proton Drive
  • Proton VPN
  • Proton Pass
  • SimpleLogin Premium Access (Normally $30USD a year) - https://simplelogin.io/
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • -3

    why do you need protonmail for?

    I remember one particular retailer we worked with, everytime they got a user with a protonmail address, they automatically refunded the order/cancelled it suspecting fraud.

    • Its what the big boys use to stay anonymous.

    • +9

      Protonmail is a E2EE email provider.
      So your email is encrypted at rest and in transit (to other E2EE email providers).

      The 3 big reasons you would use it are:

      1. Mitigating the risk from your data being leaked in a hack and sold on the dark web. There is precedent with this with the Optus, Latitude Finance and Medibank hacks. No reason why it couldn't happen with your email provider (which is likely also you cloud storage provider too).

      2. People not wanting their email's tracked. Protonmail strips all the tracking stuff off the emails.

      3. People not wanting their emails read at rest. Companies like Microsoft and Google will read your emails to create a profile about you. Along with other indexing purposes.

      4. People not wanting their governments (or foreign governments) having access to their emails. You will be surprised what the Australian government can legally get access to.

      • Bugger! Recently moved to Microsoft paid email as part of my corporate's IT decision making.

    • +16

      Ahahah. That retailer is run by morons.

      • +1

        Most are. This is why Amazon dominates.

    • Other popular providers data mine from your email, and self hosting email is a practice of self harm, lol.

      Proton is the best middle ground. Still cloud hosted, but your email is only for you.

      • Apparently Fastmail is another alternative.
        They encrypt your email at rest. So no data mining.

        But they still enable you to use normal email protocols like IMAP/POP.

        • +1


          They sound OK. Aussie owned too, and only $50 a year.
          Better than Protons $79 a year.

          I need to buy a domain name again so I can never 'lose my email address' and then these providers will be ideal, even if they go under.

          • +1

            @MasterScythe: Remember its $50USD a year - which is currently about $78 Australian.

            • @E5TOQUE: Argh you're right.
              I thought being an Australian company it was in AUD, didn't read.

  • +3

    Keep in mind, the regular prices for 12 months are $3.99/month for Mail Plus, and $9.99/month for Unlimited, so it's not actually 33% off (Proton loves pulling this bullcrap, and they're doing it again). If you were going to get 24 months, the regular price for unlimited is still cheaper than this "sale" ($7.99/month).

    • Yeah, I logged into check if this was a deal, and I'm on Proton Unlimited for $7.99 p/m (2 years)

    • +2

      On the ad I got it clearly states 33% off the monthly pricing, not the yearly or two-yearly pricing.

    • +3

      Yeah, I very much hate the deceptive practice when it comes to them doing sales. Every time they are called out on the fact the sales only apply to 12 or 24 month plans yet they use the monthly price to calculate the discount, not the already reduced price for longer renewals. The sales are usually closer to 10% off the standard 12 or 24 month rate, from memory. They aren’t lieing but they’re over selling the discount.

      Like their product but wish they’d be more transparent about how they market sales. Their products good enough to not need to pull this crap.

  • +1

    3TB of storage, not 3GB for family plan.

    • Fixed

  • +2

    Worth noting if you go on the Premium or Family plan you get access to Simplelogin Premium for free (normally $30USD per month).


    • +2

      30USD a year

      • +1

        Sorry yes, $30USD a year.

  • The big other bonus with protonmail: you get protonvpn for free (3 countries only for free version, but one is US: works with Netflix, Plex, Tubee, IMDBTV, PlutoTV and NFL local). Also, no data limit on free vpn and speed is ok….AND it is legit secure and safe. Not sure if sale on for protonvpn too.

  • Thanks OP!
    I have been holding out for Black Friday sales hoping to get a better deal on 24 month plan.

  • +2

    I was on ProtonMail for a year and used it as my primary email. I liked SimpleLogin to create aliases for all my different logins and the UI, but I wasn't happy with how I had to be locked into their apps (encryption is good, but this was too much for my liking). Sure, I could have hacked together solutions with a Docker container with ProtonBridge but instead I decide not to renew and made the switch to FastMail.
    I like FastMail a lot better and it has been a much better experience.

    Overall ProtonMail is good if you want over the top encryption and don't mind using their apps
    FastMail for simple email management solution with custom domain

    • Agree 100% with this.
      Maybe Fastmail will do a Black Friday sale?

      • If not use https://www.fastmail.com/1password/

        Don’t believe they check if you use 1Password. Also think it may work if you sign up for a longer period than 1 year, but can’t quite remember.

    • but fastmail wants to know my phone number, privacy ?

      • +1

        It’s not as private as Protonmail.

        Protonmail takes privacy to an extreme level which has impacts on usability.

        1. You can’t sync your contacts on Protonmail to your mobile phone/table
        2. You are forced to use their apps to view your email and calendar on your phone/tablet
        3. They don’t have tablet apps available on all platforms
        4. To use a 3rd party email client on your PC it requires bridging software
        5. If you ever want to leave Protonmail they make it incredibly difficult to export your emails out due to their encryption.

        Fastmail still encrypts your emails at rest
        Fastmail doesn’t scrap your emails to build a profile about you.

        But they still support normal email protocols which makes it more user friendly.

        • I agree, but in the old days even gmail didn't need to know my phone number, so why fastmail needs it, that's the only showstopper I faced

    • Ive been trying to decide between the two of them myself. I'm just dipping my toes into the power of a custom domain/email adresses. Like the idea of never having to change it, and not having to give out my 'personal' email all the timeI like the idea of encryption, and it would be useful to keep everything all together (rather than bitwarden, fastmail, pia, Dropbox… But maybe that's good)
      Did you end up keeping simple login? Is that possible? Easy enough to migrate out?
      And is it true you can use 'unlimited' domains with fastmail?
      Is it possible to easily migrate out of fastmail?
      Thanks for sharing your experience

      • The migration was actually really simple. In SimpleLogin I was using email addresses like '[email protected]' or '[email protected]', when I moved to FastMail I simply created a MX domain '*.example.com' and any existing email setups fromo SimpleLogin would get filtered through the 'CatchAll' (or any other rules I setup in FastMail) and I still sign up to with new accounts using the @alias.example.com tag.

        I closed my SimpleLogin account with my Proton account.
        There is a supposed softcap of 100 domains, but I think you just contact support to get the limit uncapped. But even if you connect 1000 domains, they would all filter into the single inbox. (unless you start using users, then that's out of my scope of knowledge)
        FastMail appears easy to migrate outof, but I've never done it

        I did have Proton as my one-stop shop for VPN, Password Manager, Email and Cloud Storage, but Protons features lack in every single department, so I went back to Google Drive + Photos, 1Password, existing NordVPN subscription (which will be replaced with PIA at the end of that) and of course Fastmail.

  • I feel a bit jibbed, this isn't applying as a current unlimited yearly member (I got this last year and was hoping to get the same rate), I'm only getting the family upsell or the standard re-subscribe yearly rate. I'll let it run out later in the month and see if it offers me then…

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