Apple Black Friday Offers for New Releases

Calling all wise (not mean) deal aficionados, I need your help planning!

TL;DR I'm hoping to have made a decision before Black Friday on which Macbook I'll purchase, but I know it will likely be one of the newest models. With this in mind, does the Apple Black Friday gift card program always exclude the latest promotions? If so, who will be my best chance of getting the best deal on the newest models (i.e. Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi, etc)?

Added info: I know no one is a psychic but I know we have had a few years now to get a good idea of the trends. Unfortunately I've gone cross-eyed trying to navigate the histories myself and need some outsider assistance. I know cashback upsizes will be out as previously they have excluded any newer models. I also don't want to stock up on promotion gift cards for one retailer, i.e. Apple this week, if newer models are usually excluded during their promotion.

If you have played this game recently, I would love to hear your input. Thank you

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Black Fridays deals just about always exclude any models released in the last 2-3 months prior to the Black Friday (maybe even longer).

    Same with the upsized Cashback offers which you already mentioned.

    The best deal you'll get on the newest models is to wait for a blanket 10% off Apple products offer that JB Hifi often has. However it's hard to guess when they will be, and will only apply to regular models (ie, you'll have to be happy with the standard specs, any RAM/SSD upgrades won't be available with the discount)

    • Thank you, yes i suspected this would be the case (all offers from 3rd parties excluding new releases) but I was wondering about the Apple Black Friday Gift Card event specifically, because if it's not ruled out of that then I think my best offer for the timeline would be discounted gift cards + buying from Apple during the black friday event. I didn't consider about the upgrades though so I guess I will have to factor that in too - does that usually impact the Apple Black Friday Gift Card event?

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        Sorry yes specifically that first line should read:

        Apple's Black Friday's Event deals just about always exclude any models released in the last 2-3 months prior to the Black Friday (maybe even longer).

        • Ahh ok thank you. Well I think the latest were released in June … from what I can Google anyway. I wonder if this will make a difference because Black Friday will then be about 5 months later. I think this time I'll have to bite the bullet and let go of any hope of stacking discounts/offers ☹️

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            @Buyer0fBargains: If you're after a MacBook Pro, M3 ones were just released this week, so they would be excluded.

            If you're after a MacBook Air which was released in June, then there's a chance they will be included.

            The cashback offers should give a hint - this is what Cashrewards says is excluded. The MacBook Air should be fine.

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    My advice would be to stock up on 10-15% off gift cards that can be added to your Apple ID.

    So, either buy discounted Apple GC's via Woolworths/Coles (20x points) or Ultimate GC's that you can use to buy Apple GC's with @ JB's via Apple Pay. Just load them all up into your Apple ID and pay for everything through the Apple Store (or the Edu store if your device of choice is there). Doing it this way also allows you to fully customise your Macbook.

    I've got ~$6700 sitting in my Apple ID that have all been 10-15% off promotional GC offers. For me, this ended up being the best way to guarantee a decent discount rather than waiting for a store promo or price beat opportunity to come around.

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      Thank you, yes I have done that with iPad and iPhone previously but the timeline was different for this. However, that isn't the best method because often you can stack the offers. With my iPhone I was able to stack discounted gift cards with uncapped cashback. So ye my question this time isn't about which gift cards to buy or how to use them, it's about which will have the potential stacking options.

    • You’re losing about 5% p.a. that a bank would give you on your cash so in reality the longer you leave those money in your Apple account, the smaller the discount will be. Considering the last 15% off promotion was several months ago, realistically your 15% off is no longer 15% by now

      • Obviously if you're buying smaller values over a longer period of time, your maths checks out. But sitting in the Apple account for a couple of months, not so much. Especially since the money had already been sitting in ING accruing interest month on month for close to 18 months, so I'm well ahead. The last 15% deal I took advantage of was in September (Ultimate GC's used to purchase to Apple GC's @ JB's). So a bulk purchase of GC's sitting for two months in the Apple account has a negligible impact really.

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