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Extra 40% off Outlet Items (Stack with up to 50% off Items) + Free Delivery @ adidas


Free shipping w/ code FINDAUS for items on this page. No minimum spend.

It's been a while since we've had a 40% off (selected) outlet items promo.

Check the Outlet page as some of these items aren’t listed on the Singles Day page but are still discounted by 40%.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2023.

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  • Who broke the website? I'm getting error message

    Unfortunately we are unable to give you access to our site at this time.

    • Worked here.

      • All good - it was temporary across all browsers.

  • +3

    Topcashback 20% off as well I think!

  • +3

    had a check, no utlraboost deals :(

    • Check again, add to cart

      • +1

        The quickest marathon shoe in the world is almost certainly an adidas.

        The adios pro 3 are insanely good marathon shoes.

        The prime strung are insanely good training shoes.

        The takumi is a great 5k shoe.

        The ultraboost are great for the bin, or light gym work.

        • What would you recommend that can handle some light running and tennis?

          • @Blitzfx: How seriously do you take tennis?

            • @beltdrive: 1hr running and 1hr tennis a week.

              Nevermind, I had a think about it and trying to be cheap and going for a multi-purpose shoe is going to cost me more in the long run

        • +1

          I 2nd that. I used to think ultraboosts were king until i started running in them recently. Killed my feet. So i went and bought some Hoka Clifton 9's and they are alot better
          Il just use the ultraboosts for daily commuting, better to invest in proper running shoes instead.

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    If you're with AMEX, you may have a spend $200 and get 20% back offer available in your Offers area. Ends in 4 days. Pretty sweet stacked with TopCashback!

    • +1

      Now higher 25%?

  • +4

    Adidas used to have many good designs

  • +1

    I can’t see any discount when I added the item to the cart.. Any idea?

    • Same here, no discount

  • +3

    Thanks, my current ascics are full of holes and my previous brooks are falling apart too. Time to relegate one to the gardening pair.

  • +2

    Cashrewards is offering 20% cashback as well!

    • Far out, wish I went with them. They seem more reliable. Oh well fingers crossed top cashback come through.

  • Doesn't seem to like my Amex card.

    Would it be because it doesn't like double up of discount?

  • When does this end?

    • It doesnt, the fun continues at the factory outlet 40% off almost all year round.

  • +3

    Thanks op. Stacked with 20% amex and 20% CR. Bought $500 worth of goods (original price) for $124.80 net including delivery. Looks like a good deal. CR cashback tracked fine via email

  • -1
  • +3

    I can never find anything good on the Adidas website.

    Nike is good, rarely goes on sale.

    UA is good, and too cheap so I own too much lol.

  • It's not showing any discounts at checkout

  • Two credit cards declined payment. Can't even use PayPal. What a crap website.

  • An unexpected problem occurred. Please try again in a few seconds. Thank you for your patience.
    I mean, am I alone ?

    • yeah, same here… Can't add anything to cart.

      • tried on incognito still not workin g

      • I have tried with a different wifi network it works, maybe its an IP issue. Eg I was using the Uni wifi

  • Ordered again because i forgot cashback lol

  • Weird thing this morning where I didn't think to order via cashback/shopback and just ordered after hit the link above. However, half an hour later I get an email from shopback that it has been successfully tracked (only 5.5%). Can't complain but confused…….

  • +1

    Cashrewards boosted to 25% cashback until 2PM AEDT today

  • Doesn't seem to be anything good (in my size) on sale sadly

  • Thanks for this, I got a windbreaker for $50 shipped! Perfect for this bipolar Sydney weather!

  • I ordered around 10:30, still no tracking

    • You are kidding right? You realise they probably have hundreds of orders…

      • still no tracking for me. you got the tracking?

  • Thanks OP. Stacked up with AMEX spend $200 get 20% back + $30 cash rewards.

  • How does the amex cashback work? As in, is the 20% cashback unlimited? or capped as well? I couldnt find any mention of it being capped.

    • As per offer terms it is unlimited - Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $200 or more, in one transaction, online only at www.adidas.com.au by 10/11/2023 to receive one 20% credit. Limited

  • +1

    For once I actually found something I wanted on an Adidas outlet sale lol

  • Shame the ultra boots aren't on special

  • payment failed

  • Successfully placed a couple orders. Cashrewards tracked at 20%. Great discounts overall & free shipping. Thanks, OP

  • Payment failed, as others have mentioned.

  • Has anyone actually been able to check-out?

    • Yea, I used the code, it works

  • How long does cash reward take to track? I've got click history on Adidas but can't send a claim etc.


  • +1

    Placed an order two days ago with the CR 25% cash back and got a text message that it's getting delivered today…don't think I've ever had an order getting delivered this fast from Adidas ever lol.

    • Yup, I'm waiting for my order to even be dispatched from the warehouse (ordered on Monday)

    • +1

      Same with me! Was full expecting to have my order cancelled or delayed for over a week but ordered on the 7th and showed up at my house on the 9th.

      Don’t think it’ll be the norm moving forward but great pleasant surprise to head into the weekend with 😆

  • too late T.T no sizes for me anymore

  • Thanks op, got myself 2 pairs of shoes for great price + 18% CR cashback.

  • Now stack with extra 11% off code

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