O'Reilly Online 1-Year Subscription: A$395 + Tax (Was A$660) @ O'Reilly Media


Flash sale.

The sign up page shows USD dollars by default, change it to AUD in the dropdown.

"You’ll pay A$395 for the first year plus applicable tax/VAT and renew on an annual basis at the then-current standard rate thereafter."

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    It says "plus applicable tax/VAT" so it ends up $434.5.

  • Anyone who uses it?

    • wondering same here.. would appreciate some feedback.

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        I am happy learning from YouTube. Way more videos and not a dime

    • 600… what a rip off

    • I have been using it for +7 years and find it useful (i.e. worth the monthly subscription fee) but, at the end of the day, depends on your learning style, preferences and needs.

      Their content catalogue includes technical books, videos, interactive tutorials, and live online classes from O'Reilly and several other publishers. If having easy digital access to all of that is something that would help you in your day-to-day at work, uni or self-learning then I'd say it's worth considering. If you're happy learning from YouTube then never mind :-)

      They have a free trial, apparently: https://www.oreilly.com/start-trial/

      • Cool. Thanks

    • I've had a subscription for over 10 years. Kept it up because I got grandfathered in on a USD200/year plan.

      It's a good tax deduction if you are a software developer or other technical person and you have to get across various different technologies quickly. It is effectively an online library of all O'Reilly published books (e.g. the ones with line art animals on the covers + many, many more) as well as videos, tutorials, etc. The killer feature for me is that you can search their catalog as well as within their books, so you can just read the relevant chapters.

      It's not something I use all the time, but it's good value to me for USD200. Not so sure I would pony up $434.50/year though unless work was paying.

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    Bill O'Reilly?

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      It's all about IT. Had to sign up to 10 day trial to find that out! No interest here.

  • I prefer online leaning sites that include tutorial sandboxes for various cloud providers as well as good quality courses .

    "A Cloud Guru" was my fav, but unsure how it is after pluralsight bought it out.

    Others like udmey (Even udmey business) course I find are generally poor to average at best, I guess you get what you pay for. O'Reilly is good for the books but the courses do not include sandboxes for tutorials (As far as i know) and are average in quality (IMHO).

    The cheap business ones are used by businesses who are too cheap to provide proper training and skills development to staff.

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