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ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Router $486 ($436 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Titan_gear eBay


First post, sorry if I got anything wrong.

Was on the lookout for this router and comparing the past deals, it seems like an ok price with ebay plus (considering the massive 10 for a year deal recently), no where near the lowest of $400, but it's something I can get now.

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  • Can recommend this router for wifi 6 and if you are able (or will be able) to use the 2.5Gbps ports.

    • Why this over say the Gl.iNet Flint 2 (it was a pre-order for $109 USD, but now $159 USD) with 2 x 2.5gb ethernet ports?

      Just a comparable example I'm familiar with.

      Only reason I would spend more on a router is if it had Wifi 6e, and purely for the novelty as I don't (and I assume most people don't) need Wifi 6e.

  • this or hodl for ax86u/pro ?

    • This router is very big… if you don't have the space wait for the ax86u.

  • this or wait next year for wifi 7?

    • Wifi 7 router will cost 1k plus.

      • Not saying you're wrong but what makes you think it'll cost that much? Or are you saying because next year will be the first year it's out it'll be expensive and in 2025 the price will come down to normal level?

        • Preorders are already over 1.5k so safe to assume atleast 1k.

        • Wifi 6 routers didnt come down in price just before wifi 7 is coming out.

  • +1

    this or ax86? i wish there is a direct comparison of 5g signal strength/coverage of all popular asus routers.

    i want to use only 1 router, placed in the centre of the house, to provide 5g coverage for a medium size 2 floors house

    • Very detailed reviews of most popular routers (including this one) at https://dongknows.com/

    • +1

      According to dongkonws, this router is better than ax86. This is the router I would get if I am getting a wifi 6 router

    • +3

      Signal strength is great on this router. I have it on the midle level of a 3 storey house and get great coverage all over the home and yard so i expect it would cover 2 storey house fine. 5g is a bit weak on bottom level in 1 room but i expect that is because room downstairs is below the garage so thick concrete floor in garage that might reduce 5g signal but 2.4g signal is fine in that room. Everywhere else in house get 5g signal without issue.

    • +2

      This. I have it in a 2 storey 190m2 home. Has all round coverage in and out. Almost upto the the road. Got big driveway in front with a cars space plus walkway. I had 2 unit mesh orbi and can say this single asus is giving me better 5g coverage and speed then that orbi.

      Running merlin and it has been rock solid. Have 2.4ghz guest network for iot devices. Dual 2.5g lan is great. Have a proxmox mini pc with plex and homeassistant directly connected with 2.5g connection

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    This or dialup modem?

    • +2

      Well, if you are using Optus for Mobile or internet today a dial up modem would be faster.

  • -2

    Reading the comments i really can't understand why anyone is interested in this.
    What does it bring to the table?

    It's a shitty design right out of the gate.

    It has a 2.5Gbps WAN port, so assuming you actually use that for WAN you'll be connecting it to what… a 100 / 250mbps internet connection? Maybe 1gbps if you're really really lucky / rich / enthusiastic?

    So then that leaves 1 other 2.5Gbps port that can talk to…… nothing at that speed.

    The actual real world throughput for the WiFi with the real gear most of you own would be lucky to pass 1Gbps I'd bet.

    An you're ready to throw down ~ $500 on this?

    For those that want actual performance do yourselves a favour and learn a little about networking.
    You'll end up with far superior gear to this for similar money.

    A Mikrotik Hex is $99, add an 8 port 2.5Gbps switch and then a light commercial grade AP from Ubiquity/HP/whoever and you'll have a modular system that will smash the hardware in the above deal.

    And for anyone arguing they want all in one, fine, but get something with a more useful port arrangement.

  • +5

    If you can get your hands on ASUS TX AX-6000 from China, it's roughly about $125 each before shipped to Au and outperfom GT-AX6000 according to many reviewers in China.
    This router should also openwrt ready been an identical twin to Asus TUF AX-6000. I'll be ordering 2 this weekend for 11/11 shopping spree.

    Here is link to the listing: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?abbucket=17&id=74568258992…

    • I just bought this router few weeks ago and high recommended.

    • Seems like the link is no longer working.

    • Would the router have user interface in english?

      • +1

        I haven't got the router yet. Currently I can see there is a language selector on the Main Interface, but can not confirm that English is one of the option, even though it usually is.

          • @katsuya: I converted page to english but it was very difficult to navigate to purchase. You said abo e $125? Thats crazy cheap.

            • @m0usju1c3: It's currently sitting at RMB$739 after discount coupons, it will be dropped even further on 11/11, conversation rate is around 5:1

              • @katsuya: The price is right, do you reckon Merlin will work on this?

                • @poida97: I wouldn't have any clue. You may try to tweet them, but TUF-AX6000 is more likely to be supported.

                • @poida97: There’s one comment from this forum in which the poster thinks it might be difficult due to the processor: https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/threads/asus-router-from-…

                  • @snyper: That guy simply said it won't be that quickly, which I do believe is true. Openwrt is available on TUX-AX6000, there is a Chinese aftermarket firmware that's built upon Asuswrt, so I don't believe it's that difficult for Merlin to port that firmware, just the matter of availability.

  • I got this when the price was $400ish plus $100 bonus from Asus back to May this year. It’s solid without any issue, strong recommended when price is about $300.

  • +1

    I picked this up for $479 from JB Hifi a few weeks ago, price matched Scorptec at the time. It's a great router. It's a big boy, but tucked away in a comms cupboard so no big deal. Wall mounts fine.

    Getting around 650mbps to an iPhone 14 Pro on a gigabit internet connection in most areas of the house. If you have a iPhone 15 Pro I would recommend looking at a 6E router so you can get full gigabit speeds.

    For file transfers to router I get around 220MB/s to a USB3 SSD drive via LAN, and that is primarily why I bought this router.

  • I just bought an ax86u pro and whilst good, i dont get a good signal at the back of the house. Router is currently housed in garage next to ntd box.
    Would this be a better option, or just add an AI mesh?

    • The location of your router is bad. Is it possible to move it towards the centre of the house? If not, put another Asus router at the centre of the house and run Asus mesh. This will 100% boost your wifi connection around the house. However there is no guarantee that replacing AX86U will improve your wireless. The easiest way to figure this out is buy expensive routers from our beloved friend Officeworks/JB and abuse their refund policy if the new router didn't meet your expectations.

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