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Trojan 400 x 180 x 200mm Metal Tool Box $10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Bunnings


Looks like a good deal. According to Pricehipster this was $39.95 once upon a time. For $10 that's a good value.


✓Metal tool box with sliding top drawer

✓Bottom space for bulk storage needs


✓Folding carry handle

This stylish metal tool box has rounded edges with folding carry handle and padlockable lid. Its sturdy construction holds up to 20kg of tools and is ideal for the home or workshop. It also has a sliding top drawer to store smaller tools.

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    Thanks used OnePass for free delivery

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    Perfect place to keep my domes

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      What's a dome?

  • Stock is scant in QLD but seems to be still be possible to get.

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    I got this for clearance at my local bunnings. I would say this is more a storage tool box than a take it with you box. Very heavy.

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      The description says the box itself is 3.5 kg.

      I got one for C&C. Now waiting for Bunnings to cancel it.

      • Why you are waiting to cancel it? It's not a price error.

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          From experience, I expect it to sell out before a Bunnings employee picks it up for me.

          Then a couple of days for a refund and till the next time.

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            @pizzaguy: They did that for me on the Sidchrome socket sets a few months back.

            • @Luckypenguin: Yeah, they often do that.

              But this time my item is waiting for collection!

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            @pizzaguy: No no, my local Bunnings puts stock up on high shelving only accessible from forklift or ewp and refuse to get stock down….. To mitigate sale items

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    Bought just to use my OnePass…

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    anyone have a photo of the inside? curious to see this sliding drawer.

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      I found it on Facebook.

      • Selling for $30. Prob paid $21 for it 6 weeks ago when they listed it, according to price hipster

      • I noticed in these photos there is a rubber liner in the tray, base.
        I am thinking these were added as mine does not have this when I got it???

  • Grabbed a couple 👍

    • -6

      Why couple? Want to finish the stock for everyone else?

  • Not much stock in Brisbane.

    • Free delivery if you have Onepass membership

  • Nice, thanks OP. Might grab a couple, $10 not bad.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed two!

    • Both seperate orders cancelled.

  • +1

    Good evening,
    Unfortunately, we were unable to fulfil your order as the item you requested was out of stock.
    We have also checked all surrounding stores and there are none available.
    A full refund will automatically be issued to your nominated account.
    Please allow 3-5 business days for this to process.
    We apologise for the inconvenience.

  • Keeps failing with Paypal

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    Here's a lighter alternative, $11 and seems more available: https://www.bunnings.com.au/craftright-435mm-black-and-orang…

    • they are plastic

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      I got one of these. Okay quality but the orange clips break eventually. Hopefully the $10 trojan is more durable.

  • Thanks op, ordered 3 online. Hopefully it gets fulfilled.

  • ordered one C&C. Lets see if they actually have them in stock

  • This is not the kind of item I associate with the brand name "Trojan", but they both involve 'tools'.

  • All gone I think
    No delivery to 4670

  • Don't really need it, ended up buying it cause it was a bargain haha

  • +2

    At first I thought it was a massive box of condoms

    • It can be, but it would take a high degree of mod effort and would be significantly painful.

  • Is click and collect or delivery more likely to get cancelled?

    • Yes

      • which one?

    • Literally both.. 😅 I put through both others, both cancelled within 15 minutes.

  • Cheers. Delivery to SA worked for me.

  • got the larger one for the same price.

    • +1

      larger one?

      • KD90212
        483 x 220 x 235mm

        • +1

          I don't see the larger one on the website. Was this purchased in store?

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            @Widget: Yes, in store, it has no tag, so they can’t scan the barcode, but since it look the same as this one, I just show him the I/N in the bunnings App.

  • Managed to get one (in Bris). Recieved shipping SMS and Aus Post tracking number.

  • I've had one for a while. Cut the drawer out and store the kids tablets and phones in there at night time. Haven't had to padlock yet, but there is that option! Put a 4 port charger in as well

    • That's awesome! Don't happen to have photos? Curious as. You drill a hole for the charger?

      • Does this work? Yes drilled a hole. I 3d printed the little holders to keep the tablets like toast.
        Box open
        Box closed

  • Thanks O.P

  • like it so far… lots left at southport, ten odd and three display models.

  • There were several left at Campbelltown Sydney a couple hours ago

  • Saw these a few days ago, looks pretty cool and sturdy, would not use these for carrying around or for any serious practical use tbh, just one tray that folds out. For $10 cannot beat it

  • Good for storing bitcoins

  • Thanks, got one to convert to a chastity belt.

    • Box BNIB!

  • Nothing left in Queensland. Sigh

    • ? several at southport 4215

  • Can I use this to store RC Lipos?

  • Error 404
    Sorry, page not found!

    Was working last night, must have got OzB'ed

    • There was the same issue yesterday. And at some point it got fixed.

  • Was 3 in stock at Dubbo Bunnings, bought one, left the other 2. Thanks OP.

  • Got one, bnib.

  • Thanks Op, managed to get one.

  • In Stock in Browns Plains QLD - Ordered with OnePass.

    Got 2 thanks.

  • Can anyone confirm if the trays, base have rubber liner inside?
    As per a facebook link above by jimojr

    • No rubber on base

      • Thanks for the confirmation.

  • +1
  • Got one in Warragul VIC

  • delivered already.. nice one , thanks again OP

    • Mine too, but the packaging (e.g. none) was basically cling-wrap with an invoice on it.

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    I did a click n collect at my local one, they sent me a notification that it was ready. However, they substituted it to a plastic one - Craftright $11 Tool box. I called them and said I wanted a metal one, the only one they had that was metal was a $54 Trojan toolbox. I said just cancel it, but the bloke was so nice he gave me the $54 Trojan toolbox without having to pay the price difference. They seriously make enough money to do shit like this.

    • +2

      Good result!! It's your lucky day.

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    Got two of these, if you don't like the shelf at the top you can simply drill out the two rivets that attach the hinges to the lid, then on either side of the shelf rails is a small black lever which will release the shelf and it will pull completely out.

  • Any suggestions on a cheap thin foam or rubber layer to lay down in the toolbox?

  • Awesome! scored one, a really solid build and the price is a steal.

    • Are there any compartments or trays inside, or is just a big box?

  • are these stackable?
    anyway available for collect, but onepass said these were too big to deliver.

    • I stacked four on the back of my motorcycle … ezpz

    • Got two delivered today, yes stackable.

      Great value for the price.

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