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Philippines: Manila (Direct) from $271 Return, Cebu $337, Puerto Princesa $341 & More on Cebu Pacific @ Beat That Flight


Price drop from yesterday! And you can get to the islands as well via Manila for cheap! (I can personally recommend Palawan (Puerto Princesa, El Nido), and especially Blue Palawan for a few days of luxury in paradise.

If looking for a trip anywhere in Asia, Cebu is cheaper for Philippines, but this sale will be your go-to for a cheap price elsewhere.

Please note: Cebu notoriously only has a few tickets on each date. So if you click one below and it's changed, it's likely they've sold that date. I've tried to make it as accurate as possible.

These flights are return, and can get similar prices on the way back, but there are just too many combinations to process and display, the below has taken hours of searching while watching the cricket. Also worth searching and comparing prices for two one way tickets and a return as it can be cheaper.

Sydney to Manila (1 Apr - 31 Oct) from $309
Sydney to Cebu (1 Apr - 31 Oct) from $366
Sydney to Puerta Princesa (1 Apr - 31 Oct) from $475
Melbourne to Manila (1 Apr - 31 Oct) from $271
Melbourne to Cebu (1 Apr - 31 Oct) from $337
Melbourne to Puerta Princesa (1 Apr - 31 Oct) from $341

Sydney to Manila

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 31 Oct 24

Sydney to Cebu

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 31 Oct 24

Sydney to Puerta Princesa

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 31 Oct 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$495 19 May to 4 Jun
$512 23 May to 30 May
$503 27 Jul to 20 Aug
$496 15 Aug to 9 Sep
$475 4 Sep to 11 Sep
$475 24 Sep to 1 Oct

Melbourne to Manila

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 31 Oct 24

Melbourne to Cebu

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 31 Oct 24

Melbourne to Puerta Princesa

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 31 Oct 24

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  • +1

    I did this flight a few weeks ago and tbh it was fine (mostly because it was about 30% full) so plenty of spare seats.

    That being said - we paid to upgrade into a front row seat with extra legroom and there was a guy sitting next to us spreading his legs as wide as he could and taking up both arm rests and encroaching into my personal space (me sitting in the middle seat). So if it was a full flight I could imagine it would be extremely uncomfortable.

    So I would wait until closer to your flight date to see how busy the flight is before spending money on seat upgrades.

    Flight left on time. Airport was pretty crap but it is what it is for the price. Good option for connecting through to rest of SE Asia.

    • +1

      That's a phenomenal load factor though!

    • +1

      Came back from Manila on cebpac about 6 years ago on 31st December the plane was half empty everyone had a row to themselves. I'm still pissed off that scoot canceled the gold coast to Singapore route as I did 4 trips a year to cebu via Singapore and the last 2 trips last year I got for 350 and 380 return to cebu from gold coast.

      • +2

        That's a good deal with Scoot. Shame they cancelled.

  • +1

    If you do plan to go to El Nido, avoid doing it via Puerto Prinsesa. It'll be a very long and exhausting ride. Better off flying direct to El Nido from Manila or Cebu. Also it's only done by one Airline, Airswift.

    • +1

      Depends on your agenda. We flew to PP, had a few nights at Blue Palawan, including a day trip to the underground river cave, and then took a ride to El Nido. It was 6 hours, but it was pretty cruisy. And you stop enroute for a snack, and see quite a bit of the island on the way.

      The return trip was a bit worse tho, admittedly, as one of the other passengers was car sick :/

  • +1

    enroute to the palawan now. 😊

  • El Nido, Palawan is my favorite place in the Philippines. Highly recommend!

  • +2

    Many comments everywhere of crappy airport, i wonder how bad would that be.

    • It's pretty crappy, but I don't know about anyone else, but I try not to linger in any airport on arrival…

  • -1

    Appreciate you posting these types of deals @beatthatflight. They're not always for me but it's great to have an idea of what's out there.

    • Thanks so much! Any particular area you are interested in, so I can keep an eye out?

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