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20% off Sitewide + $9.95 Shipping ($0 with $125 Order) @ OOFOS


OOFOS footwear sale has started and there is a site-wide 20% off.

There is still shipping of $9.95 if order is under the $125.

If you don't know what OOFOS is, they are essentially made for recovery after exercise, but a lot of people now use them for Plantar Fasciitis due to the way they are shaped and feel. A lot of Podiatrists recommend them. Also used by athletes after exercise and people that like extremely comfortable footwear.

Anyway, they don't usually have sales like this, so it's a good time to jump on board.

OOFOS Website
Code: GIFT20

Any questions, feel free to ask.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Hi richbearing, can you please help me process an exchange for an order I placed a month or so ago? I emailed several times and called a few more times over that time and your customer service is basically non contactable (?non existent). Size is too small, need a bigger size. Great surgical clogs. Terrible customer service.

    • Hi Goodjoojoos. I am really sorry that this has happened. We have a people dedicated for this job, so am very surprised to hear this! To not get any response would be incredibly outside what they are there to do! Just to make sure, can you please try the following contact details: Email : [email protected] or Phone : (02) 9670 0600. We have showrooms in Sydney and Brisbane too. So not just and internet company, so have people here to talk. If you have any problems outside of that, let me know - would be good to get any order number or details about the purchase so I can refer to it. Thanks.

      • Hi richbearing, order 22849 placed 30/8/23 and delivered 4/9/23. Emails sent to [email protected] on 5/9/23, 8/9/23 and 31/10/23. No replies received ever. Phone calls to (02) 9670 0600 on 2/10/23 and 3/10/23 with no answer. Voicemail left 3/10/23, was called back one hour later when I was scrubbed into a case, called back again once unscrubbed and still no answer. Believe it or not, after 15 years of higher education, I know how to follow instructions written on a website… Any help with this matter would be appreciated.

        • Hi Goodjoojoos. I have talked to the brand manager about this and customer service has been told to send you and email to you. This will be the gmail account that you used when purchasing. If that is a problem, let me know. I have also asked that they copy me into this so I can see that it is done.
          Appreciate you sending through the info. I understand that you have followed the instructions - the reason I say that is that there is a scam website out there that we have been trying to get rid of, and people come to us for credits. But all good with this, as you have a order number.
          Out of interest, what do you mean unscrubbed?

          • @richbearing: Hi richbearing, thank you for escalating, I will await the email correspondence.
            Unscrubbed alludes to removing and disposing of your sterile gloves and gown, typically at the end of a procedure or operation, before being able to touch non sterile things again - your phone, in this instance.
            I should add: it's interesting that this would have been mistaken for a scam when I was replying to the email order confirmation initially sent on each instance…

            • @goodjoojoos: Happy to help. Like I said, I don't think we have many issues with service, so want to make sure this is sorted.
              It wasn't mistaken as a scam. When we get messages like this in the past, there have been many cases of people getting done by the scam site. We just need to go through the process. Too often these days, there are people trying to run scams… I am certainly not saying that is what is happening in this case. Just explaining the process.
              FYI - customer service has sent you an email.

  • Where can i try them on?

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