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[eBay Plus] Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB $2421.54 Shipped @ Mobileciti eBay


Iphone 15 Pro Max Direct from Australian Reseller with Local Warranty.

Available in All colors 256gb/512gb only

256GB for $2089.04 — insufficient quantity, removed from title (Mod)

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    Available in All colors


    Only four…

  • Damn no 1 TB

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    i need 1TB to claim the price difference

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    isnt it cheaper to get from jb or apple if you can find 10% off gift cards?

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    Went to the Apple Store to check these out and found every colour except natural and white titanium to be just gross. They are literally fingerprints magnets, looks super dirty and gross

    And there is no stock for every colour other than blue (the most fingerprint prone colour), with first date available to pickup in 2 weeks. What a joke!

    • I wondered what they looked like in real life. Unfortunately in JB HiFi they were locked onto the stand so I couldn't see the sides properly or the back at all.

  • Why iPhones are so expensive? Even the 2nd hand ones are expensive comparing to Android phones.

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      That ship has long sailed to never come back…

      • Sad but true.

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      Because there’s plenty of Android phones out there, and they aren’t supported as long as iPhones.

      • Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones are (or are close enough) supported for 5-7 years.

      • I guess it is because there are competitions among Android manufacturers, but no competition in iOS manufacturers. Just like Windows vs Apple Mac computers.

      • not true nowadays especially with Samsung and now Google offering longer term support.

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      cause iSheep and apple locked in ecosystem customers will continue to buy it at these prices.

      There's another theory that people are upgrading phones less nowadays
      which means apple needs to make up for lreduce revenue by increasing the price.

  • Able to price beat with officeworks?

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      OW don’t price match eBay

  • 512 Gig also gone - OOS

  • 2.4 grand…
    What happen to the days where you get a free iPhone when you join a 12 month plan?

  • This is $2421.54 cash. Telstra are offering this for $127 (5%) more, but that's on 0% monthly repayments for 3 years; and that's just RRP so you can pick any phone you like.

    To roughly figure out the inflation-adjusted burden of repayments vs outright, you can apply 1.5 year's inflation (10.5% for Jun 21 - Dec 22) to the offered outright price and compare it. $2421.54 x 1.105 = $2,675.80; 5% more than Telstra. (for a more detailed assessment you'd have to break out Excel and guess future inflation, source for 10.5% is https://www.rba.gov.au/calculator/quarterDecimal.html )

    A 0% 3 year loan is a lot of free money, when inflation is all around us. If you live in time, then buying outright probably doesn't make any sense, especially if you have (a) any sort of loan or (b) enough cash to want to get a good rate from a bank.

    Even just putting the same cash in a good bank account and paying the repayments from that account, you'd still likely break even, and have a cash account in the mean time.

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