[Price Error] Cygnett ChargeUp Prime 20,000mAh Power Bank $0 (100% off) Delivered @ Cygnett

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Mod note: Cygnett store rep provided an explanation for order cancellation. As well as info regarding marketing emails

orange/white also available






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    Hi Ozbargainers,

    We wanted to reach out and offer an apology and brief explanation for this error, one of our developers we work with was testing a different app for our "buy one get one free" designed to make our checkout process smoother, which created a duplicate product at $0 which was to be paired with the full price product and was not meant to be a live product.

    We are genuinely very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, it was an honest mistake and we will make sure to do better in future.

    As a local Aussie company we often get a lot of support from ozbargainers which we are very grateful for, we know we have damaged your trust in us on this one and we will keep working hard to build that back up.

    Kind regards,

    eCommerce Team @ Cygnett

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      Testing in production, love it.

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        Rookie Error for sure.

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        Everyone has a test environment, some are lucky enough to have a separate production environment

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        Real men test in prod

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      I reckon a small ozbargain discount code like $5 for the actual item would keep a few happy. I'd probably pull the trigger!

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      The checkout was smooth. The real test will be in the delivery.

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      Your developers have made my village very unhappy. We will no longer be hosting a ceremony in your honour and will now be creating many effigies of Cygnett and of the developers responsible!!

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      Thank you for posting rep!

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      Thanks for the update rep but I’m still waiting for the tracking information.

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        You're insane if you actually think they were going to honour that deal 😂

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      Can you test the app to check if the shipping and tracking function works?

      • nah..you better test how fast auspost is this day. :-P

    • Props for facing the community with a message - get those devs a testing environment!

      Really, anyone expecting this order to be fulfilled was dreaming.

      thumbs up on your response from me

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      Optus called and they want their developer back!

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      Deleting all customer information collected from these orders would go a long way in earning Ozbargain respect

    • Just got our first spam mail too earlier today, you need to delete our account for that.

    • Getting spammed.

      • Hi Ozbargainers,

        I've just added a post on page 3 on this deal about the email marketing, not sure how to link the post here, but we are removing all people from our marketing list who purchased at $0 on 11/11 as we didn't feel it was a reasonable way to add to our marketing list.

        Apologies we couldn't get this done over the weekend, there might still be a few automated emails that go through due to the order but all campaigns should be opted out by the end of the day.

        Kind regards,

        eCommerce Team @ Cygnett

  • So is this a price error or something?

    • it says free gift on the link also 100% off

      • it says free gift on the link also 100% off

        Suppose buy one get one free.

    • THIS PRODUCT IS USED FOR THE APP FREE GIFTS BOGO BUY X GET Y TO WORK. Please do not delete/edit it while the offers are still running!

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    wait what why

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      i don't even

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      I have an order confirmation showing 1item for $0.00. Well see if it gets sent or not.

    • How come you changed your negative vote?

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        They didn't. They had too many negs themselves so their negative was removed by the community

          • @dsiritz: Yeah, it's a real shame that there's a corner of the internet where complete horse shit gets removed.

            • @Ademos: 25 negs because I stated the truth about the deal and negged it as the title was written misleadingly. This is why I usually never comment. Cringe as (profanity)

              • @dsiritz: Here, have another neg

              • -1

                @dsiritz: You made a statement without evidence, ie by trying it. If you had, you'd have seen that it was possible to order it standalone. Or if you'd read the comments.

                • -1

                  @Ademos: I made a statement using evidence provided on the page that OP linked. It took a few seconds to read the fine print stating this "purchase link" was only for adding to an already added to cart power bank that you're paying for.

                  Had you used your own brain for a few seconds you may have also deduced a similar logic. Looks as though you and most others don't have a lot of brain power going for you.

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                    @dsiritz: Except we were all wrong. As per the reps post. It was added to test new app or something.

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                    @dsiritz: And the point was people were able to check out / order it anyway.

                    In the past there's been some massive scores from people finding these sorts of hiccups and not having their orders cancelled, or companies following through as a good will gesture, so it's all good for you to sit back and miss out but you made a factual statement that "it doesn't work" when, at the time, it absolutely did.

                    But hey. Have another neg.

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      Unfortunately there's a limit to how many neg votes I can give but I'll try remind myself to come back 🤣

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    I ordered one at $0.00 cost and didn't order anything else and it says the order was processed. Now to see if it actually gets delivered.

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    Worked for me, not sure why?

  • Thanks got one

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    I don't think it'll actually be delivered, but doesn't hurt trying

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      Just the endless barrage of cygnett marketing emails that will likely ensue.

  • This will be interesting.

  • Probs gonna be cancelled but fingers crossed it comes

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    No shot this actually gets shipped….. Still gonna try anyway.

  • +4

    Ordered one, doubt it will ship but took under 1 minute to try.

  • Thanks OP,. let see what going

  • I'm in - cheers OP!

  • Order confirmed, lets see if they honour it.

  • now way this is going to be shipped

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    Inb4 'Sorry there was an error, we won't be shipping your order. We apologise for the inconvenience'

    I didn't even bother ordering because there's absolutely no way they're honouring this…. You're just signing up to their newsletter and now they get to keep your data on their system..

    • Laughing at those negging my comment… You guys are a special type of special (and not the good type of special)

    • -1

      There's been plenty of price mistakes that have been honoured, it's always worth trying with an email address you've set up for marketing/mailing lists etc.

      • Yep because they're going to honour 5000+ orders of (Give or take - As per the clicks, at the time of this comment) Cygnett ChargeUp Prime 20,000mAh Power Bank's and NOT put their company out of business because their cost price is 1c each and postage is free. Good one!

        However, I will agree with you regarding the email specifically for spam though, you have a valid point there.

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      You're just signing up to their newsletter and now they get to keep your data on their system

      I guess you haven't heard of the Hide My Email feature of iCloud+?

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    Time to unleash the power of the OzBargainers!!!

    How long till the website crashes?

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    All out of stock lol orders will be canceled they are on to it

  • Thanks OP, got one for me too…. Will see what happens….

  • Thanks op! Got one, well wait and see

  • -4

    Ordered one of each colour, no loss if it gets cancelled.

  • +1

    Put 2 in your cart to be safe as it's buy one get one free.

    • How much for 2 units?

      • Same price!

        • Legend, so buy 1 for $0 and get 1 for free with free express post.

  • omg yay i ordered! FREE!!

  • +1

    Yea, all shows as 1 x Out Of Stock (when you click on cart), but order process due to system error.
    still you can give your address and email to them…

  • +1

    Now this will be a ride

  • -8

    This shouldn't be what this site is for.

    95% of orders get cancelled anyway.

  • +4

    Thank you but I’m going to wait for a deal where they pay me to buy it.

  • Says OOS once added to cart (at least for white). You can still successfully check out. There’s a near zero chance I actually receive a powerbank.

  • Bought thanks

  • This deal on Batteries leaves me flat.

    • +4

      I see you're amping up the puns with little resistance from other OzBargainers

      • +4

        I think they’re referring to this deal coming with no charge

        • +2

          OHMy Gawd! I missed this shockingly good deal.

  • Got one ordered…… now let’s wait for the cancellation email.

  • ordered one also
    will be interesting.

  • +2

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

    • +1

      You actually miss 0% of the shots you don’t take. I don’t wanna mess up my stats. But you do miss 100% of the shots you don’t make

  • shows as out of stock when viewing cart but checkout works fine, order confirmed

  • -1

    this is the best ozbargain deal in ages

    • +1

      High hope

  • -1

    Giddy up indeed- ordered 2.

  • +11

    Don't forget 5.6% cashback with cashrewards….

    • 5.6% x 0 = 0?

      • +2

        There are 3 types of ppl. Those that get mathematical jokes and those that don't.

  • There is no way that Cygnett will honour it.

  • Lol.

  • Bought 1 thanks OP

  • +6

    Don't forget 15% off your first order

    • And 5.6% cashback with Cash Rewards.

  • How to get random people to give you their personal details 101

    • +6

      Dang it.
      Now 50,001 companies have my info rather than the 50,000 that had it before.

    • +2

      Hope they don’t spam my throwaway email and parcel locker

  • +9

    Probably just testing their website can handle black friday sales

    • This seems like this may be probable. But then they lost the amount of people that clicked from ever ordering anything off their website ever again.

  • Thanks OP ordered white and black!

  • Posting this to OzB has ensured you won’t receive one. This is one of those errors you keep quiet until you receive your order. Thanks anyway, OP.

  • +2

    Did it for the lulz. See what happens.

    • Cancelled, but all good. Store rep said was doing black friday testing.

  • The image says Buy one get one free. So, did I buy one or two for free? 😅

  • +1

    I ordered one, waiting for the cancellation email lol

    • +2

      Maybe you should leave all your comments unfinished and unpublished

    • +1

      but I won't be thanking you,


    • You should've kept the deal to yourself. What a dumb move posting it here.

      Posted it here just to get everybody happy for a moment.

  • -2

    ordered. Hoping it gets delivered

    • +1

      Good Luck

  • +1

    Got one. Thanks op. Will see if really get it.

  • Thanks OP. got two. will see…

  • -8

    i got 9

    • +1

      Rookie number, you should have got ALL OF THEM

    • +1

      Cygnett says nein

  • Seems like they have unlimited stock, showing out of stock if you add multiple to the cart but can still checkout

  • Thanks OP, got one to add to my suitcase of powerbanks to be taken overseas!

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