Cheap Tickets and Stop over to NL or DE 30/11 to 30/12?


Im thinking of meeting family in Germany. Leaving 30/11 to 30/12 give or take.
I really would only catchup with them around 14/12 so I could do a stop over.

Ideally I’m trying to keep flights as cheap as possible and my interests are mainly nature and history. As in ruins old buildings, nature/scenic etc as opposed to the bright lights of Dubai city itself.

I was hoping a stop over would make flights cheaper to spend on the stopover itself.

Any suggestions?
How do you find the cheapest flights?
I’m pretty open to stop over location as I’ve technically never left any airport on the way to Europe previously.
I could just look around a different part of Europe also (I’ve seen allot of major cities already).


  • Google flights.

    • I did. It brings up those generic sites which seem to pop out the deals. I’ve seen a number of posts on here and over the years and skyacanner etc ant come close in price.

  • +2

    How do you find the cheapest flights?

    Google Flights then book directly with airlines. Yes, booking directly with the airline may not be cheapest but it's the most reliable thing to do. There may be better deals through other platforms, but if something goes wrong - good luck. There's a few platforms that some OzBargainers make exceptions for though (see popular deals).

    Any suggestions?

    Check out the subreddit of the country/city you are travelling to. They usually have good guides. Feel free to post there as well.

    I also enjoy using Wikivoyage, owned by the same people who own Wikipedia. It should have lists of old buildings, ruins, natural and scenic spots. After a trip, I like contributing and updating the pages if necessary.

    My trips have been a lot more organized after I purchased packing cubes for my suitcase, a passport holder, cash organizer, AirTags, etc.

  • Did you look through all the current travel deals here?

    This is probably you best bet:

    I doubt you will find exactly what you want though given the proximity to Christmas and proximity to leaving. My advice would be to look at flying into Rome or Turkey as they are often a bit cheaper for some reason.

  • We did a similar trip last year. Zurich and Munich had the cheapest flights for most dates. If you get a flight on NYE you might save some money, but the days between Xmas and New Year were costly to travel. We returned on the 5th of Jan and those flights were several hundred dollars cheaper.

    I don't think you will save money with a stopover, unless what you mean is an inconveniently long layover between flights. A 9hour lay over in Singapore saved us several hundred compared to alternatives that still had a minimum 3hr gap.

    • You can search Google flights to Europe as a destination to see the rates on all major cities.
      For the dates in early December to 39th I could see $1500 to Rome and $1700 to Paris.
      Everywhere else was over $2k.

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