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Google Pixel 8 Pro 512GB (Bay or Porcelain) $1598 (RRP $1999) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Were you as shocked as I was when you saw that the new Pixel 8 Pro with the biggest storage capacity was two thousand bucks? Well with this sale, it brings it down to Pixel 6 Pro/Pixel 7 Pro 512GB RRP prices!

If you want it in Obsidian, save some more money for new phone accessories by buying it from Officeworks where they have a trade-in deal.

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    Also 128gb for $1298
    256gb gor $1398

    (ie the price of should have been at launch)

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      Yeah but those are cheaper at Officeworks so I didn't mention those

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    The increasing price gap for the different storage options, when flash prices have been coming down, is just another irrational part of phone pricing.

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      It's not about how much it cost to create, it's about getting more money out of you.

      Also it's probably an anchor price on the top tier model and you're getting a 'discount' on the lower storage ones.

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      Agree.. But Id say it's more a case of demand and supply rather than dependant on the cost of goods

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    No thx. 8 Pro is plagued with so many issues.

    I won't even pay $800 for the stress and frustration caused.

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      Okay. Which phone do you have that hasn't caught the plague yet?

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      What issues are you having? I haven't had any issues with my P8 Pro.

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        How’s your battery life on the P8 Pro?

        • I haven't noticed it to be short, so pretty good I'd say. Coming from an S23 Ultra, I really should compare the two.

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          They will probably reply once they've recharged their P8 Pro and logged back in

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            @shmahoo: It’s a genuine concern for me, the 6 and 7 were crap by my standards, they would average 4-6hrs of screen time per 100% of battery.

            S23 ultra would do 7-8hrs, if the 8 pro could reliably hit that I would love to upgrade. But now that all the initial review buzz has died down, the sentiment online has shifted negatively.

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              @Chickpeas: P8P has better battery life than the P7P, but I still wouldn't call it great and likely not S23U levels. Still has Tensor and Samsung modem afterall.

            • @Chickpeas: How do you see this sentiment?
              Without watching tons of videos and paid review sites.

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                @dealmaker: I followed the P8 Pro since launch (biased paid media coverage, youtubers etc).

                Now that its settled down and its been a few weeks. They are now mentioning average battery life, thermals are still toasty, standby drain is high, sketchy AI features that are all cloud dependent. A lot of these comments are through reddit as well (likely biased, but at least they arent paid).

      • Been using it since launch p8p 256gb. First couple of weeks i've had to charge it twice not even doing heavy task (overnight & afternoon). Been told it should improve as it learns your usage. But forcing it to 4G as I've had poor 5G access anyways improved batt life. Overheating issues a few times using gps/maps in the car (ive had to relocate phone in front of fans). Naturally early bugs encountered such as phone call notification (more so whatsapp & messenger) hasn't displayed at times and i've had to manually access the app to get to the call. Hopefully things will improve as its in the teething phase.

        • Thanks you saved me an impulse buy. I've got the pixel 7 pro which is good besides the 3-4hrs screen on time. don't want the 8 if it's got similar life.

    • Phone has so many issues it's not funny - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZDcr1icSo4&pp=ygURcGl4ZWwgO…

      Dodgy camera, overheats, lagfest, poor battery life. List goes on~

      • That was a good review - didn't support your negativity though.

        Seems to overheat during prolonged hotspot. Camera needs refinement, but the same as mentioned in all the initial videos and marketing. Lag seems to only be during overheating. Battery life on the non pro was criticised, but complimented on the pro.

        The list didn't go on.

        All in all that video felt honest and confirmed this is the phone for me.

        • My problem is it costs more than a s23 ultra and the Samsung has none of the above issue plus better in other way (build in stylus ftw).

          It runs cooler, faster, camera is better, screen and overall build quality are all higher.

          And did I mention cheaper?!?!

          I see no reason of buying the Pixel unless you are a diehard Google fanboy and willing to accept all the cons. I mean why should I pay more for an inferior product?

          • @mg_k: Camera is much better on the pixel

  • Fyi, The p8 pro 128gb is cheaper at OW @ $1277.

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      Yes, that's why only the 512GB in Bay and Porcelain are mentioned in the title.

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    as a launch day buyer. fade me

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    Seems like JB has a trade-in deal to get an extra $300 coupon towards 8pro.

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