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Google Pixel 8 128GB $977, 256GB $1077, Pro 128GB $1277, 256GB $1377 + $400 Gift Card Trade-in Bonus (Expired) @ Officeworks


Massive $400 bonus gift card offer on top of trade-in value from Officeworks, making the Pixel 8 series very cheap for phones released just last month. Free delivery to metro areas or click and collect. All time low, Pixel 8 RRP $1199, Pro RRP $1699.

Pixel 8 Pro.

*T&Cs apply. Offer ends 16/11/23. Offer can only be claimed once per each Google Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro model purchased from Officeworks. Claim (with Officeworks receipt and Moorup Trade-In online submission) must be submitted by 30/11/23. $400 gift card will be issued by 20/12/23.

@jetpck: gift cards expire in 4 years

Mod: Original post ($100 Drop on Pixel 8 Pro, duplicate exception Pixel 8 (100+ votes)).

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    I believe the drop in price for the Pixel 8 Pro at OW is in response to Telstra lowering theirs to $1299

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    Can the gift card be used for the phone?

  • Do you think this is a sale price or just the new price going forward?

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      It'll probably be every months or so given how often the past pixels went on sale

      • +14

        Also the Pixel 8 Pro price was a massive jump from the previous year.
        I think Google discovered the ceiling price Australian consumers are prepared to pay for a Pixel 8 Pro
        and it is not $1,699, so they're dropping the price to increase stagnant sales.

        • +4

          Pixels are more popular than they've ever been (both in sale reports and the fact I see so many out in the wild now where I NEVER did before), and every store that has sold the P8P has had them go out of stock at some point since they launched, including Google themselves, and some places even currently (JB and Officeworks both have no stock in my area). Not sure how you're computing the stagnant sales theory.

          Also, Australia's RRP for these is less than the US market when you factor in US state and federal taxes, so I'm not sure why you think Australians specifically won't pony up for these.

          Not really sure where you're coming from. A discount sometimes is just a discount.

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            @BradH13: I bought a Pixel 8 Pro from the Google Store for my sister (from the rebate I got for my Pixel 7 Pro) and I have been keeping a close eye on the stock in store to see if it has dropped in price and I have not seen it OOS, I also Googled "pixel 8 pro out of stock google store australia" and there were no reports of it being out of stock so I'm "not really sure where you got that from". Also I never compared prices for the Pixel 8 Pro with the US,in fact I never even mentioned the US, I was comparing prices for the Pixel 8 Pro to previous Pixels which is a $300 increase,so again I'm not sure where you're coming from there. Also you only have to look at the OzB deals to see that there is more sales in the first month since release of the Pixel 8 Pro compared to the first month for the Pixel 7 Pro. Google didn't even offer the Pixel 7 Pro on sale for last years "Black Friday" deals but they've already stated that they will be this year for the Pixel 8 Pro.
            Finally, just because an item is OOS does not mean it's popular, Google has not released there sales data for the Pixel 8 Pro yet, but by increasing the price of the phone by $300, more stores having sales, Google even putting them on sale within 5 weeks of their release suggest that sales this year are not as strong as last year.

          • +5

            @BradH13: I literally just got off the phone with Google where they confirmed sales are down.

            If it's out of stock somewhere, that's just poor planning on that stores behalf.

          • +1

            @BradH13: My uninformed opinion is that smart phones have steadily increased in price, and are now nearly a $2k ordeal for a Samsung flagship

            There's probably people like me that say $1k is plenty for a phone every 2 to 3 years. Pixel isn't flagship, but specs are similar and at the right price point (when it's not $1600)

            I was actually amazed how many decent looking smart phones were at jb for sub $500

        • +1

          Absolutely agree they are reducing the price to increase sales. I have a Pixel 8 Pro, it's a decent phone but no way is it worth $1699. $1300-$1400 rrp would be OK if the buyer needed something at short notice. At ~$1000 with discounts and rebates I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

          Are Google making money at ~$1000? Probably not much?

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    how does officeworks trade in values generally speaking compare to jb hifi?

    • +1

      They accept older model, my Pixel 3 was accepted, $5 value plus $400 gift card while JB hi-fi didn't accept it.

      • How rigorous is their testing? I have a pixel 2 xl that is perfectly fine, but the camera crashes everytime you launch it. Apparently a known hardware issue. But wondering if they'd accept it.

        • Doesn't look like p2xl is accepted. Let me know if you have any luck

          • @customundo: Ah true. I saw it as an option to select, but apparently has no value…

        • +1

          If you have a Pixel 2 or up to Pixel 4A 5G, you should keep it as it has free upload of photos/videos to Google Photos for the lifetime of the phone.
          It is at a "storage saver" quality but still is high quality photos, which is fine for playing the video on a big screen tv or printing the photos to at least 8x10 inch.
          There are tutorial videos on Youtube showing how to transfer your photos from any phone that does not qualify for Google's free upload of photos to your Pixel 2XL and therefore get free photo/video uploads for as long as your Pixel 2XL stays alive!!

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      I have a Pixel 6 Pro 256GB and Officeworks is $320 and JB $280

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    Can the $400 Trade-in Bonus be used on the Google Pixel 8 purchase?

    • +2

      No it can't.

      • pity, pixel 8 128GB for $577 would have been sweet, I spend $400 pa at Officeworks so a useful gift card, looks like the oppo will be with me unless something good comes up for black friday sale.
        what was the trade-in deal , any working phone with no screen damage ?

      • +1

        Wait, isn't this the deal? An extra $400 off when trading in? Confused…

        • +1

          Me too, confused on that point

        • +2

          It is not trade in bonus. It is a $400 gift cart that will be provided in December

          • @snvl: What if ur trade in value in 0

            My current phone is fine just has cracked backing glass and they said bin it, seems a waste, been using it like that for about 3 years now with a case

          • +2

            @snvl: Ah, now I see it in the Ts and Cs… bit misleading from the title

        • Your right thought deal was just for pro

      • This deal or wait for JB trade-in bonus deal which can be used on the Pixel purchase?

        • They have $300 trade in bonus right now at JB. Not sure if you're talking about the same thing.

          • @itsmoe: Yes just saw that ty

    • +2

      Isn't that the point of this deal??? So confused haiyaaa

  • +1

    Now what, waiting for HN/Optus deal?

    • +23

      to preferentially support the worst companies possible?

      • +7

        No, to sign up then cancel and run away with a subsidised phone… are you new here?

        • +5

          run away after giving them your money? genius

              • +4

                @Buyingcrap: Except the majority of us that signed up for that deal are still waiting for our phone. HN just took orders without any idea of how many phones they will be allocated and when. Zero updates from anyone since the release day and if you call yourself to find out no one has a clue. Also spent way to long on Optus support to try get fees waived and at the moment the online support doesnt even connect. Sometimes spending a little more to not deal with crap is well worth it. It could be on sale for the same or cheaper elsewhere before we get our phones.

                Funnily enough i just checked HN website and they also have the phones on sale, a phone they dont have in stock. Im done with both HN and Optus.

      • +3

        Match made in hell

      • The Legion of Doom exist for a reason.

  • +5

    Still baffled that every other store except Google themselves have some sort of trade-ins for their products. So disappointing.

    • They want to appear as premium as Apple. They don't wanna spam offer sales like Samsung does

      • +4

        I get that but even Apple have trade-ins for their products. It's not that Google don't offer trade-ins at all; they do it in US/UK markets. But it's crazy that they don't provide anything similar to the type of offers as they do in other parts of the world.

    • I think they have started, I see trade in now but values are sh*t

  • +5

    It's actually been fairly disappointing for a new phone. Loads of software bugs and the most important function ( Sim card) doesn't work well… Currently in Japan and the Sim card keeps on dropping out. Works fine with an older pixel. Battery life is also disappointing (not quite a full day)

    The only good thing would be the camera and the build quality feels good

    • Battery life is also disappointing

      No iteration of pixel has ever had excellent battery life so there was no expectation that the 8 would either.

      • +7

        Pixel 5 was decent.

        • +2

          i agree. Had the pixel 5 for 2 years and it was a 1.5 day phone for me with moderate use. The pixel 7 is no different but with a decent spec bump.

        • Wasn't that one smaller in size? Did it really have better battery life?

          • @Nillionaire: Yes, it was one of the best Pixel phones for battery life by far.

      • +1

        I'm still using the Pixel 4 XL. The battery life is reasonable, it extended quite a bit once you started turning off some of those always-on sensors.

        • +1

          Have you had poor performance with the latest update? I had a 4a 5G until a few weeks ago, and it got pretty laggy after updating to android 14.

          • @Pseudomocha: Yes, my overseas simcard does not work on pixel. Upon googling, it seems to be a common issue

          • @Pseudomocha: The last security update for the Pixel XL was Oct 2022 and Android 14 isn't available on it officially. I believe that's when they ended official support for it; I can still get Google Play system updates though.

        • 4xl was the best iteration of the Pixel, I really miss mine

          • @Juice-Wa: I've looked at every proper Pixel release since, going over many spec sheets and in-depth camera comparisons, I honestly couldn't convince myself to move off and over to one of the newer versions.

            With Face unlock reintroduced and a more refined Tensor chip being used, I'm seriously interested in the P8 Pro now, assuming I find the right deal.

    • +1

      I agree. Bought the P8 Pro (coming from S22), and the bugs made me go back to my older phone.

      Also, about the "magic editor" and whatnot, I scrolled through thousands of photos to find only 2-3 that made sense using them, and the result was disappointing. Only worked ok in one photo that had just sand as background, and even then I had to do multiple passes to remove the object. Very underwhelming experience.

      Fingerprint reader is also terrible, don't know why they don't use ultrasonic like Samsung does.

      Still, for me it was a good lesson, to appreciate Samsung's quality

      • +1

        what bugs did you experience?

        • +1

          The worst ones were when getting a call. I missed calls because the screen just wouldn't turn on for me to answer the call while it was ringing.
          This happened twice in the two weeks I had the phone. I don't get many calls, so that would be a 20% failure rate probably πŸ˜›

          The rest might not be bugs, but smaller annoyances, like worse fingerprint reader than my older S22, unable to config screen to turn on with double tap instead of single so I don't keep turning it on accidentally, and mainly the fact that the photo editing capabilities that they market so heavily simply DOES NOT WORK 90% of the time.
          I remember MKBHD even metioning that he tried using Google's photo from their own presentation, and tried to replicate the editing, and it didn't work! That's just pathetic.

          I have no complaints about the battery though, I thought it was ok. Not great for a massive phone, but given the beautifully bright screen, it was not bad.

          Btw, fantastic screen. Finally flat!

          I really wanted to love the Pixel, but as a software developer, I just can't stand buggy software :)

      • I have different experiences regarding to fingerprint scanner, 7 was terrible, but my 8 is so far wonderful. Maybe only one or two miss since I got it from day 1.

        • +3

          What? That's really surprising for me to hear.

          I have just upgraded from P2XL to P8P (also have an iPhone 14 work phone), and unlocking in P8P is an awful experience.

          Fingerprint reader on the back of the P2XL was great. iPhone I never have to think about unlocking, seamless experience.

          P8P, face unlock works reasonably well in daylight if it a bit slow. , but as soon as it's dark, fingerprint only, and the sensor is successful maybe 10-20% of each read attempt. Which means that I'm having to put my pattern in about 3-4 times out of 5 (when dark), after it forces it.

          I read everyone people complaining about the fingerprint reader, so I just assumed 'this is my life now', and all phones will have trade offs.

          Have tried re-adding my fingerprint in different ways, also duplicating entries.

          • -1

            @Kkuba: Either user error or a phone in need of an RMA. Or maybe your fingerprints are partially burned off? It shouldn't be anywhere near that bad

            • @nigel deborah: I think you are right. This might be user error.

              My hands shake slightly, so when I place my thumb down it moves slightly.

              I was just playing with it then, by covering up the camera, and steadying the phone with my other hand, and really focusing on having a steady thumb, and my success rate went right up.

              I didn't have this issue with the P2XL I think because my case had a chamfer around the reader, so my finger would just fall into the hole and stay put.

              Oh well, I guess I've figured it out now at least, and won't waste my time with RMA. Thanks for the help.

              • @Kkuba: Fingerprint scanner and face unlock have worked perfectly for me on my P8P

              • +1

                @Kkuba: For me it was terrible when I had face + fingerprint enabled at the same time.
                The phone didn't know what to use, sometimes face was slow then I went for finger, but by then face worked, and I was supposed to slide up instead of pressing thumb, it was chaos.

                So I ended up disabling face and only using finger. It was much better, but still nowhere near Samsung's ultrasonic reader, which I've been using for almost 2y now. It's a downgrade.
                But if you're used to this "flashlight" sensor (whatever it's called), then it should be no problem. I don't think it's worse than other sensor of the same tech.

                I'd say Samsung reader works close to 100% of the time, and P8P's around 80-90%, which is not good enough for me, when this problem has been solved years ago, on cheaper phones.

          • @Kkuba: I was surprised too. I jumped into 8, purely for the face unlock and didn't expect any improvement over the fingerprint scanner at all. However, I was impressed that I don't even need to do any trick like registering same finger multiple times. It just works. Again, that's just for me, everyone is different.
            I do have same terrible experience with the 7 like everyone else.

          • @Kkuba: You're comparing a phone with a capacitive fingerprint reader that reads your fingerprint directly using electricity, to a phone that has an optical one that takes a photo of your fingerprint from under a screen. Apples/Oranges.

            ALL phones with an optical scanner (most of them that aren't Samsung, they use ultra-sonic, still not as good as capacitive) are worse than your old phone. It's not specific to the P8P. Capacitive readers should never have gone away. They are the best form of fingerprint reading by a longshot.

            That being said, I've had two optical scanning phones before (Huawei P30 Pro and a Pixel 6 Pro), and the P8P is faster and more accurate than both of them.

    • Every pixel phone has had software bugs at launch, no surprise there.

      Re battery life, this is one of the most subjective things in the phone world and entirely depends on how you use it.

      I owned a P5 and now own a P7 pro and I will say that the P5 had the best battery life though.

    • I returned my Pixel after discovering it had been dropping out when friends said my phone was out of coverage. I picked up the phone and it said no SIM. Thought it was a one off but after reinserting it continued very often and periodically on and off. Won't be touching a Pixel again as a result.

  • +1

    Claim (with Officeworks receipt and Moorup Trade-In online submission) must be submitted by 30/11/23. $400 gift card will be issued by 20/12/23.

    • +3

      so sounds like the gift card cannot be used towards the purchsse of the phone

    • Can someone confirm if they've gone through the process of claiming the gift card.

      Is it as simple as providing proof of phone purchase and proof of trade in?

      Is this mailed in, emailed, submitted online?

      Also any idea if this can be claimed once for Pixel 8, and once for Pixel 8 Pro. Eg. 2 total claims, once per model, or just one claim allowed.

    • Purchase a device by 16 November 2023

      Bonus GC will arrive after 30 days of the return period

  • +2

    Can you trade in a beater with cracked screens etc? Got a galaxy S10 in the drawer somewhere.

    Never done trade ins before.

    • I did one at JB on an oppo deal, deal at that time was working with no screen damage and deal was oppo promo got $400 off for $150 value phone. Seems to vary depending on promo.

      • +1

        Yeah I know some will just give you $1 for a beater but the bonus is where the value is.

        "We are currently closed. We open for Trade-In between 6am and 11pm AEST. Please come back during those hours."

        I'll have a look later.

        • Don't come back at 6:10am Syd/Mel time. they're still on AEST, not AEDT

    • A Samsung S10 isn't really a beater. It has a higher resolution screen than the pixel 8, same RAM, more storage, extra camera, SD card slot, etc. I'd fix the cracked screen and save yourself $1000 :) But sure, it charges a lot slower, and runs a bit slower. But if you're not gaming, just scrolling, then not much point upgrading

      • +2

        Nah it was like 300 for a screen assembly last I checked. Not worth it. I have an S20 too that has green screen of death, also not worth cost of repair.

      • +1

        You spec nerds are wild. Comparing an S10 to Pixel 8 lol

        • +1

          But geekbench says…

  • +1

    Reckon they'll be a better deal on Black Friday?

    • +3

      It’s 50/50.

    • +3

      I think this is as good it will get for P8

      • Agree potential 800$ saving on a phone only 1month old

  • Reminder that Google will match JB HIFI/Officeworks prices, in the form of a refund of the difference once the item ships!

    Good if you have unused credit, and/or are on the 2TB/mo plan which gets you 10% back on purchase value (note that you don't get credit any more if paying with credit though)

    • Is refund in cash or store credit?

      • To original payment method

      • -2

        It's not a refund, it's technically a 10% cashback in the form of store credit

    • No trade-in bonus though..

      • True… I can get $320+$400 for my 6 Pro which is super tempting

  • Does anyone know if JB hifi or other places are doing good trade in offers too? Officework gift card isn't as much value to me

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