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Pixel 8 $977, Pixel 8 Pro $1277, Samsung T7 1TB Shield SSD $98, Fire Stick 4K Max 2023 $57, Chromecast HD $37 @ Officeworks


Heaps of great deals in the upcoming Officeworks Black Friday catalogue. Probably could list more… anyway.

Looks like the cheapest for all the listed items.

Pixel 8 Pro

Mod 14/11: Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro has started early. Pixel 8 Pro 128GB is $1277 ($100 less), as per new post. The other 3 items aren't yet available, expected 17/11.

Mod 17/11, links to other items:

Samsung T7 1TB Shield SSD $98
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023) $57
Google Chromecast HD with Google TV White $37

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Get your studentbeans code for the Google store, they will be offering same prices

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    • Source?

      • Google store email. They haven't listed prices but it shouldn't higher than other retailers.

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          Could also be buy this phone and receive $x in Google Store credit though as well no?

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            @kerfuffle: If you have the Google 2TB plan you get 10% store credit for any google store purchase.

        • Ye I got the email also, but with no listed prices, you never really know with Google lol

          • +1

            @Uncle Roger: Let's see how they roll. They were good last time around and all retailers matched Pixel 7.

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      I would highly recommend Officeworks over Google direct. You can return to any Officeworks store.
      Google support is not a fun experience, and you have to send units away. Card hold for any advance replacements.

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        But Google has the 10% back to Google One subscribers…

      • +1

        Support from google has been great for me. Had a small issue with the 8 pro, online chat with google, 10 mins and they are sending me a replacement. No hassle. And google store has 2 weeks of change of mind return, even if it’s used.

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        Googles support was pretty good for me, took a little while to get the initial conversation going but they solved my issue with my pixel 5 and 6 pro pretty easily

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    Sweet, here comes my 1st Gem Card price protection claim on my P8.

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      Hoping for some 28 Degrees ones here, I got the 256GB though, so not sure there will be as many deals

      Looks like the 256GB will be $1477, happy days!

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    $1300 should be a normal price for P8P

    • +45

      I miss the days when a flagship phone would be around $500 a few months after release and was a massive upgrade each generation from past years. Imo none of these phones are bargains at $1300+. :P

      • +2

        You would be lucky to get flagship under 1k these days

        • -4

          The pixel 8 pro was less than 900 on the optus deal a few weeks ago

          • +2

            @Schmedit: lol that isn't how things work. We are talking outright price not loophole via contract. Highly doubt those cancellation deals will happen again.

            Also not many in Australia actually have 256GB version. Try get it in Bay colour too

            • @neonlight: @neonlight The cancellation deal was on last year as well. Also got a 256 bay on launch day so ymmv

              • @Schmedit: I know that also however I do not believe they will do this next year. 2 years in a row people abusing it. No chance for the third. Unless you know Optus is desperate for customers after recent outage

            • @neonlight: I'm still waiting for a 256GB bay P8P and the manager at Harvey Norman says they still don't have an estimate for when the new phones will be in.

              They offered to let me switch to the black one (which is in stock). I've decided against it because I think I can guilt them in to a free case/screen protector because of the wait (and because the original salesman said he'd sort me out with a case/charger).

              For anyone else in a similar position you could try guilting them in to a free case by agreeing to the colour swap and complaining about the wait/not being able to get the colour you wanted

      • +6

        I miss the days when the phone was FREE on a plan.

        • +4

          HN were giving the phone P8P away free on a $69/month for 24 months plan

          • @chromium: Do you have a link to it? I'm having issue trying to find it. Thanks

            • @hhbb555: That was several weeks ago

            • +1

              @hhbb555: @hhbb555 Try this link https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/harvey%20norman%20p…
              It's the second deal in the list. If you use the OzBargain search engine it's easy to find things like this.
              As in this case use the drop down list "type/deals" then "options/title only" and use words that you know to be in the title,
              in this case "harvey norman pixel 8 pro". It's a very useful search engine to find stuff.
              Tightwads will like the "freebies" option in the "options" list!!

              • @PukeyLuke: Thanks
                I thought the deal is still active so i went on searching on HN website

            • +2

              @hhbb555: Think about $70 credit per month, nothing about that os free. I spend like $10 a month credit and want for nothing. You're spending like $1500 for the phone.

              • +2

                @Budju: But if that $69 phone plan gets reimbursed by my company, that would be a big win right? 😁

                • @hhbb555: if you didn't actually pay any money, then it works out fine

      • +10

        The days of 1999 are gone I’d wished too in your 40s you could run like in your 30s eat pizzas and never gain a gram like in your teens but alas the days of such delight- are gone

      • +1

        it was just a few years ago mate. and I am sure nobody's wage/salary doubled in this period of time.

      • +1

        And I miss the days when new cars were $3000 and not $50000.

        The new phones are are much faster now, a lot more productive and have all but replaced stand-alone cameras for most use cases. On the downside, the upgrades are evolutionary, but you have the choice of not upgrading for a few years and get security updates and new features.

    • I have the phone when it was free on the $69 plan with optus.. it's a great phone. Enjoy it much more than the z fold 4.
      I'd say it's a better phone so price is justified.
      One issue is camera underexposes significantly which is a little bugbear but otherwise amazing

      • How's the battery life? Reviews and tests are suggesting it's sub par

        • My battery lasts 3 days but i use battery saver mode. Obviously will last less if you hammer the awesome cameras

        • +1

          Its probably the best phone I have used.
          Battery life is amazing I get 8 hours of on screen time on one charge.
          Actually I hated the vanilla android UI, but nova prime fixed the issue and now the phone is perfect.

        • I have yet to end a day under 50% and I use my phone a lot.

          No gaming though, don't even have any installed.

          • +1

            @BradH13: I use my phone for everything I literally smash through the 8 hrs of on screen time in one day as I am with a new born all the time so my hands are too tied down to do anything else. And I make it with 15 percent. But my usage is not normal.. once I go back to work I can almost assure it would go 2 full days comfortably

            • @maverickjohn: Lucky to get 4 here and mobile data uses over 50% of the battery. On wifi it's great, on mobile it's horrendous. Worst phone I've ever had for mobile network battery drain

              • @chromium: I've noticed something changed significant after the new android update. Phones not lasting as long.i also switched from chrome to Firefox. Chrome for whatever reason became a massive drain. It almost feels like the phone is tracking all the time. Battery drained substantially

          • @BradH13: Are you on wifi all day?

            My P8P easily has 50% left by the end of the day on wifi, on mobile it's dead after 12 hours. I'm not even a heavy user

    • Yep I cancelled getting one. Screw Google. Not paying that much for a phone with less features than mine 5 years older

      • What phone do you have?

      • -1

        That's almost every phone though, If I didn't need to buy a new phone every few years or more, I wouldn't (I really miss the headphone jack).

        • -1

          I swear people can't get over the headphone jack. Why not get a USB-C connector and be done with it? I've not seen one person using a wired headphone in public yet people cry "I miSs tHe hEaDpHoNe jAcK"

          • +1

            @Exec-Matrix: Cause it's freaking annoying. This is going to be the first phone for me without a headphone jack, and I'll need to make sure I always carry a dongle with me. (Plus a good dongle also costs money, and is easy to lose)

          • @Exec-Matrix: I always use the headphone jack though, even at home so that I can hear the phone better and not disturb other people in the house who already have their phone speakers blaring loud. Anyway, I had to buy one for my new Pixel 8 Pro, which is still disappointing that I have to do that for a modern phone.

    • $900 less than the equivalent iPhone?

  • Any deal for Pixel 6a/7a?

    • +1

      The Black Friday preview email from Google includes the 7a so there will be a deal on it starting 17/11, but it doesn't have the price.

    • Both the 8 and 8pro are about 18.5% off.

      That would make the 7a about $612 if continued.

  • +3

    Current OW deal on pixel 8 is better if you have an old phone (of no market value) to trade in.
    Extra $400 brings it down to $797.
    Offer ends day before this starts.

    • Where do I find this deal?

      • +12

        its on ow website, being true to his name he never posted it on ozb.

        • Does anyone know if the pixel needs to be purchased first and receive $400 gift card later? Or do I get the gift card instantly and use to buy the pixel with it

          • @raj koothrappali: Says gift card will be issued by 23 December, so later.

          • +3

            @raj koothrappali: You don't get it until after. So it's not

            trade in.Extra $400 brings it down to $797.

            It's $1197 and $400 to spend at OW.
            If it was a Coles Myer card then it'd be closer to cash off, but $400 at OW? With the exception of Covid, it'd take me 10yrs to spend that.

        • I don't like the asterisk next to $400.

    • Previous low on Pixel 8 $648? (300+250)(trade-GC)
      (assumes trade-in & $250 JB GC will be used)

      (Excludes phone plans or to sign-up/cancel a plan)
      Google (typically) bundles store credit (less useful)

      To wait or not to wait (for a better deal).
      Depends if OW GC are useful or just unusable cash.
      And you've got a phone of no resale value to use.
      If above suits it might not be any lower in BF deals

      To go against my name, expired JB deal in my first line

    • good luck trading anything other than a phone from 1-2 years ago for that much

      "Unfortunately your device has no reuse value."

      • +1

        Pixel 4a (4yo?) was just squeaking in with $1 resale, enough to get the 300 bonus, so $301.

        • Isn't it 400?

          • +1

            @mkkuo: I was refering to the previous deal above.
            Current one I even get $20 for the phone.
            But the $400 on the current deal isn't a trade in bonus, it is officeworks gift card.

      • Lol, that's me, but it's a Nokia 5.3, I didn't think I would get anything for it though.

  • +1

    Kindle paperwhite for $165, nice

  • Thanks Op. Very keen on the Samsung 1TB T7. Anyone has this one and can share some feedbacks?

    • +3

      It's good, not too sure about paying more for the Shield model though (provided the standard model is also on sale)

      • Thanks mate.

    • +8

      T7 Shield is much better than T7 in terms of sustained write. It is also water resistant and has better drop protection.

      • Thanks bro.

      • Hi, would you be familiar if the one referred to is the Gen 1 or Gen 2 version? Gen 2 supposedly have faster write speeds. Thanks in advance.

  • +1

    Any Pixel Watch 2 LTE deals?

    • Try Facebook market place, lots listed there at reasonable prices.

      • +1

        Lol, I already have the watch, hoping to claim some price protection :D

  • +1

    Any deals on the Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max?

  • +1

    Any deals on any deals?

    • Yes on that deal

  • +1

    Hope to see some good jb hifi deals for the pixel got a whole heap of vouchers eating a hole in my email box

  • +2

    It will be interesting to see what deal Optus gives for pixel on black friday… 😆

    • +17

      48 hour outage AND data breach for 500GB (+6% CR) data the following Saturday.

    • +3

      Free pixel 8 pro on a free 24month plan with unlimited everything. Break early and optus pays you

      • That would be best plan ever in history of mankind 😂😂😂

        • +1

          yer but you get the added pleasure of never knowing when the network will crash or all your data will get stolen.

          so seems like a fair trade

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