GearWrench 9412BE 12pce Metric Combination Ratchet Spanner Set $69 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Sydney Tools


Not quite the same as the Flex-head type that have been on sale recently, but a very good price for GearWrench ratchet spanners.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    I’m still waiting for the $99 flex head deal otherwise would have bought a set from Bunnings…

    • I don't know if I want these or the flex head.. 😪

      They also have reversable ratchets for $99.

      • +1

        A bit of a jump but for $35 more you can get the 90 tooth version…

        • +1

          Damnit, I was jumping between ads and assumed it was 90T already.. 😪

          I picked up the 3, 90T ratchets (posted here) last week and really like the feel of them.

          Might just stick with the cheaper $70 ones as I need a complete set for the first set I'm building.. 😅

          • @WasBargain: Good deal on the 3 pce locking flex head ratchet handles. If only I don't already have a cheapie set from Repco.

            • @lomie: I went to Bunnings to have a look and they were huge !

      • +2

        For me flex are heavier and bulkier when in a pocket or bag and when using them in certain circumstances.

        Hard to really leverage at some angles and just use a socket.

        I mostly use fixed offset spanners but have flex for special situations and straight for convenience.

        Then there's the bahco 4 in 1 spanners which have drawbacks too but you can have 20 spanners in a pouch…

  • Does ozb have a favourite torque wrench? Mainly for working on 4wd

    • +3

      I bought this cheapie on clearance on Saturday. Price was too good to pass up. Has enough nM to work on a 4WD.…

      • Is 40 the regular price?

        • Nope it is marked as clearance. $78 is the regular price of just the wrench without the extras in this kit.

        • +1

          I bought these from Repco last year on the 25th of November (most likely posted here) for $41.60.

    • +4

      The Toolpro ones from SCA. I have a stupid expensive digital wrench and the Toolpros are close enough to spot on. Just remember to wind them back to 0 torque when not in use so the spring is not left under tension.

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