Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor $97.30 (RRP $139) Delivered @ Polar AU


Black friday deal from Polar. One of the best HRMs on market. w/ "Forest Camo" strap.
w/ "Black" or "Black Crush" strap for $111.20
Also Polar H9 for $79.20
My H9 lasts three years and still going strong. Highly recommended if you're set for basic, reliable HR data.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    I was going to get one of these due to tachycardia but instead opted for a smart watch as it wasn't drastically more expensive and is more practical/nicer with additional apps and metrics like sleep tracking.

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      Chest HRMs are accurate but they could be mildly irritating in sleep.

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        "dangerdanger" is correct. The battery on either the H9 or H10 would never last a complete sleep.

        I've owned the H9 for about four years approximately, I purchased it when it first came out.

        For ongoing heart tracking, you're better off with a watch or ring.

        • What? It says battery lasts up to 400h, what do you mean wouldn't last a complete sleep? Do you mean it won't stay in place, even though it's meant to last intensive training?

          • @thatnewtechsmell: Oh my! My mistake, I mistakenly mixed up the Polar names, for some reason I was thinking one of them was the arm band, which is named OH1 / Verity Sense.

            I'll have to edit my previous message as to not misinform. Thanks.

            So the H10 is up to 400hr, but you'll have to buy a new battery at that point, unsure of the cost.

            • @Beyond: Ah, that makes a bit more sense, although I see it's listed for ~12 hours. So you own the VS/OH1? And lasting <8 hours after a few years? Guess with a rechargeable battery, it's likely to lose some capacity over time yeah?

              • @thatnewtechsmell: Yeah, the batteries degrade over time, unfortunately.
                I don't think it's ever come close to 12hrs(whether that's because it could passively drain in between days and I don't do 12hr workouts or they figured out the mentioned time with extremely minimal utilisation. It might be because I haven't used it much it much in the last year, but it feels much less than the 8hrs, I think it's just because it's losing charge and when I've come back to it a month or so later, it's usually dead after having fully charged it the previous time and left it off.

        • Batteries are disposable CR2025 (~$5 a go). In my experience using H10 for running, one battery lasts about 200~300hrs of use spread over 12 months.

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      I think it's more for sports minded people who use it solely for their fitness tracking

    • I've worn a chest strap during sleep just to measure my heart rate while I slept and it was okay, but wouldn't want to wear something like that every night. One thing to note with these chest straps is that they do require moisture to activate the sensors. So wetting them before putting it on. I can imagine that would get a bit old rather quickly. Particularly in winter.

  • Really tempted to order as I have never found watches to be reliable.

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      I am using one of these for two years now using at least three times a week for heavy cardio. Very accurate and robust. Seems like it will last a very long time. I would buy again if my current one broke at some point.

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      Yep, optical sensor reads poorly in sweat/moving conditions.

  • Anyone with an H9/H10 have accurate chest strap measurements? The listed sizing on these has always confused me, and I can't remember what a reddit thread I came across said about sizing.. Specific length of strap min/max would be best! Cheers

    • @Beyond has the data and from my practice, M-XXL should fit most adults (male and female). XS-S for someone has significantly smaller build (or for kids).

      • Thanks, so those measurements match your strap? I think my size is low end M-XXL, high end XS-S, and not wanting the larger to be too loose, and smaller too snug!

        • Don't have the original Polar strap now as it broke after hundreds of laundry wash. The tightest bound on my current strap is ~68cm.

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      I have used a H10 for running for several years. The strap is quite adjustable and elasticated, but needs to be tight to function. I wear mens large t-shirts and use the M-XXL strap. I reckon the same strap could adjust between mens small to XL without an issue.
      edit: Polar also sell the straps separately for $40. I've had to replace one because the sensor contact snapped off after a few years.

  • It says it on the product page.
    XS-S: 52-73 cm
    M-XXL: 65-107 cm

    The accessory strap sizes are slightly different again, but they clearly say the sizes next to the accessory, so it shouldn't a problem for you with them.

    • I see 58-71, and 67-95 on the page, where do I see your numbers? Based on those measurements, the larger strap has ~40cm of give in it?

      Edit: ah, that's H9 sizing, I was on H10

      • I was about to write the same thing and then saw your edit. 😅

        I wouldn't have minded the H10 at that price, but I very much dislike the camo strap.

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    It seems that Black is also $111.20, so only forest camo is $97.30.

  • I've got one. the only function I want out of a heart rate monitor is a continuous display, large heart rate reading. I would prefer to it pair it with a watch but the only ones that are compatible are expensive - expensive because they have a tonne of stuff I don't want. So I use it with my phone and the Polar app on an exercise bike. I've also put a phone holder on a bike so I can use it riding but haven't used it yet.

    • Aren't these any+ so pair with things like Garmin? Or do youean the watches are expensive?

      • I mean the watches are expensive. I've got a cheap Garmin watch. It's a PITA. In theory it can be paired with the H10 but the display will not be continuous.

    • I bought a cheap Garmin watch for $20 second hand, worked fine to connect to Polar H9 in my case, so could have display on watch and also on phone (using Polar beat). Works pretty well, also with watch buzzing you for heart rate alerts (eg out of zone)

    • Ahhhh didn't realise your single view point and perspective of 'walking' was the only literal use case for this.
      Darn how could the rest of us be so stupid!

      Let me go tell them to shut down the factory because their product is useless for walking or spending time with children!

      • -6

        Did i say walking is the ONLY use ?

        It appears you cant read … now thats sad, i would pity a person who couldnt read such a simple sentence.

        Can you actually quote where i said walking was th eonly use ? I was simply giving an example of exercise, i hope i dont need to qualify every single item with an encyclopedia like definition.

        • Just go for a walk in peace

          adverb: exactly

          Just is quite definitive.

          Also you started with pathetic and then went on to describe why! You've basically said they're pathetic because this is what you should do or shouldn't do

          • @slipperypete: Not sure what you just wrote, but so what if i did ?

            What is wrong with my statement ?

            What is wrong with just enjoying time without measure everything like your life is a spreadsheet ?

            • @CowFrogHorse:

              What is wrong with just enjoying time without measure everything like your life is a spreadsheet ?

              absolutely nothing. However, it is a personal choice….it isn't pathetic.

              Also, people have many uses for these. I'm an endurance athlete (well used to be). Measuring heart rate is critical. It tells many things, from fatigue to fitness

              live and let live my friend.

              • @slipperypete: Most people are not endurance atheletes, the typical user barely walks around their block, they dont need to measure for health reasons.

                The act of measuring is not an enabler its simply a way to pretend they have done enough and rush back to the rat race.

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      There's a LOT of ignorance and pettiness here. Don't let these goldfish minded people get to you horse.

  • "cheap Garmin watch"

    Which one?

    • Second hand there are a bunch of Garmins that work. eg- I used a Forerunner 220 which was only $20 before moving to a 45s which was $120.

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    There are far better prices on heart rate monitors around, especially from cycling stores.



    I use a Magellan chest strap HRM and am unsure what benefit the Polar one would have for a much higher price.

    • And eBay and aliexpress.. I bought one for $16, hasn't skipped a beat (maybe it has, I wouldn't know)

    • Design of the HRMs you mentioned was last gen. The monitor module serves as a reading device as well as a connecting point for both ends of the strap. The battery cap is next to skin and thus exposed for sweat incursion. It doesn't occur with factory battery but the problem will prevail when you open the "seal" and change the battery. Many feedback about this issue under the Trek HRM review.

      The Polar (or other recent release from Garmin/Wahoo) has one-piece contact area on the front chest and the strap connects sideways.

  • Does anybody know any APP to get ECG out of this? I have used elite HRV to check HRV score, but other than that, I dont know what to use this for.

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    Polar don't post to PO Box's or Parcel Lockers. Which is no good for people with jobs. Might be ok for people on this forum. Sad.

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