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40% off Sitewide + Shipping ($0 with $150 Order) @ Muscle Nation


Black Friday sale still pumping. Originally 50% off for the first 2 hours of the sale, now reduced to 40%.

Not the cheapest supplements you'll find, but I'm a fan of their whey isolate flavours and clear water proteins.

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    Whey makes you sick. Eat eggs instead and focus on natural. Look up eddie abbew former body builder

    • +2

      Whey makes you sick.

      No whey ????

    • +1

      I keep running into this kind of attitude with child care/parenting advise too. Whey is fine, eggs are fine. Neither are the wrong way to do it.

      They both work, so what you want. There are thousands of examples of all kinds of diets working as long as you put the work in.

      • -3

        Neither are the wrong way to do it.

        Not if you are following Paleo…

      • -5

        They both might work but it's long term in talking. You don't want to end up 10 years down the line with heart failure. You don't know what they put on top of the whey. Sugar etc. Anyway I wanted to share. 😊

        • All good, I appreciate the opinion. The phrasing is more what I was kind of getting at, but that probably has more to do with me reading toxic, opinionated communities while trying to find ideas

        • +1

          Erm… turn the bag over and read the ingredients?

    • +1


      studies have even shown that whey protein has the ability to lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, and increase vasodilation (widening of blood vessels that results from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls), which is crucial to cardiovascular health.

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    They normally have 50% off for Black Friday day, i would consider this their normal price somewhat as they always have a sale on.

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