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Sonos Arc Black Soundbar $1,188 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Decent price for this amazing soundbar, with RRP at $1,499. If buying today, Cash Rewards are offering 10% uncapped cashback at The Good Guys, bringing price down to ~$1,080.

If using Cash Rewards, I would recommend you don't opt for the $10 price check reduction, as it may interfere with receiving the cashback.

If paying with an AMEX, check if you have a 'Get 5 Membership Rewards Bonus Points per $1 spent, up to 2,500 Bonus Points' offer.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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      Beat me to it by 10 seconds!

  • Looks like JB HiFi have price matched. Those looking to take advantage of the 15% off TCN gift card deal could theoretically get this for a smidge over $1,000, assuming the sale is still on when the gift card offer goes live.


    • As I understand it, JB Hi-fi now owns TGG

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    The Samsung Q990C is $1173 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/811626) at the moment.

    Whilst I believe in the quality of Sonos, I see the Samsung as a much better deal for now. The lack of HDMI passthrough on the Sonos also made it it tricky for me as I don't have eARC and want lossless 7.1.

    • A better deal in terms of price? Sure.

      The recent Sonos products (Arc, Beam Gen2, Eras) are designed for modern TVs that have eARC, ie. it's a feature not a bug.

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        eARC can be very buggy. Has been around for a long time.

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          Yes eARC has been around a long time. Sonos have decided not to support legacy ARC, so folks who want lossless etc. just need to upgrade their TV or choose a different platform. I can't imagine folks deliberately choosing ARC because eARC is buggy but YMMV.

        • what do you mean by buggy?

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        it's a feature not a bug.

        Did I say it was a bug? Most modern soundbars support eARC, if your TV doesn't support it you'll need a HDMI input on the soundbar, which the Sonos doesn't have.

          • @tommypickles:

            If you have eARC

            And if you don't then you'll need a soundbar that supports HDMI-In port or a new TV, should we keep going around?

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              1. Sonos want you to have an eARC HDMI connection which a modern standard
              2. via eARC, your TV can connect to the other devices and pass the sound to the eARC soundbar
              3. 'and if you don't?' see point 1.

              Hope that clarifies.

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                1. Samsung and many other soundbars offer eARC and HDMI-In.
                2. This allows the user to upgrade their TV in their own time
                3. No point 3 needed
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                  @alexy23: I'm puzzled why you decided it's better to suppress (downvote) because you don't like the factual comments I'm making on the Ozbargain posted item on functionality and purpose of the listed item.

                  I'm not trying to debate if Samsung is better (I already stated it's better value) but rather explain to you & any others the stated reasons why Sonos Arc is one HDMI eARC port only.

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                    @tommypickles: A factual comment would not state that I mentioned something I hadn't (that eARC was a bug), thus the downvote.

                    I already understood the Sonos ethos and why they got rid of HDMI-In. Thus I was explaining why I perceived the Samsung to be better product at my stage of the journey (only ARC support) and why it (the Sonos) wouldn't have worked in my situation.

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                      @alexy23: 'A feature not a bug' is a figure of speech

                      We use this expression to describe something that seems like a flaw, but is in fact intentional. A flaw is a mistake or a disadvantage. This is usually used in the context of a product or service produced by a company. The customers find something they don’t like—a flaw—and they complain about it. They wish it were not there. But in fact , the company designed it that way on purpose. When that happens, we say that it’s a feature, not a bug.

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                @tommypickles: HDMI will live on, well past eARC

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      The Samsung comes with a sub and rears too, which will give you a much, much better sound that will cost you an extra $1k for the Sonos.

      The Arc has never made any sense to me at all.

      • I spent at least 30-40 mins comparing between Arc and Samsung soundbars (-1 gen) and found: Samsung 990b > Arc > Samsung 930b.
        Atmos on Arc is just incredible.

    • Appliance Central has further dropped the price for Samsung Q990C by $4

  • Picked up for $1100 from jbhifi

    • price matched?

      • Just called and asked what best they could do?

  • For those experienced in tech.. Sonos or Bose 900? Which one is better?

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