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Samsung Galaxy S22 8GB RAM/128GB Storage $727, Jabra Elite 7 Pro ANC Earbuds $149 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Combine with 15% off gift cards to make them even cheaper.

After gift cards:

S22: ~$622 (Update: Price dropped $20 and is available early).
Jabra: ~$130

Key Specs:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • 6.1" FHD+ 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED screen with HDR10+
  • 50MP main (OIS) + 10MP telephoto 3x (OIS) + 12MP ultrawide + 10MP selfie
  • Up to Android 16, security updates up to February 2027
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +13

    S22 is the worst phone to have in terms of battery life. So just be aware.

    • Can't be worse then a S21

    • +2

      3700 mah and 25W… that is very much a last gen phone…

      • Disregarding the battery and charging… like lets say I have power points and chargers availably pretty much all day wherever I go.

        Is it a good phone compared to a pixel 8 that I was hoping for a good black Friday deal on?

        • I would go with Pixel 8. Especially if battery and charging is no issue, as pretty back on pixel 8 as well.

          Pixel 8 is a more premium feeling 'modern' phone. S22, S23 design is getting stale and boring.

    • Agreed.
      Sometimes I'll wake up in the morning, take it off the charge (using protect battery means full charge is at 85%), watch an episode of something, browse a bit of ozb, check socials, then when I leave the house in a couple of hours later I'm at 50-something %.
      Also for anyone to wanting to play games on this, it thermal throttles horribly.

      • yeah it's terrible… have to stay in battery saver mode as soon as come off charger in order to last till end of day when i get home (inc 2.5hrs of video playback, another hour of browsing during lunch time).

  • +6

    JB Hifi should put on some promo for S23 Series. S24 is coming early next year.

    • +2

      Not sure how good a deal it is but got the s23 ultra for 1049 today from jb, price matched mobilciti then used the $500 off trade in strategy

      • Do you have to trade in a specific type of phone?

        • +1

          No it's a hack, check the pixel deal posted today, I just chose the Samsung watch for $1 trade in, I'm not actually sending anything in for the trade

      • Can't see the 500 trade in offer? Pixel is offering 300 bonus

        Update: Got it, ignore my comment

        • What did they mean by $500 off trade in strategy?

      • Can you plz share how did you get it for $1,049?
        Price on mobileciti for 256GB is $1,849 so taking $500 off makes it $1,349. What other discount did u receive?

        • It was cheaper yesterday, tbh I was just searching through google for the cheapest I could find, the jb chat representative wouldn't price match the other links I had supplied and mobiliciti was the cheapest I could find as I was frantically looking before work lol

      • +1

        Could you post the mobilcity link, if it's still active, please?

  • +7

    Don't buy S22, battery is nightmare.

  • It's worth paying the extra for the s23, just wait for end of year deals. You get a much more power efficient TSMC chipset (snapdragon).

    • I have seen the horror story of exynos/ samsung SoC. Warm/hot during normal use/idle = bad battery life.

  • The gift card sale starts on 22 November. Do you think the phone will still be on sale then?

    • Phone sale starts 20 November. Sales don't usually end in 2 days.

  • -2

    S22 Battery Capacity:3,700 mAh & S23 Battery Capacity:3,900 mAh

    S23 has just 200 mAh more than S22. I can't see how S23 can offer record-breaking battery life over S22?

    There is already talks about Samsung S24 releasing soon, I am sure we will have the similar discussion here where S23 battery life is a nightmare and waiting for S25 to go on sale. Isn't it ironic?

    • Don't you think…

      • Be your own judge:) YMMV..

      • +1

        It's like raaaaaaain

        • -1

          On your wedding day

          • @Ozb101: No, Seriously! He was exhausted from a long ride and just tipped over.

    • +2

      Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in S23 is more efficient than Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in S22.

    • +1

      It's not just about the battery capacity, the SoC is another significant factor: https://www.xda-developers.com/snapdragon-8-gen-2-vs-snapdra…

    • +1

      I get more daily use out of my S23 3900mah vs my oppo X5 pro 5000mah

      Gen 2 FTW

    • +2

      Isn't battery life more than just battery capacity? Like processer efficiency/ GPU consumption/screen usage etc etc

      • +1

        Yes, per my comment above.

      • display resolution and size and how much screen on time.

    • +2

      Its not just about battery size, its the hardware and how Samsung have configure it (on S23) that gives it much better life compared to previous models.

  • As other have mentioned, the battery leaves a lot to be desired however there is a possibility this may be improved with Android 14. I'm currently using an S22+ and have been very happy with it otherwise.

  • this or s23 fe?

    • S23 fe in a heartbeat

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