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Jabra Bluetooth Earbuds: Elite 7 Pro $147, Elite 7 Active $138 Delivered @ Amazon AU


A good deal if you don't want to wait till Black Friday sale.

Edit (18 Nov 2023):

Amazon price beats Harvey Norman by $1.

About this item

  • Outstanding sound experience: Thanks to the adjustable Active Noise Cancellation, the ultra compact earphones with rich and powerful sound lets you fully immerse yourself in your music
  • Clearer conversations anywhere: Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology combines four powerful microphones with an advanced Voice Pick Up (VPU) sensor in each bud, completely reinventing calls on the go
  • Maximum performance: Hear your surroundings whilst on a call with the HearThrough technology - use just one bud with Mono Mode - Each offers up to 8 hours battery and 30hrs with the case
  • More flexibility: Alexa Built-in and Android-compatible Google Assistant features - Stay connected to two devices at once and switch between them with Bluetooth Multipoint
  • In the box: 1x Jabra Elite 7 Pro In Ear Wireless Bluetooth Buds, Charging Case, EarGels in 3 sizes, USB-C Cable, Earbud weight: 5.4g, Colour: Titanium Black
  • Product comes with a 2-year warranty - registration required
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  • +2

    These are my everyday buds and I've been happy with them. Reviews have given the ANC a bad rap but I find it's fine.

    Compact case also is notoriously hard to open because for some reason Jabra didn't include a notch under the lid for your fingernail, so got a silicone case from Ali.

    Main caveat: Did have a annoying issue where the buds would stay on and thus connected the Bluetooth even after I closed the case. Interwebs suggested it's because of a lid magnet dislodgement. Not uncommon problem. Then the problem somehow just stopped by itself.

    Good call quality, as in people at the other end have not complained about voice quality when on calls.
    Good battery life.

    I mainly listen to podcasts so can't vouch for bass etc for music, as that's not my use case.

    Multi point does work but I don't use that much any more.

    Main reason I got these was for jabra's extensive on-bud controls. Bose and Sony Kae you pull out your phone for key functions like volume adjustment or play/pause (you have to choose), which is a deal breaker for me.

    • My WF1000XM4 allow me to control volume and track selection via on bud controls.

      • You can skip and fast forward with them, and also adjust volume ? I scoured the manual and it seemed you had to choose

        • Yep. Set what you want for L & R in the sony headphones ap.

          Mine is L - volume. R - pause/next/last track

          • @maxwellish: can you also control hearthrough (ie so you can hear the outside world without removing the buds) and turn the ANC on and off, while still maintaining those controls?

            • @y2k: Boss QC II earbud does all your requirement in default.

              for Jabra 7 Active, fits well, everything good, sound is good but you can hear your steps from the earbud while you even just walking regardless what mode you are using. end up return and order Bose QC II.

              Sony MX5 is good but keep fall off your ear. did try the other tips. not working.

              • @samedream: You're right. I assume Fully "aware mode" is the equivalent of Hearthrough. Though one review says you can't disable ANC? I guess it doesn't matter if the aware mode works as it should.

                • @y2k: aware mode is Hear Through, but not as good as Sony, this is great travel bud. ANC did work well in the plane, same as Sony, but not elite 7.

                  you can setup modes on your preference of ANC level. Hardly use aware mode. but it works especially when you talk to flight attendant for food and drinks. no complain about that.

                  hardly control from earbud due to fat finger. but changing different mode, adjusting volumes, pause and start is quite easy due to bigger touch surface.

  • I recently got these to replace my Jabra 65t and have been really happy with the performance.
    I use them for music and jogging and have been solid.

    As y2k said, the ANC isn't amazing but I feel it offers a reasonable level of ANC without doubling the cost of the device. I tend to find in ear style buds offer some noise isolation by design.

  • How do they compare to the pixel buds pro bout the same price on sale?

    • +1

      I have both.

      First, I purchased these. In fact, as of today, this is the third time I've purchased them, the last two pairs I lost.

      I got the Pixel Buds Pro for this price, I think through Optus when they had a sale.

      Both are fine, and I have a Pixel Watch 2 AND Pixel 6/7/8 Pro so I'm right into my Google ecosystem, however, the reason I purchased these again today even though I have the Pixel Buds Pro is pure and simple the fit. If I'm going riding, I actually default back to my Pixel Buds a-series because the Buds Pro fall out of my ears so ridiculously easily. If I'm walking the dogs, I regularly need to slightly adjust the buds.

      Don't get me wrong, if it wasn't for the fit, I would not have a problem with the Pixel Buds Pro, so from that perspective they may be perfect for you, it really depends on your ears. The 65t were great for me, the 85t were not - so I returned them. 7 Pro apparently had a similar fit to the 65t which was true.

      I feel like somewhere there needs to be a chart with if you like the fit of these headphones, then you'll like this.

      Anyway, there are foam tips and the like for the Pixel Buds Pro which are an option, but honestly I struggled to justify the potential for a better fit rather than go back to these.

      TLDR: Pixel Buds Pro are great, if not better in some ways, if they fit.

  • Thanks for the run down
    Agree with the whole if buds sentiment

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