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Reolink Smart 2K Wired PoE Video Doorbell with Chime, Person Detection $103.49 (Was $149.99) Delivered @ Reolink


Original price: $149.99
Now: $103.49
Savings: 31%

Get it here: Reolink Video Doorbell PoE

Key Features
* 2K+ 5MP Super HD
* Person Detection
* 180° Diagonal
* Power over Ethernet
* Custom Motion Zone
* Support Alexa
* 2-Way Audio
* 2-year Warranty
* Without Subscription
* Recording: 1)Micro SD Card, not included; 2)FTP; 3)Reolink NVR, not included.

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  • How does it work with PoE? I understand the power, but does it have wifi + LAN?
    My plan was to plug it in to my PoE NVR to save video etc. But my cameras that are on NVR have no internet connectivity and only accessible via LAN…

    • the POE doorbell cam will work the same as your other POE cameras do

    • I had mine hooked up via the NVR, but it doesn't integrate into Google Home that way. Now I have it plugged into my Network.

      In either scenario, the ethernet cable you plug between the doorbell, and your network/NVR provides power AND network connectivity.
      Just like the cameras in your NVR don't access the internet directly, you're meant to connect the NVR itself into your network via its own LAN port.

      Then you can access the cameras remotely, via the NVR, from your phone/PC.

      • but remote doorbell functionality will not be available if it has no internet connectivity…

      • +1

        If you put it behind a switch then you should also be able to treat it as a separate camera for Google Home integration, while also having it record on the NVR. There's a reddit thread on r/reolink

  • Wireless deal please if possible? Was about to purchase elsewhere .

    • I checked - this code does not work for the WiFi version. Full price is currently $139 on the Reolink store, but a little cheaper from Aliexpress here: https://vi.aliexpress.com/item/1005005288461349.html

    • Wifi here: https://www.mydeal.com.au/reolink-doorbell-wifi-camera-5mp-o…

      I'm on the lookout. Undecided on this or Ring.

      • Yep, that's where (MyDeal) I am ready to pull the trigger. Im going with this and leaving Ring due to subscription expiring and have a reduced need to justify the ongoing expense which will be reinvested to this doorbell.
        I will still use my Ring spotlight to supplement live viewing, spotlight and alarn function.

        Ring doorbell was also at least double the cost. So it wont hurt to try reolink :)

  • +2

    Great price, I bought one recently from the AliExpress store.

    I have both it and a wireless Eufy cam at the front door. The doorbell motion notifications are near instant and recordings start well before the motion begins, whereas the Eufy motion notifications are quite delayed, and recordings start halfway through motion being detected, and also cuts off early even though I've set it to record as long as possible. The doorbell picture quality is also incredibly good. I don't have a PoE switch but I bought this injector and can confirm it works perfectly.

    There are two issues I have, first, the 2-way voice is slow when you are the one talking through the camera, it takes longer than expected for it to register and send to the camera but this is a minor gripe. Second, I thought that the free 7 day cloud recording works with this doorbell, but it only works with the wireless version. So recordings live locally on the SD card for the time being since I don't have an NVR.

    • Thanks for sharring your experience with us. Reolink Cloud only works with the battery and wi-fi cams.

  • +10

    Another rep that does not post the cheapest link.

    Cheaper from their Aliexpress store

    Total item costs AU$121.38
    Spend & Save - AU$24.00
    Store Coupons/Codes - AU$3.13
    Total AU$94.25

  • Is this compatible with the Reolink RLN8-410-E NVR?

    • +1

      From Reolink's support page;

      Reolink Video Doorbell PoE works with Reolink NVRs with hardware versions N5MB01, N6MB01, and N7MB01. Or H3MB18, N2MB02, and N3MB01(need to upgrade the firmware of these NVRs)

      For other hardware versions, use a POE injector and set the NVR to record it via your home network/VLAN.

  • Anyone using one via HomeAssitant?

    • +1

      Yep, works great. I have a couple of automations set up based on motion detection and button press, which are very reliable.

      • Totally new to HA integration. Could you please advise how the wireless could be utilided with HA please ? I only have the google speaker (no screen).

    • Yeh I have mine connected directly to network and the integration is great. Events for motion detection, person detection and doorbell presses and all the settings are accessible, as well as the streams of course. Even firmware updates are notified and updateable within HA (though wish Reolink would keep their firmware DB up to date. I like to see the change log before updating and they still only have the old version listed)

      • Do you have a wifi version or wired with PoE switch/injector?

        • PoE switch

  • +1

    Will nest hub show the video when someone rings?

    • +1

      I haven't set mine up for it but as far as I'm aware when you connect it to your Google device you can use it as a chime (notification of bell press, motion etc) but it won't automatically show the video stream, you can only ask Google to show the stream.

      If you are using Home Assistant it should be possible to cast the stream to the Nest Hub on an event though.

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