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$7 off $20 Spend if You Pick up at Collection Point @ Amazon AU (Activation in App Required)


This banner popped up below the fold of an item I purchased recently. Max 5000 redemptions.

It was in app. Essentially max 35% off anything.

Requires activation. Maybe targeted but got these types of deals in the past before.

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  • May be targeted, can't access the link on my phone or laptop

    UH - OH
    Something went wrong at our end.

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    Only got an Amex offer

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      Annual fee $1450 wtf

      • 😃

      • To be fair its the second best credit card in the Australian market. (Behind the American Express Centurion which is $6500 P.A w/ $5000 one time offer)

        • Surprised Pikachu!

        • Which card is the second best, and why?

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            @Pirateguybrush: American Express Platinum Card

            1) Unlimited airport lounge access through the Priority Pass program. For you and up to two guests. Also unlimited access to Virgin Australia lounges, Lufthansa Group lounges, Plaza Premium Lounges and more
            2) Fantastic concierge
            3) Largest reward sign up bonus in Australian Credit Card history (500k last year)
            4) Largest reward program partners in Australia
            5) Accor Plus Membership (1 Free APAC night + Silver)
            6) Hotel Status
            7) The best credit card travel insurance, even better than some actual service providers
            8) $400 global dining credit
            9) And much much more

            $1,450 AUD Annual Fee - and it is a Charge Card and not a Credit Card. If you cant pay the balance at the end of the month, you go into financial default automatically.

  • To bad I would have used that.

  • What's a collection point?

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      Slightly less convenient than getting it delivered straight to your door.

      • Not necessarily a bad thing for secured buildings, drivers regularly leave packages at the main door or outside lifts, either because they couldn't get access into or to save time. In such cases it's preferrable to collect from a collection point.

  • nice work if you can get it

  • Possibly driving a scheme to pay less to the delivery guy, or to deliver more for the same money.

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    Might be limited to specific geo regions. Perhaps they lack drivers at this time.

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