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Sony WH-1000XM4 $373, Apple AirPods 2 $179, Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner $778 + Delivery ($0 C&C) & More @ The Good Guys


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Few good deals;
SONY WH1000XM4 - $373 - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sony-wh-1000xm4-noise-cancell…
AIRPODS GEN 2 - $179 https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/apple-airpods-gen-2-mv7n2zaa
DYSON V11 - $789 $778 - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/dyson-v11-cordless-vacuum-419…

Fyi, you can utilise multiple $20 concierge vouchers by stacking them. If you download a digital wallet, the vouchers' expiration date will be extended by one month, and you can stack them. I've currently got 5+, regardless of whether product is currently on sale or not you can still use multiple. (In-store only, online will only let you use 1)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    I went in store yesterday trying to use 3x concierge credits after being directed there for the purpose of using multiple by the phone support team (max of 2 over the phone).
    They flat out refused and the manager said they recently got in A LOT of trouble for using multiple concierge credits 'on a single docket'.

    They continued this conversation after I left and brought multiple employees to the front to let them all know.


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      I guess it's store to store basis, I used to work there, that's why I know(WA). My manages have no issue with using multiple at all. It's possible the certain store could have been flagged due to something they did. We even had people use 20 gift cards and 3+ store cash(concierge) in the same transaction. :)

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        They have normally been very flexible for me, very weird.

        I was very annoyed because it took about 11 phone calls to talk to someone who knew what they were on about, and then going in and being told no.

        • Yea it's really wired, it's not really a written rule we can't use multiple. They never explained to us we can't or given a reason either, so we just let them use multiple. Tbh it's acutely store profit because they're still getting a sale. I guess just depends on management.

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            @LilWhat: Yeah i also checked the terms and conditions regarding the maximum of 2 on a phone order, and there are no terms anywhere about a maximum.
            Although the phone mob said it was literally impossible which matches what the online invoice tells me when I try.

            • @teacherer: I guess maybe try a different store or explain to them other stores do it too. There is literally no rule you can only use one. I mean online and stuff you're only allowed 1or2. We used to actually advertise it as like you can stack them and use it at once.

              Or bit of long stretch, pay deposit of two vouchers and pay other one next day, I doubt they'll remember you used it.

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                @LilWhat: Good idea. Unfortunately no stores within 2 hours of my one, and this manager was NOT up for negotiations 😂

                The deposit is a good idea

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    $778 for the V11 is the same as everywhere else for black friday yes? Hunting for a deal

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      You can go into the store and ask for a better price on top of the discount, or over phone they usually do it. (Tip: Just go to front counter and ask for “go price” or ask for good deal, if you ask sales person they won't as it'll cut of their commission, people at front counter don't get commission so they won't mind)

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        Thanks for the tip! I always feel bad for in store sales people so might try over the phone

        • Ahaha tbh I worked in front counter don't feel bad for them :p

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            @LilWhat: GG was selling it for $628 back in May, do you think if I quote that they'll do it?

            • @drclu: Nah they won't they'll usually go by the price that is currently on. Plus May was very far away so highly doubt it. If it was 5-10 days they'd probably do it.

            • @drclu: Or if you're with REST or something, you can probs sign up to Good Guy's Commercial and get around that much in price.

              • @LilWhat: $778 on GG commercial as well sadly.

                • @drclu: Oh what. I guess they won't go lower because Commercial price is same as staff ahahah.
                  But they will do the "go floor" price. Might only be $10~ ish, I guess wait for random sale I doubt it'll go cheaper this year. I can be wrong tho

    • discounted gift card.

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    Sony WH1000XM4 $344 delivered with this code.

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