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Google Pixel Buds Pro $149 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Pixel Buds Pro, cheapest in a while.

I saw 4 colours in the listing Charcoal, Fog, Bay, Porcelain.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2024.

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  • +6

    I rate these over Airpod Pros for noise cancelling.
    But maybe they seal better for my ears.

    • +2

      They fall out easier than airpods though

      • +1

        Opposite for me, the AirPods Pro fall out easy, and cost twice as much, minimum.

    • +1

      Opposite for me. Turning on the AirpodPro2 ANC… it's amazing, the stress just vanishes.

      The Pixel Pro's have a hissing sound, and don't seem to cancel noise as well.

      Pixel Pro's have much better bass response though!

      • +1

        The Pixel Pro's have a hissing sound,

        I believe that means they're probably not sealing properly.

        we've got the airpod pros. ever my other whose a Apple fanboi agrees the pixel ones have better noise cancelling, especially for meetings.

        but again they probably fit my ears better then others

    • +3

      You can 3D print some wings for these quite easily to get a better fit

        • Yes you can - and I did - and it didn't help
          I am sure they suit some people - but my research says they don't suit some at all, inc me

          • @Noblejoker: OK won't try then. Damnit. Wish they fit the same as the OG Pixel Buds Pro……

      • Oh my god. I had the OG Pixel Buds Pro and loved them, but these just didn't fit my ears, I felt like part of the reason was they didn't have wings, the other reason is the driver casing is larger so the smallest tips are larger than that on the OGs. I wonder if the 3D printed wings will help…. I don't really want to have to return them again if it doesn't work though…

    • Not a chance unless you are talking about Airpods Pro 1 not the latest 2's. Also the sound quality is a lot better on the Airpods compared to these.

      P.S. I have both - use Airpod Pro 2 with iPhone 14 Pro Max and these with a Pixel 8 Pro

      • same, have both and tried them back to back, these don't touch the Pro 2s in NC, transparency mode, and sound quality.

    • APP1 or APP2?

    • As far as noise cancelling goes I have to disagree, but tbh for that purpose I use Sony XM3s anyway.

      Transparency mode on these gets close but not as good as AirPods Pro either.

  • +9

    Just bought these a few weeks ago from JB for $299, is there anything I can do about it now, or am I forced to live with the shame for the rest of my life?

    • +3

      We've all been there, and you have my condolences. I don't know if they have a price-drop policy, but their online chat are usually pretty helpful, at least for price matching anyway…

      Edit - If they allow change of mind returns, buy these ones and return them on the old receipt

    • +8

      I think they have a 2 week price guarantee


      • Yeah, staff told me 14 days when I 'rebought' and online purchase that I wanted to switch over to using giftcards.

    • +3

      Just take them to the store.
      I did it with mine after more than 30 days. I called the store first to check and they said no return outside 30 days of purchase
      I took them to the shop anyway and they refunded without any question.

    • some credit cards have price protection, if you used one.

    • Some credit cards have a policy where if the price drops within a certain period of time they'll refund the difference. Maybe even PayPal has it, not sure. Anyone. Maybe look into that if you bought it that way.

    • +1

      If it's within 14 days, use their price drop guarantee. If it's outside this, rebuy and return with old receipt. If one store is being a bitch, take it to another.

    • +2

      Full RRP? Shame.

    • +8

      Everyone please rejoice, JB did indeed refund me the price difference from the sale, which was $150!

      It was super easy, and took about 2 minutes. Although I'd only purchased them a week ago, so I think their policy is within 14 days. I never knew about this policy, but I definitely plan to abuse it in true OzBargain fashion in future.

      • +2

        Your original comment said a few weeks, then turns out you only bought them a week ago? Everything alright?

  • +1

    Bought these last time they were down to this price.
    Great set of buds.

  • +10

    These are nice and well-integrated with Pixels and Android (surround / positional sound, Opus codec), with decent noise cancellation and good sound quality (although not the best SNR but I've been spoilt by Drop x THX Pandas)

    But oh my god they can't ever sit tightly in my ears and fall out or feel like they'll fall out any second all the time regardless of the tip size.

    Forget about listening to music while eating, you'll have to re-secure them every minute or two. Absolutely maddening. Tons of complaints about this online, not even Comply foam tips can supposedly fix this (and I'm not paying $50 to find out).

    • +2

      Agreed with every sentiment here.

      Comfort just ain't there, regardless of anything else.

    • +1

      is that because they your ear canals are too big or small?

      • +2

        I think it's inherent to the more 'blocky' design nature, I've had the same issue with an older pair of NeoBuds from Anker (not the current stem style). Stem-style are way more comfortable so it could just be a personal thing but the Pixel Buds in particular have complains about fitment all over so..

    • +2

      This might seem obvious, but I've just watched a video about these, did you do the insert and twist method to secure?

      • +1

        This - they need a twist

        • +1

          In my experience nothing works - twist helps a little - 3d printed wings help a little - different tips help a little
          Add it all up - they still fall out
          Seems the shape/style just don't suit some ears - I am one of them

    • +4

      I have these for over a year and never have any issues with them falling out. Can even run with them, no problem.

    • +1

      I also have this problem. Can't run with them, and if I use them for calls the movement of my jaw makes them come loose every minute or so.
      I insert and twist as suggested and have tried the different tips it comes with. The default tips give the best seal and sound, but fall out. The smaller tips make them fall out less frequently at the cost of noise leaking in.
      Does anyone have a good set of tips to recommend for these? I do like the sound when they stay in my ear.

      • +1

        Try these from Amazon. I purchased them during the week for my new Pixel Buds pro, and so far they are the only one of three (Comply and the stock tips) brands that have allowed the Pixel Buds to stay in my ears

        • Thanks! I might give them a go. The chart image on SF1 seems to suggest the charging case doesn't close/charge with those tips though, did yours work?

          • @Bread Roll: Mine closed fine with the small tips( I tried both M And S and Small was a better fit for my ear canals)

    • +2

      I have no issues with it ever falling out.
      I guess it depends on the shape of one's ear.

    • I got these and they work well for my ears (no association). I think they're just reselling the generic comply tips rather than actually special built for pixel pro but they work for me. I use the large size and they fit snug. https://complyfoam.com.au/products/truegrip-for-google-pixel…

    • +1

      Great price!
      Yeah I have the 'falling out' feeling, but only in my left ear. But I've had that with at least 3 other pairs of buds, all quite different in shape, and always had this feeling in my left ear (even right now). So putting that down to a me thing.
      I went for a ~5km run the other day (normally wear different ones for running but forgot them that day) and these stayed in the whole time with no fear of fallage, was well impressed.

    • The issue is the VERY short, and slightly wide, nozzle. It's missing a ton of insertion depth for stability and passive isolation. If your concha is shaped a certain way, it might prevent you from inserting deep enough to get a good and stable seal. Compared with the WF XM5, it's like the PBP doesn't even have a nozzle.

      I personally find the comfort to be good, stability somewhat acceptable (I could run with them), and isolation terrible without ANC. They are a small package and very convenient day to day. But they will definitely not fit some people, and I wish they went with a better nozzle.

    • I loved everything about these except the fit, they just didn't fit my ears like the OG Pixel Buds Pro… Hopefully they improve on this in the next version….

    • Give SONICFOAM Memory Foam tips from Amazon a try. I grabbed a 10 pair pack for $19, and have managed to keep them Buds in my ear!
      I also tried my old COMPLY foam tips, but didn't get quite the right fit.

      • Thanks, $19 sounds much more reasonable than $50, got a link maybe? I assume there are multiple sizes?

        Also do they fit in the case fine?

        • +1

          Yep they have fit fine in my case. I ordered earlier this week and have managed to use them for a few days. Charging isn't a problem in the case with the tips on.

          Try this link to get them off Amazon. You will need to order the SF1, and then choose the relevant size.

          • @Mugz: Thanks, will take a look. The listing says that it doesn't fit in Pixel Buds Pro case though lol

            • @drasticmeasures1337: I know it does say that which is strange. On their Amazon listing they actually ask for feedback on whether it fits or not, so I have already emailed with a picture showing them sitting inside my charging case with no issues. Hopefully that list is updated soon!

  • +1

    Does this mean a new version is coming out in a couple of weeks? hmmm

    • +4

      Probably not, they've been down to this price quite a few times over the past 12 months. But there are also rumours of a 2nd gen so…

  • +4

    Just been approved a price protection on Google store. Thanks OP!

    • Do we need to buy from google first and ask for price match/protection or directly share this link before buying? I have around $180 store credit expiring early next month, so this will be best utilization of that credit.

      • I believe you just have to purchase, then request within 14 days.

  • +2

    Wish they could be turned off. My only dislike about them.

    • What's wrong with just popping them back in the case?

      If they're going to be off anyway, what's the point of keeping them in your ear?

      • For when I'm not using them and don't have the case on me.
        Obviously if I have the case it's not an issue although I'm not sure repeated charging to 100% constantly is good for longevity.

        • +4

          Negs for saying an off function would be handy. Wow :/

          • +3

            @scottb721: +1 you I agree, I sometimes take them with me for a walk and just put them in my pocket. Especially if they start falling out of ears

    • +1


  • +1

    Google Pixel Buds Pro or Galaxy Buds2 Pro?? Anyone have both and can recommend? Thanks

    • +1

      I have had both (had the Buds 2 Pro until lost them) and currently have the Pixel Buds Pro. Personally thought the Pixel Buds Pro were better for ANC and in terms of integration with Android, but same as some comments above, the fit wasn't as good for me as teh Samsung buds.

      • Is music quality is better on the buds?

        • I found it pretty similar. As mentioned, ANC better on the Pixel Buds though so that helps quality when listening to music

      • What phone do you have, is using the Samsung ones a shitty experience if you have a Pixel, or same same? I loved the Pixel Buds Pro but they just didn't fit.

        • Well actually I've used both Pixel buds/Samsung buds with Pixel phone/Samsung phones. I used the Pixel Buds Pro with both a Pixel 8 Pro and S24 Ultra and the same for the Samsung buds. I love to try different devices but I'd say the best overall experience between sound quality/noise cancelling and the buds - phone experience was with the Pixel buds/Pixel 8 Pro

          • @jay889344: How do the Samsung buds go on Pixel in terms of software? I tried Airpods Pro and it was a horrible experience, but I expect Samsung might be better as both are android.

            • @bleeder: Its better for sure than using Airpods on Android, but the Samsung buds go pretty fine on Pixel. Not as good as Pixel buds on Pixel phones or Samsung buds on Samsung phones obviously, but definitely a lot better than the nightmare you described. LOL

  • +13
  • Don't forget Amex $10 off $100 spend offer!

  • ANC is good and I dont mind using the transparency mode every now and then when I have to listen to whats going on in my surrounds.

    Only issue I have with these is when you take them out of your ear to set them down for a second the audio (calls included) still plays through them even though they arent sitting in your ear

    • +1

      That's not supposed to happen. You sure you don't have a setting disabled? To my knowledge they should continue playing audio unless both are removed.

      • I cant find the setting to disable this. The music does turn off when you remove it from your ear. but if you were to get a call or play a video on your phone, the audio plays back through the earbud that is not in your ear, not through the phone speakers. does this make sense?

  • +1

    Definitely worth $149. ANC and Transparency both work well (maybe too much so for Transparency lol). Don't have issues with them falling out of my ears and comfortable for me, are people trying the different size buds?

  • Had them, really liked them. But like someone else mentioned. I could just never get a good fit. I'd put them in first thing in the morning. Go for a walk and they'd be perfect. I'd get to the shops and take them out and try to put them back in for the walk home and they'd constantly fall out. Happened all the time. Just randomly wouldn't fit in my ears. Pity though because at this price they are a steal. Just a heads up.

    • Ear vax reduces the grip. I always clean ears with tissue before wearing them.

      • Yeah tried that.

        • 😔

  • Surpised no one has the issue with using these while it's windy out, there's no 3rd "classic" mode where they just play audio and passively block exterior noise.

    • Can you disable the ANC from settings on your phone though?

    • There's ANC On / ANC Off / Transparency modes. If you're wearing both buds, it'll only give the option of 1 and 3. If you're wearing one, it'll only give 1 and 2. You'll find the other in settings.

      ANC Off seems to work okay for blocking wind noise, at least when walking around. This is Sydney wind not Melbourne wind though 😅

      • Haven't had. a pair since last year and would just be a firmware update but while I had them, I could hear wind noise in all modes available at the time which from memory was just the two modes "ANC on" and "transparency".

        • Yeah would have to be absolutely howling to be hearing wind in transparency mode, or it's been patched out.

          • @pennypincher98: Ah right, just got a new pair and the last pair I had defo. didn't have the "Active Noise Control" section. Not sure if there was an update in the meantime or they were just not paired right with my Pixel phone.

    • Yes, they do. Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, and Off (that's the 'classic' mode)

    • In the Google pixel buds app, under "sound", you have 3 modes "noise cancelation", "off", "transparency". In the same app you can customize the touch and hold button to toggle through all 3.

  • Just bought a pair. Wore them on the drive home, had to use the small tips for a comfortable fit. Felt a bit loose but never wriggled out.

  • I wonder how the new nothing ear /ear (a) stack up compared to these? $169 for the (a). The case is more premium on the Pixel Buds is what comes to mind at least.

    • Battery life on the Nothings are really low. Like, 4 hours compared to Pixel Buds' 7 hours.

      • Hmm reviews say 5.2hrs with ANC for the Ear, and 5.5hrs for the Ear (a).

  • I'm surprised that noone mentioned about $10 off with JB perks

    • And Officeworks price match for extra off

  • +1

    I’ve had these for over 8 months and highly rate them.

  • +4

    This post came in that time when I was wondering how to spend my around $150 Google Store Credit expiring in 1st week of May without buying pixel phone or unwanted chargers/cables. Now I can price match to buy this from Google and use my store credit.

    Thank you so much for finding this deal.

    • Hi, were you able to get the price match with Google Store? I just asked through the chat and they told me they couldn't.

      • Did you send them the correct colour and model? I don't see why they would deny you the price match otherwise. It's perfectly in line with policy. What exactly did they say?

        • The first guy had no idea, after sending him the link to JBHifi price he said:

          3:02:18 PM Max: I've checked our end and asked our higher support in regards to your questions, honestly, as of now, the price of Pixel Buds Pro in Australia is A$299.
          3:02:50 PM Max: You can also check in this link: https://store.google.com/au/product/pixel_buds_pro?hl=en-GB
          3:03:53 PM Catherine: I understand that is the price on google store. What I am asking is if you will price match JBHifi which has them for $149
          3:05:23 PM Max: I completely understand your concern.
          3:07:22 PM Max: I really appreciate your willingness in buying the Pixel buds pro in Google Store, but I'm deeply sorry because we don't have access to the price discount of our authorized retailer.

          I persisted and linked them to the Google Store price match policy page and he passed me onto someone else who was able to say it was totally fine (order first, then get the price match refund).

          • @catherineob: Yes, they refund later, not MATCH actually. That was my first price match with Googe - was expecting similar like JB HiFi that they would give discounted price URL or voucher code that'll reduce the price.But we have to pay full as per Google Store pice and then after the product gets shipped, we have to reply the email that support team had sent. Then they'll proced the refund.
            That's the crazy price match I have ever seen.
            By the way, it looks like it was the first day of Max in Google Support role. :) :)

      • +2

        I did for 2 and got the response immediately that they will refund once the order is shipped

        Note: you have to order first and then ask for price match.

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