Havaianas Thongs $12, TP-Link Tapo C400S2 1080p Smart Wire-Free Security Camera System (2-Pack) $199 + More @ Kmart

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Is the Tapo any good?

    • This previous deal might be able to help you.

    • Get the newer c420s2. It's currently on sale for $279 everywhere.

      It's 2k, newer, upgraded.

      Watched a fair few reviews and for a battery camera seems pretty good.

      Just purchased last night as need to get up cameras quickly today in the new house and no time to hardwire.

      It's not a perfect camera, but at $279 pretty goodand includes the hub.

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    Havaianas keep breaking after a couple of months. Have now switched to Archies & Croc flip-flops. So far so good.

    • +1

      They must have lowered the quality, I have some from 10 years ago still fine, but I don't live in them every day

      • Yeah I'm a bit of a jandal lad. Wear them every day. Rain or shine. Perhaps that is why.

        • I am afraid they have two different qualities, one sold at full price at the surf shops and one cheaper for Aldi/Kmart ecc.

    • Both are superior, even to original Havianas. And I love that I can shrink back my Archies

  • -1

    General Pants have a sale on Havaianas. Arguably much better designs.


    • I can buy 2 or 3 pairs at Kmart comparing the prices at General Pants.

  • Why are the shoe sizes for hobbits only ?

  • The refurbished iphone 8 will be $149 according to this article.

    • -1

      Thanks 🙏👍

    • +1

      A reminder that it doesn't have the most recent major software update iOS 17 and won't get any more. Will still likely see some security updates

  • These K Mart Havaianas are are no doubt the crap Asian made version and nowhere near as good as the genuine (albeit more expensive) South American model.

    • They all say made in Brasil I think

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